Spinnaker Dumas

Spinnaker Dumas. Is It The Best Spinnaker Diver Watch So Far?

We love Spinnaker Watches. However one feedback which we always receive is that are they diver watches or fashion watches? To be honest, this is a hard question to answer. If you have followed Spinnaker Watches since the start, you’ve probably seen their old watch models which were more fashionable. However they’ve released another model, the Spinnaker Dumas. This is a watch which will be loved by the diver community.

Spinnaker Dumas

Spinnaker Dumas

As with all Spinnaker Watches, they are named after great people in the diving community. The Spinnaker Dumas is named after  Frédéric Dumas. Frédéric was a dive leader aboard the RV Calypso, and he worked on many films and stories from the Cousteau team.

Dumas was very influencing in the diving community and he was a founding member of the Sea Research Society and served on the Society’s Board of Advisors.

In terms of the watch’s design, the Spinnaker Dumas has been inspired by shapes and designs from the 1970s. It is more muscular and has a bold silhouette compare to the rest of the Spinnaker Watches model. For sure, the Dumas is taking Spinnaker Watches towards a new directions with diver watches.

Spinnaker Dumas Features


Material : 316L Stainless Steel
Colour : Stainless Steel
Diameter (mm) : 44
Thickness (mm) : 15
Case back : See-through exhibition case back


Type : Automatic
No. of Jewels : 24 Jewels
Origin : Japan
Caliber : NH35 – TMI


Scratch Resistant Sapphire Crystal Lens


Material : Silicon strap
Buckle : Tang Buckle
Width (mm) : 22


Unidirectional bezel topped with Mineral Crystal with luminous

Other Details

Water Resistance : 30 ATM
Watch Weight (g) : 120

Spinnaker Dumas

First Impression

We’ve reviewed many professional diver watches and we have to say in terms of design, the shape of the casing does stand out. In a way, the design of the casing resembles Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watches.

One thing you will also notice is that there is not a lot going on with the dial. It is clean and simple.

The strap have also been changed. Instead of your leather strap, you have silicon strap.

Overall, we are loving the Spinnaker Dumas.

Spinnaker Dumas


The casing has a new design and one which you will not have seen on any Spinnaker Watches before. The Spinnaker Dumas casing has a heptagonal design. It is bold and also quite large. The diameter of the watch is 44mm and that is pretty large. It will take a large space on your wrist and the heptagonal design does make it look quite large. If you love a bold and large watch casing, the Spinnaker Dumas will be great for you.

There is also a bezel but there is nothing new to it. It is the same bezel used on the Spinnaker Spence but with more marking for the hours and it has been made from mineral crystal with luminous lighting for the marking.

Spinnaker Dumas

The width of the casing is around 15mm and it suits the watch. You would think that with the bezel, the width of the watch would be great, but it is quite thin for this type of watch. The fact that the lens is also flat also help with the small width of the watch.

The Spinnaker Dumas has an exhibition back casing and it has a customised rotor with the Spinnaker logo.


The dial is very minimalistic. There is not much going on with the dial but that does not mean it is appealing. The outer index has white batons for the minutes and luminous circle and rectangles for the hours. They are large enough to be seen without any issue and there are some orange accent used with the hour marking and really goes well with the dark background. There is also a 24 hour numerals used underneath the circle and rectangles.

One feature which will stand out from the dial is the large orange minute hand. This has been solely done for the divers as it will allow them to read elapsed time quickly. It is a great feature! Spinnaker watches have a great deal of diver watches but the Dumas is more focused and designed for divers compare to their other models.

Spinnaker Dumas


Straps are usually boring. They are the same on most watches. However with the Spinnaker Dumas, we have two strap; a silicone strap and a Milanese mesh strap.

Both straps have their goods and their bads but we love the silicone strap more. This is because it really goes well with the whole design and aesthetic of the watch. It sits will on the wrist and it is very comfortable on the wrist too. The Milanese strap is good but your arm hair will sometime get caught between the tiny gaps and it will hurt.

The only major flaw with both straps is that there is not quick release pins. It is a little tricky to remove the strap with the tool provided by Spinnaker watches, but there is always the risk of damaging the strap when removing it.

Spinnaker Dumas


The movement inside is a Seiko NH35. We have come across this movement is previous Spinnaker watches and it is reliable. The time accuracy is around -20/+40 seconds per day. It also has a power reserve of 42 hours.

Overall, it is a good movement and quite reliable. However we wanted to see a more powerful movement than the Seiko NH35. Spinnaker has been using this movement in most of their automatic movement and maybe it is time for a change?

Spinnaker Dumas

Buy, Shortlist or Avoid?

The Spinnaker Dumas is the first proper diver watch created by Spinnaker designed specifically for divers. They have remove the fashionable side and kept the main features of a diver watch and we cannot fault it. The only downfall is maybe a better and more powerful movement.

Based from what we have seen, we would say to buy the Spinnaker Dumas. However, we prefer the Dumas in the blue dial. It looks more appealing than the black dial.

Right now, Spinnaker watches are also offering the Milanese strap for free with the purchase of the Dumas.

Do visit https://www.spinnaker-watches.com/pages/spinnaker-dumas-automatic-sp-5070-shop-now to get yours.

You can also use our promo code NWL20 for 20% off and do visit Spinnaker watches to see all the collection.


Spinnaker Dumas


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