Spinnaker Bradner SP-5062-02

Spinnaker Bradner SP-5062-02 Review

We have done a review of the Spinnaker Bradner before and the watch sold out. However, Spinnaker are about to reintroduce the watch with some improvements. The watch we are going to review is the Spinnaker Bradner SP-5062-02. We will find out if the improvements have been worthwhile and we will also try out some different straps from Spinnaker new strap programme.

Spinnaker Bradner SP-5062-02

Spinnaker Bradner SP-5062-02

Let’s see the features of the watch;


Material : 316L Stainless Steel
Dial: Sunray Fish dial with applied minute tracker
Diameter (mm) : 42
Thickness (mm) : 15
Case back : Exhibition casing with custom rotor
Indexes: Applied Indexes with Swiss Super- LumiNova
Bezel: Internal Bi- directional Turning 3D Bezel with Luminuous


Type : Automatic NH35-TMI, 24 Jewels
Origin : Japan


Box shape scratch resistant sapphire lens with anti reflective coating


Material : Hand stitched Water proof genuine leather
Buckle : Tang Buckle
Width (mm) : 20

Other Details

Water Resistance : 18ATM
Crown 1 : Screw down crown for time and date
Crown 2: For Adjusting elapsed time measurement
Weight: 95g


So what are the improvement made on the Spinnaker Bradner SP-5062-02?

  1. The  sapphire crystal lens has been upgraded with an Anti- reflective coating.
  2. The water resistance has increased from 15ATM to 18ATM.
  3. Improve gearing for the bezel for a smoother rotation.
  4. Longer lasting luminosity.

Spinnaker Bradner SP-5062-02


First Impression

The look of the watch has not changed but we have got a new coloured strap. Personally, we think the Spinnaker Bradner SP-5062-01, with the red strap still looks the best. The green strap does go well however the dark coloured dial and the dark green strap isn’t the best combination. That being said, you can always change the strap and that is what we have done. We will try different straps with the Bradner and see which one goes well.

The upgraded lens

From the original Bradner which we reviewed, trying to take pictures was almost an impossible task. The glare was quite a bit and the reflection was present every time. However with the Spinnaker Bradner SP-5062-02, the glare and reflection is at its minimal. The Anti reflective coating has helped a lot and legibility has also improved.

Spinnaker Bradner SP-5062-02

Upgraded Bezel

The old bezel was a little hard to turn and the gears were not the best. The new gears in the bezel are better. The rotation of the bezel is fluid and smoother than before. The crown to turn the bezel is also smooth and also easily adjustable.

The legibility of the bezel is still the same and still has the brawny and rigid look.

Longer Luminosity

When it comes to luminosity, we are not the biggest fan. In the previous Bradner model, the luminosity was barely visible and not the greatest. The luminosity has improve on the Spinnaker Bradner SP-5062-02. The brightness of the stronger. We cannot comment on the longevity of super luminova hands and index but you can always recharge it but putting the watch close to a regular light bulb for 30 seconds or an LED light.

Spinnaker Bradner SP-5062-02

Better Depth

The water resistance of the watch has increased to 18ATM from 15ATM. Now you can dive to 610ft underwater. We were fine with the 15ATM as it is more than enough but the extra feet will do no harm.

Overall view

There are two major improvement with the Spinnaker Bradner SP-5062-02, the upgraded lens and better bezel. The original Bradner was good but the rebuilt Bradner is better. Our opinion still has not change regarding this watch. We will still recommend you to purchase it. The price is still the same  $285/ £216/ €244 and you can still use our code ‘NWL20’, if you have missed the early sign up campaign.

To get yours, do sign up and register your interest at http://bit.ly/SP-5062_Bradner and also to see the different model of the Spinnaker Bradner.

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