Spinnaker Wreck

Spinnaker Wreck Automatic Diver Review

The watch we are going to be reviewing today is another addition to the already existing collection, Spinnaker Wreck. There are already 4 watches in the Spinnaker Wreck collection, however they are about to add another 4. The Spinnaker Wreck we are going to be reviewing is the SP- 5065 -03. If you love a diver watch with a stunning look, then you’d want to keep on reading our review.

Spinnaker Wreck

Spinnaker Wreck SP- 5065 -03

Usually we would tell you the story behind the name of the watch, however, there is not to tell you about. The Spinnaker Wreck is not named after a famous idol in the diving community, but it is named after wreck divers. They have allowed us  to revisit episodes of our own history through the discovery of man-made wrecks.

Fallen ships, aircraft and other land based remains are for the wreck diver exhilarating and spectacular and yet sombre reminders of wars, accidents or other natural disasters. The Spinnaker Wrecks tries to echo the fascinating part of the Scuba universe through its design and style.

A journey at the bottom of the sea  to our wrist, let’s see if this watch will triumph or better leave to rest at the sea bed.

Spinnaker Wreck



Material : 316L Stainless Steel
Dial: Distressed hand finished dial with Applied Index
Diameter (mm) : 43
Thickness (mm) : 14.5
Case back : See-through exhibition case back


Type : Automatic
No. of Jewels : 24 Jewels
Origin : Japan
Caliber : NH35 -TMI


Hardened Mineral Sapphire Coated Lens


Material : Hand Stitched Water Proofed Genuine Leather Strap
Buckle : Tang Buckle
Width (mm) : 22


Uni-Directional Matte Aluminium Bezel

Other Details

Water Resistance : 30 ATM
Hands : Arrow Shape Luminous hands


First Impression

The Spinnaker Wreck collection has 4 models and the one we are going to be reviewing is the SP-5065-03

The first feature which drew our attention was the dial. It was all scratched up and thought it was maybe damaged. But this feature is deliberate to replicate the relics and wrecks. The colour match between the strap, case and dial really goes well together and make the watch stand out and very pleasing to the eyes.

The minute hand also stood out. It is the first time we have seen this type of design on a Spinnaker watch. We will examine this later and see if it goes well with the rest of the watch?

Overall, a good looking watch with a strong design and a watch which will be pleasing to any professional diver.

Spinnaker Wreck


The casing has a barrel like design to it and is similar to most diver watches in the market. However, the colour of the case really goes well with the theme of the watch. The bronze casing and the green dial creates something really pleasing to look at.

The case diameter is 43mm and the width is 14.5mm. It is a big watch and when it comes to big watches, it will take over most of your wrist space. But we do not mind at all, the Spinnaker Wreck SP-5065-03 just looks so great. The case does not get in the watch of the wrist and the watch sits very well on the wrist.

The watch has been given an open back casing, as with most Spinnaker Diver watches and there is not much wrong. The same goes for the crown. It has a teeth cut design and is not too large nor it sticks out too much.


This is where the magic happens! The background has been given a distressed finished and it looks well with the watch. The distressed finish is a reminder of the Spinnaker Wreck homage.

There is not much going on with the index. There are only two numerals, 6 and 9, and the rest are rectangular batons. In terms of legibility, the index is clear. The batons have also been given a light green colour so they stand out from the dark green dial background.

Spinnaker Wreck

There is also an inner index. It has little white batons to measure the minutes and second. Legibility of the inner index is a little bit unclear, mainly because of the size of the bars. It should  not be much of an issue as the outer index, with the light green batons, is more than enough.

The design of the hands is arrow shape. They are large and have a sharp look to them. They do go with the theme of the watch and they have been given a luminous coating. Moving on the green, we have some orange. The second hand has been given an orange colour and it was a great move from Spinnaker. Again the colours compliment each other and creates a very good looking watch.


The bezel is  uni-directional made from matte aluminium. It is 120 clicks and works smoothly. However the attention to detail and to keep with the theme is really good. The bezel has been some brushed off design around the top and to finish off, the edges have a teeth cut finish.

Spinnaker Wreck


The movement is nothing special. We have come across the NH35 – TMI before with the Spinnaker Dumas. The time accuracy has not changed and it is between -20/+40 seconds per day. It also has a power reserve of 42 hours.

It is not a bad movement. It is reliable and when taking the price of the watch into consideration, it is a good choice for the movement.


The strap is hand stitched water proofed genuine leather. The width is 22mm and it suits the dial of the watch. The strap is a little hard and will take a bit of time to break into. Overall the strap is comfortable and wraps well around the wrist.

Spinnaker Wreck

Buy, Shortlist or Avoid?

Buy! This is one of the easiest decision. It is a great watch and also a very, very good looking watch. The price is also very affordable. Starting from £280/ $370/ €329. But as the watch has just been released, you can also get some discount if you sign up at; However, if you have missed the sign up period, you can always use our promo code NWL20 for 20% off.

You cannot go wrong with the Spinnaker Wreck. It a watch where everyone’s eyes will be on for sure!

Spinnaker Dumas, Spinnaker Wreck

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