Playing games on the Jelly Pro

Jelly Pro, The 4G Smartphone Smaller Than a Can of Coke!

This is definitely something new on New Labels Only. We have never talked about a phone brand and neither done a review before. But we are definitely excited to bring you the Jelly Pro from Unihertz!

So before you give your our honest review of the Jelly Pro, we want to introduce the brand, Unihertz, to you!

Jelly Pro Review

Who is Unihertz?

Unihertz are the mind behind the world’s smallest 4G smartphone. They are based in Shanghai, China and they first came to the scene on Kickstarter. With a team of passionate designers and engineers who believe in the advancement of technology, they set out to design and create unique mobile products for modern explorers.

They launched their kickstarter campaign earlier this year with the aim of raising $30,000 to bring the Jelly phone to life. However, they smashed, when we say smashed, they raised $1.25 million on their kickstarter campaign and people are loving the Jelly phones globally!

Jelly Pro Phone from Unihertz on table

The Jelly Pro Phone

Unihertz has two version of the jelly phone. The Jelly and the Jelly Pro. The phones also come in three colours, Pearl White, Space Black and Sky Blue. We got our hands on the White Pearl Jelly Pro and even though with its size, it is packed with some amazing features.

So let’s talk about the features of the phone.

The screen size is 2.45 Inches which is around half the screen size of your Iphone X and Samsung Galaxy S8. The operating system is Android with 7.0 Nougat which is the predecessor of the latest Oreo operating system. It has a Quad Core 1.1 GHz processor. If you are looking for a comparison, the S8 has an Octa Core processor split in 2.3GHz and 1.7GHz. It also has a 2GB RAM and a 16GB ROM which can be expanded with a Micro SD card.

It has a 8MP rear camera, a 2MP front camera and also has a dual sim card slots.

Jelly Pro Features. Camera, RAM, ROM, Sim Cards, Front Camera, Screen Size

The Apps

This phone comes in with many apps already installed. You have your YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps and many more. You also have Google Play Store, so you can download whatever app you want. You are definitely not restricted!

Jelly Phone Pro Apps. Review

Our Review

We received the phone on the 20th and we tested it out to the max. We have done an unboxing video for you to watch and see what came with the phone. The video is just after the review.

The Size

Our first impression was this phone is cute. It is tiny and quaint. We’ve always wonder why do we have a tiny pocket in our jeans? Now we can tell you, it was made for this phone. It fits perfectly in that little pocket. The size of the phone was not an issue when holding and using for calls. The Jelly Pro is 92.4 x 43 x 13 mm which is actually smaller than a can of coke.

We tried different apps on the phone and it responded pretty well. We played Sonic on it and it was quite hard. Our thumb took around half the screen just to control the movement and that was an issue when looking at the game. We also tried Instagram, the pictures were small but you were able to do everything, from liking to uploading pictures, on the phone.

The Display

The phone has a 240 x 432 resolution. We played a couple of YouTube videos and also tested out some games on the Jelly Pro. The display was not the clearest as you would expect and it can only play video up to 480p. However, the display did not lag and the colours were not as horrendous as one might think. We tested out Sonic gaming app on the phone and the resolution reacted quite well with the colours. It was not giving a vibrant colour but was good enough to play.

Jelly Pro back casing

The Sound

The speaker of the phone is at the back of the phone. It was not too loud as you would expect and the output of the music was a bit muffled. But that being said, it was pretty OK given the functionality of the phone. The phone also has bluetooth, so if you want to use an external speaker, you can!

Making Calls

For us it the phone done well on the making calls test. We were able to hear the person speaking quite well and the other person heard our voice just fine. However, we did get the feedback that our voice was just a little muffled and a bit far away from the phone, otherwise, all good from our end.

Taking calls from the Jelly Pro Phones


You are probably thinking how are you going to type on the phone? The keyboard was quite small but the precision when tapping the letter quite very well. Yes, sometime you might press the wrong letter because of the size of the keyboard but with the predictive text, this was not an issue. It will however take time to get use to.

Battery Life

The phone has a 950mAh. From the information we researched from Unihertz Kickstarter page, this should last up to 3 days working time and up to 7 days stand by time. But this was not the case for us. The battery did go pretty fast, as we did try different apps. This was probably the apps we used need greater processing capacity hence more energy. The back of the phone did heat up a bit after using it for a long time. But if you has using the Jelly Pro constantly, it should last up to 10-12 hours from our experience.

The camera

Do not expect to get the best selfie from this phone. The 2MP front camera did an alright job but the picture was quite blurry. The 8MP also did an alright job but the pictures came our quite dark. We tried using lighting to increase the exposure of the object, but the picture was still the same. You will definitely not get quick shutter speed here and it does take a little time to process the image. Do watch our unboxing video to see the images. Just stroll down to see it!

Does it lag?

No. The phone works perfectly and we have to give it 10/10 here. The apps loaded pretty fast and the response time from switching apps were better than we thought. The home button, back button and multitasking button were very fast when clicked upon. Even switching the phone on from stand by is pretty fast, similarly when unlocking the phone. During gameplay the phone reacted well to the movement and  the given commands in the games.

Playing games on the Jelly Pro

What did people think?

We did take the phone on the train as a field test and people were quite curious about the phone. We took the phone out quite lot of time on the train and we did get a couple of ‘what’s that!’ look. We did show the phone to a couple of people on the train and they loved it. Their feedback was very positive and wanted to know more about the phone. People told us they see this phone as an ‘entertaining’ phone. They want to use it for playing games and as a backup phone.

Our Final thoughts

This is definitely a good phone but it is definitely not a phone for your daily use. This phone is not built to handle your daily need you have for a phone. We see the Jelly Pro as for backup phone and it is built to do that. The Jelly Pro will also definitely suit people who just wants a phone to use without the expensive features and oven baked glass cover. A phone where they can use for calls, messaging and check their emails.

But is it worth the price? So it you are in the UK, you can expect to pay £100 for the phone and $125 in the US. The price is a little steep for phones in that market segment. You can get a used Iphone 4 or even a 5, if you are very lucky, at that price point. But this phone was built for just it’s quirky size and convenience. Imaging telling people ‘I’ve got the world’s smallest smartphone’.

Watch the unboxing below:

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We really hope you have enjoyed reading our review on the World’s Smallest 4G Smartphone. We would love to know what you think about it. Do let us know in the comment below!

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