Patara. The shoes destined for your feet!

I love my New Labels Only blog. I get to find out about the latest brand from around the world and get to see the newest products which are yet to be released to the public.

I recently did a blog post on SKYE Footwear and it was greatly received by everyone. I thank all of you for your likes and comments. I really appreciate it.

Today, I have another Footwear. This one is destined to your feet. It has your name written on them.

Patara. You may have never heard of them, but the shoes they make are just WOW! I stumbled upon them during my research on Kickstarter and I had to share it with all of you.



Who is Patara?

Founded by Christian and Kilian Rosier, Patara is a successfully funded kickstarter campaign (Hurray!!) who produce sustainable shoes design for travels. They say it is ‘The only shoe you’ll need to go from beach to bar’.

The idea came when the two brothers were travelling throughout Asia and did not versatile shoes that can be worn on the beach and also at the bar. You have flip flops, but nobody wants to see your big toe at the bar.

So they thought why not create our own shoes that will fill that gap in the market, and this is where Patara was born.

All of Patara shoes are very comfortable, lightweight and most importantly, it can be worn in different settings.




Patara has three style. The Seeker, The Nomad and The Rover. These styles have different designs, colours and prints on them for your own liking.

All of the shoes have a padded arch for maximum comfort during the long walks, a soft suede inner heal lining to help you break into your shoes and also natural cork insoles which are odor resistant, moisture wiking and also forms well around your foot.

I really love The Rover in Midnight Suede. It looks absolutely gorgeous! Patara, if you reading this, I’m open to receiving one!

The Seeker


The Nomad


The Rover


Sustainably Produced

All of Patara shoes are handmade in Thailand. The workers involved in making Patara’s shoes are paid a fair wage which allows them to live a comfortable life.Patara believe in fair trade and supporting communities by promoting their local skills and traditions.

In terms of materials used, Patara are commited to use as much sustainable material they possibly can. All of their shoes are made with organic cotton fibers, jute outsole bumpers, and insoles which are lined with a natural cork layer. Cork is a waste from Cork trees and if you want to know more about it do have a read about of post on Corkonto.

You may be thinking that, because they support fair trade and produce the shoes in a sustainable manner, the shoes are going to cost an absolute fortune. Well they don’t!

Based on their Kickstarer Campaign page, The Seeker cost around $75, The Nomad $85 and The Rover $90. These prices are very much affordable and you know that the money is paying a fair wage to the workers.



If you want to find out more about Patara or want to get on of these beautiful shoes, do visit their website here.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I did enjoy going through Patara’s website and research more about them.

I would like to thank Patara for using their images, as you can see the pictures are incredible!

One quick question, which style would you prefer on your feet?


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