AVI 8 Hurricane Hawker. AV 4011 0G. New Labels Only Review. One of the best watch under £200

One Of The Best Watch Under £200 With AVI-8

We have worked with AVI-8 in the past when we reviewed the AVI-8 Flyboy Lafayette 4054-03. We also did an unboxing video and if you’ve missed it, do visit our YouTube channel to have a look! We received two more watches to review from AVI-8, however due to us migrating host, we did not have time to review them. But the time is now to do our review and we think the Hurricane Hawker AV-4011 0G is one of the best watch under £200.

The Hawker Hurricane

As you know, we always like to find out a bit about the background. The Hawker Hurricane watch is named after The Hurricane aircraft made by Hawker Aircraft LTD. This single seat aircraft was featured heavily duing World War II for the Royal Air Force. Often overshadowed by the Spitfire, The Hurricane aircraft is still one of the most acclaimed, most successful, most reliable aircraft during World War II.

AVI 8 Hurricane Hawker. AV 4011 OG. New Labels Only. Watches.

AV 4011-0G Features

So lets get straight to the most important part, the features. The Hurricane Hawker has a case diameter of 42mm and the width is 11mm in thickness. The movement is Japan Quartz Chronograph with date and no specific movement given. The watch weighs around 80g and the casing is stainless steel as for most of AVI-8 Watches.

We also have a 1/10 second counter, a second counter and also your minute counter. The strap width is around 22mm and the watch is 5ATM. Finally the hour, second hand and the numerals are luminous.

AVI 8 Hurricane Hawker. AV 4011 OG. New Labels Only. Review. Best Watch under 200

Why the AV 4011 0G is one of the best watch under £200?

So, we received the watch in near the end of August and we have had more than enought time to test out the watch. At the beginning, the size of the dial was an issue for us. Having worn watches with dial around 38mm, we were more used to the small size face. The watch does take over the wrist and at first was discomforting but we got used to it and we grew to like the dial.

This is definitely an everyday watch. It is very practical and suit any occassion you attend, but do choose a more simple watch when attending fancy parties. The strap has to be one of the best in the market. It is genuine leather and it is so soft. The strap is already broken into, so you do not have to do it.

The weigh is more or less perfect. It is not too heavy to weight your hand down but also not too light so you forget you have a watch on your wrist.

The dial is not overpowering compare to other watches. It face is very simple and its vintage brass dial gives it a raw look. You need to see it face to face, to know what we mean.

The crown was something which we did find hard to adjust to at the beginning. The crown is particularly large and did at times get in the watch of the wrist. However, overtime, this problem was nothing. If you have a large wrist, this will definitely cause no problem.

The watch retails at £175 on AVI-8 website which is pretty affordable. For what you are getting, this is definitely a good deal and also makes this watch one of the best watch under £200. You can also use NEWLABELS20 for 20% off any watches from the AVI8 collection.

AVI 8 Hurricane Hawker. AV 4011 0G. New Labels Only Review. One of the best watch under £200

What can be made better

We love removable strap at New Labels Only. When we did the review of the AV 4054-03, we did raise the issue and this is similar to the AV 4011 0G. However, there are different colour straps available for the watch and you can definitely check it out on the AVI8 website.

There is also a little lag when we tested the 1/10 second counter. When resetting the 1/10 second counter, it did lag just a little when returning back to its original position. However this did not affect measuring the second. Otherwise all good!

We have done an unboxing video of the AV 4011 0G and if you would like to watch it, do press play below!

AVI 8 Hurricane Hawker. AV 4011 0G. New Labels Only Review. One of the best watch under £200

We have come at the end of our post and we really hope you’ve enjoyed reading it. Before we leave, do let us know what you think about the AV 4011 0G. Is this the one the best watch under £200? Do let us know in the comment below!

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