TID watches review

TID Watches. Fall In Love With Watches Again!

When it comes to brands from Scandinavia, we have had our fair share. We had Larsen Eriken watches, Cate Nelson watches and Wyilda Af Norden. Today we bring you our latest find from Scandinavia, Sweden to be precise, TID Watches, a minimalistic watch brand to make you fall in love with watches again.

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TID Watches

So who are TID Watches?

TID actually means time in Swedish and was founded in October of 2012 when four friends, Ola. E Bernestål, Petrus Palmér, and design studio Form Us With Love’s Jonas Pettersson and John Löfgren, embarked on an ambitious journey to explore time on a conceptual and physical level.

The four friends saw that wristwatches had lost its appeal and purpose when you have phones to tell you the time. So they launched their first watch in 2013, the No.1. The No.1 was created as a timeless and stylish watch to appeal to a wide audience while withstanding changes in fashion.

The No.1 was a hit and since its successful launch and experimentation with different sizes and colours, they launched a range of watches including, the No.2, No.3 along with TID Canva 001 limited edition.

One unique feature of TID Watches, is that it gives artist a platform where they can express their work. The forthcoming TID Canvas 002 will be designed by Clara von Zweibergk and each year a new designer will showcase their work and design.

 “We don’t work in seasons or trends, we obsess over creating a product so solid and well-designed that it will stand the test of time”

TID Watches


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TID Watches No.2 Unboxing

TID Watches No.2 Review

The No.2 continues on the same design set out by No.1 with refined materials and details, designed by Form Us With Love. The No.2 comes in two sizes, 36mm or 40mm and is exquisite yet robust. Before we delve deeper in our review, here is the specification of the watch.

Case diameter: 40 mm
Case thickness: 8 mm
Case weight: 50 g
Case treatment: Brushed stainless steel
Movement: Ronda 763 Swiss quartz movement
Accuracy: +- 20 second / month
Water resistance: 10ATM
Glass description: Domed sapphire glass
Face color: Steel

The packing of the watch was quite an experience. The box arrived wrapped with a bow. We have never had this before and it does look awesome. A  little extra effort really goes a long way and we really appreciated the bow. Otherwise the box was usual, with your branding and also a message from TID watches on one of the side of the box. Do watch the unboxing video above to see the full unboxing.

TID watches review

When you open the box, the face of the watch is pointing straight at you. However when you go to remove it, you realise it is just the face. The strap was not attached and you had to do it yourself, similar to ROUE HDS One packaging.

The dial

The dial of the watch is very minimalistic. You have two rings, the outer ring with numbers and the inner with small dots to represent the minutes and also seconds. With design at the forefront of this watch, the simplistic dial matches the watch and design. It is not overpowering and give you clean-looking watch. There is no logo or any other marking inside, again to emphasise its minimalistic design.

TID watches review

TID watches review

The hands are also very simple and have a darker colour to contrast with the steel colour dial. One interesting feature is the second-hand. At the end, you have a circle rather than a pointer. This small attention to detail is what makes this watch a stunning piece of design.

The casing is however very interesting. The casing is made from monochromatic solid brushed stainless steel to make it durable and long tasting. The lug of the watch however are quite big. They extend out from the casing and are noticeable. Compare to your norm lug, which are covered by the straps, by showing the lug on the TID Watch No.2, this adds to the design of the watch and gives the watch a bold look. Despite having no branding marking in the dial, the only noticeable branding has been punched into the side of the watch casing. It is something that you do not see everyday, but it adds to the look of the watch.

TID watches review

The Crown

This is one of the feature we always look forward to. The crown is at the opposite end of the casing, rather than the normal 3 O’clock position, it is at the 9 O’clock. The crown is also signed with TID Watches logo and its design is edgy. It is not your usual simple soft crown, but this crown is jagged around the circumference. It may not be noticeable from afar but again this attention to detail adds to the stunning design of this watch.

TID watches review

The Strap

The strap of TID Watches has to be one of the main talking point. The strap is made out of Swedish vegetable tanned leather from the organic tannery Tärnsjö Garveri. This is the same strap maker which we introduced in the Cate & Nelson watches.

Tärnsjö Garveri has been making vegetable tanned strap since 1873  and we have to say that they are the masters at it. The strap is very supple and smooth on the wrist. It does not need to be broken into and molds on your wrist when worn. The strap is also very thin. It has to be one of the thinnest strap we’ve had at New Labels Only. Despite its thickness, the method used by Tärnsjö Garveri to create the strap, it is very strong, durable and also long-lasting.

In terms of the colour, navy, it really goes well with the steel colour of the face and complement each other which adds more to the beauty of the No.2 TID watches.

The strap is also highly adjustable to suit the size of your wrist easily.

TID watches review

The Movement

Inside you have a Ronda 763 Swiss quartz movement. Overall the movement is quite reliable and there is no lag. However we would have loved to see an automatic movement.just to keep up with the watch market going towards automatic movement.


The No.2 TID watches cost £350/ $500/ €400. We have to say that the watch is quite expensive as you can get other watches, branded watches, for similar prices. However you are not going to get a watch with such finesse in design. You will not just be buying a watch to tell time, but a watch obsessed with high quality craftmanship, and a design which will leave a lasting impression on you.

So this was our review of TID Watches No.2. If you would like to more about TID Watches and their stunning watch collection do visit https://www.tidwatches.com. We would love to know what you think of the No.2? Do let us know in the comment below.

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