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Johnny Loves Rosie. The Home of Heavenly Jewellery and Accessories!

I know my latest posts have been purely based on men. I talked about GENT Watches, Stubble & Co and more recently D1 Milano. Do not worry ladies, I have not forgotten about you!

Today is the day I introduce you to Johnny Loves Rosie. I know that all those who read my blog have excellent nay immaculate taste in jewellery and accessories. I do read you blogs too, that is why I know!


So who is this Johnny guy who loves Rosie?

There once was a boy called Johnny,

And his one true love was Rosie.

He gave her gifts, to win her heart,

And so began this true love story.

Inspired by this, our brand Johnny Loves Rosie was created. I do not know if Johnny is a real person but all I know is that Rosie is definitely a lucky girl!

Our collections are designed to bring you the ultimate fashion fix, taking inspiration from the catwalk to create on-trend pieces you can’t wait to wear.

Johnny Loves Rosie

Johnny Loves Rosie is a stylish and premium brand of jewellery and accessories who aim to provide you the most gorgeous and heavenly fashion forward designs.

They have been well received with celebrities too with well know stars such as Little Mix, YouTuber Niomi Smart and Made In Chelsea’s Louise Thompson.

I will try to do less writing in this post and let the images speak their own hypnotizing language to you!

Johnny Loves Rosie Necklaces

These are some of the necklace designs which are available on their website.




Johnny Loves Rosie Bags.



JLR 10

The pink clutch bag is the best one I think. The colour is not to bold and also not to light. You can say, it is the perfect heavenly pink colour!

Johnny Loves Rosie Watches

I really love their watches. It is simply and really beautiful. The colours, the design and the strap of the watch really creates something magical.

They do have a range of watches and they sell extremely fast because everyone loves them!



The watch with the pink strap and with the blue flowers is definitely my favourite one. It just looks so adorable and gives you that summer feeling!

Renowned for our statement hair accessories and must-have jewellery, our in-house design team combine floral elements with beautiful embellishments for those all important outfit details

Johnny Loves Rosie

This is not the end of their jewellery and accessories range, I just can fit it all in this post! I will leave a link at the end of the post for you to visit and have a look at their jewellery and accessories.

You might be thinking that if celebrities are wearing their jewellery and that they have their in house design team, the prices of these jewellery and accessories must be sky high! But you will be surprised!

All and I mean all of their jewellery and accessories are very much affordable. Some of their accessories have a starting price of £6 which is around $7.40, plus they also offer 15% student discount as well.

I wish I was a student!

Do visit and prepare to be amazed!

I would like to thank Johnny Loves Rosie for using their images and also for everything!

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