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LARSEN & ERIKSEN Watches. Super Stylish Scandinavian Watches!

We have had a lot of watches on New Labels Only this year and we love each one of them. So we think it is right and our duty to end 2017 watch category in style with LARSEN & ERIKSEN unisex watches from Copenhagen. We promise you that by the end of this post, you will be in love with LARSEN & ERIKSEN.


So who is this company and who are Larsen and Eriksen?

Well, Magnus Eriksen and Jeppe Larsen are the founders of the company. The company was started back in 2015 in Denmark, Copenhagen. Both Larsen and Eriksen left their job to focus on their creative dream which is, to create and to make a difference. Plus they did not like the 9-5 work-life balance hamster wheel.

Their first step in their creative dream was to create a selection of affordable and minimalistic watches inspired by 1950s design with an Urban twist of Copenhagen.

The watches have been well received globally and the watches are sold in top design-fashion- and museum-stores in Denmark, Belgium and Canada. So definitely be on the lookout because Larsen & Eriksen are definitely appear in a store near you very soon!

Larsen Eriksen Watches. Tattoo

Larsen Eriksen Watches. Yellow

The Watches

The watch series they created is called the ABSALON. From our research, Absalon was a Danish archbishop and statesman, who was the Bishop of Roskilde from 1158 to 1192 and Archbishop of Lund from 1178 until his death. He was also a politician and churchfather of Denmark. If you do look for Absalon, there are various places named after the Danish statesman in Denmark.

The ABSALON collection comes in two sizes, a 41mm and 37mm. Each watch has been assembled by hand by experts, who took around two years to carefully select the perfect component for the watch, in order to make sure that is reliable and immaculate for you.


Larsen & Eriksen

Apart for the difference in size, the 41mm has the Black Black Black and Black Black Brown watches whereas the 37mm has the Gold Gold Black and Gold Gold Brown watches.

Larsen Eriksen Watches 4

Larsen Eriksen Watches 6

Larsen Eriksen Watches Men

The Features

For those who like to know their watches in detail, here is the full features and component in the watches.

The Movement

The watches have a Swiss Ronda FE762 Quartz Movement. The quartz movement is engineered for stylish watches with high functionality and particularly unique designs.

The Casing

The casing is made from 316L Stainless steel and is also water resistant up to 3ATM, 30 Metres. The reason for using 316L stainless steel is because its toughness and it is corrosion resistance.

The Glass

The glass is made from crystal mineral glass. This gives it a clear view and also make it scratch resistant.

The Strap

They have two types of strap. One strap is made from genuine calf leather and the other is stainless steel. The straps come in different sizes, 20mm and 18mm, to fit the different case size. The straps are interchangeable with the pin system.

Larsen Eriken Watch. Gold Gold Gold

Larsen Eriksen Watch

Larsen Eriksen Watches men 2

Our review

We are given the Gold Gold Brown 37mm to review along with a pair of black strap and a watch roll. We are not going to describe the packing the watch came in because it was just WOW! Do have a look at our unboxing video below to see it. Just gorgeous!

Larsen Eriksen Watches Packaging

So let’s get down to business. Our first impression of the watch was very pleasant to say the least. The aesthetic of the watch is just simply outstanding. The unique pattern of lines and the formation of quadrants on the dial to mark the numbers makes it come life, and is complemented with the sunburst gold dial and shiny gold casing.

The logo is well written on beneath the 12 hour and it is does not take too much space.

The back casing is also well design and engraved with various building from Denmark and the buckle is marked with a simple design of a unicycle, which is good to see.

Larsen & Eriksen Casing

Larsen Eriksen Watches Strap

We wore the watch for a couple of days and this is what we thought about it.

Firstly the movement of the watch was near perfect. It did not lag and worked well. The width of the watch, 7.1mm, was definitely not a issue when it came to the movement of the wrist. It sat pretty well on the wrist and felt very comfortable. The crown head had a soft finish and did not poke the wrist.

The straps however was a bit hard. Previously with the Maven and Elliot Havok watches, the straps had already been broken into, but for these one, it will some time for you to break into them.

The minute and hour hands have been designed very well, with a sharp end which is readable.

Larsen Eriksen Watches. Gold Gold Brown

In terms of style, this is a simple stylish watch to wear. This watch will go from smart to casual effortlessly and will not look out of place. Its sunburst gold dial and strikingly handsome vintage brown  strap make the watch stand out in any clothing and style you wish to go for.

You just have to appreciate the beauty of this watch.

Watch the unboxing video below:

Any improvement?

We do believe this watch can be made just a little more better. We think that a second hand would give the watch an extra omph, and a signed crowned would be perfect, but that’s just us.

Should you get one?

First let’s talk about the price. The RRP of the watches is 1,000 KR which is around £89 / $119 / €100. This is very much affordable compare to other watches in the market. One thing you have to remember is that this watch is not built to compete with watches which are built for functionality and complications, but this watch is built for its design and style. Because of this, we have to say, you should get one of LARSEN & ERIKSEN watches. With its unique style, design and also life time warranty, you will not regret getting one.

Do visit to see the full collection.

LARSEN & ERIKSEN, more than watches

We did say you will be in love with this company by the end of this post, and if you not, you are about to.

LARSEN & ERIKSEN have a project called A Watch = A Ride Towards A Happier Future. Every year, more than 400,000 bikes are either abandoned or dismissed in Denmark. To prevent them from going to waste, LARSEN & ERIKSEN support the collection of the bikes and distribution them to farmers,, teachers, moms, dads and children in Senegal and Gambia. Every time a watch is sold, they donate an inner tube to the bicycles.

So why do it?

They wanted to make a difference. At LARSEN & ERIKSEN, they’ve set out on a journey towards creating time for everyone. Everyone means everyone.

In Africa, bikes helps to reduce the amount of time wasted to reach from point A to point B. This therefore helps families get access to water quicker, allows children to go to school rather than waste time walking to a well and provide more economic opportunities. It’s about breaking out of the cycle of poverty and not staying in it.

We have come at the end of our post and we hope you have enjoyed it. We will be back with another watch brand in 2018 but we got one more post planned for next week. Do keep an eye out.

We would love to know what do you think about the Gold Gold Brown watch? Do let us know in the comment below!


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