Victoria Sling Dolyn Bags in Acorn

DOLYN Bags. Simple Elegant Statement Pieces!

It is nearly time for Christmas and we can’t wait for 2018. We’ve had a great year at New Labels Only and we’ve blogged and showcased many great new brands from around the world. But we are not done yet. We want to end 2017 in style and with elegance, and the best way to do that is with DOYLN Bags!


So who is DOLYN Bags? If you follow our Instagram, then you probably know what who DOLYN Bags is. But if you don’t then let us tell you!

DOLYN Bags was started back in 2014 by designer Ami Beck. The company is based in Kansas City Missouri and they create statement pieces, ranging from your classic tote to your travel bags, for both men and women. All of the bags designed, patterned and also handmade in the US and are only available in small batches.

The company first biggest exposure to the public was when it took the catwalk at the Kansas City Fashion Week 2015. Needless to say, Ami Beck’s 9 piece collection was well received by the everyone and this was the turning point for DOLYN Bags. This brought great exposure to the brand and the press loved the bags too! The Kansas City Fashion Week was such a hit that Ami had to work 14 hours a day until Christmas 2015 just to maintain and fulfill orders as it takes 3-4 hours to make each bag.

Since then, DOLYN Bags has been spreading like wildfires around the globe and it’s collection is ever-growing.

Ami Beck Dolyn Bags

Dolyn Bags Ami Beck from Kansas City

Why Start DOLYN Bags?

The beginning and idea of DOLYN Bags actually comes from a very unusual place, Ami’s grandma’s basement.

After graduating college and earning a first in Psychology, Ami was not satisfied and knew that Psychology was not her passion in life. So she returned to school and relished her passion of creating at Fashion Design school.

Straight after graduation, from school for Fashion Design, she bought a $2,000 sewing machine. Using a bunch of clearance leather hides and drafted her first-ever handbag pattern in her grandma’s basement.

“I just made the bag. I spent so long on it and it turned out so cool and it’s still my favorite bag. It’s one of my bestsellers.”

Ami Beck

When asked why she started a fashion business in a cut throat industry, she answered “Irrational confidence!” We have to say that this bold decision has definitely paid off. However she knew that her creativity was not going to be the only ingredient in creating a successful business. She knew hard work, discipline and having to hustle was also going to be part of recipe to success.

Since then, she started her journey with DOLYN Bags, creating handcrafted pieces that reflected her vision of simple elegance while catering to different personal styles and needs.

Kerri All Tote in Sangria from Dolyn Bags

Locally Made

All of DOLYN Bags are made in the USA. The reason for the choice is because it is firstly convenient for her. As her collection are made in small batches, it does not make sense to outsource the work to another country. It also allows her to visit and see her bags whenever she wants to.

However convenience was not just the main reason. She wanted the bags to be made in the US because she wanted to revive the traditional skills and trades, which as a nation, the US has lost. These traditional skills and trades which has been passed on from generation to generation, which has been slowly consumed by technology.

DOLYN Bags also has a partnership with Rightfully Sewn. They are an organisation which provides seamstress training for at-risk women so they can thrive in a specialized workforce that will reestablish Kansas City as an epicenter of garment manufacturing. During its peak, Kansas City employed 8,000 people in the garment manufacturing industry but since then, this number has declined rapidly.

The impact Rightfully Sewn has had is immense. A lot more fashion businesses have started in Kansas City because of the support from Rightfully Sewn as well helping to create new jobs opportunities.

The men’s line are made and produced in a factory in New York, but that is still produced in the USA.

I started sewing dance leotards in my basement…fast-forward five years, I’m shipping them worldwide from my Crossroads location.

Elevé Dancewear

Dolyn bags Lifestyle

DOLYN Bags Collection

Kerri -All Tote

First we are going to start off with the beautifully crafted Kerri All Tote. The tote comes in different colour of leather from Sangria to Chocolate suede. But for us, the Sangria leather is the best!

Crafted by hand from rich full grain sustainably-sourced fine leathers featuring a snap closure that allows it to be carried in two styles, you’ll never get bored with this wear-everywhere tote.

Kerri All Tote in Sangria 2

The Victoria Sling

The Victoria Sling is the favourite among all the bags. It comes is three different coloured leather; acorn, black and charcoal. Handcrafted from fine full grain cowhide and built to last for a lifetime of running around town. However, if you want one, you need to hurry, as there is only a couple left!

Victoria Sling Dolyn Bags in Acorn

Sam Weekender Duffel

The Sam Weekender Duffel is perfect for weekend getaways. With its rich cognac and honey leathers, the weekender is conveniently sized for all forms of travel in style. The duffel is handmade with full grain American leather and a solid brass hardware with antique finish. The bag is also available for custom order.

Dolyn bags Sam Weekender Duffel

Jeff Weekender Duffel

The Jeff Weekender Duffel is handcrafted with fine leather that only gets better with time, this bag is built to be by your side for decades to come. The duffel is handcrafted with full grain American leather and solid brass hardware with antique finish. The duffel is fully lined with water-resistant lining.

Jeff Duffel Dolyn Bags

Remi Kit

The Remiy Kit is perfect to corral smaller items within your tote bag, or as a clutch for an evening out. The Remi is perfectly chic and endlessly versatile. It comes in various colours and it is made from Full-grain cowhide leather with a Nickel hardware.

Dolyn Bags Remi Kit

Do remember that all the collection come in small batches and you definitely need to hurry to get your own. Do visit to see the full collection and also the different accessories they have. You still have time to get in your last-minute gifts and DOLYN Bags has to be on your Christmas gift list!

We have come at the end of our post and we really hope you have enjoyed reading and knowing more about DOLYN Bags. Before we leave, we’d love to know which bag from the collection is your favourite? Do let us know in the comment below.

We have had a great time introducing you the latest brands and labels from around the globe in 2017 and we are definitely going to see you in January 2018. Thank you for your support, Have a Merry Christmas and a great New Year 2018.

Dolyn Bags Kansas City Logo

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