New Labels Only is a dedicated platform with the sole aim of promoting New Labels to the world. Started in June 2016, we believe that every New Label should have the chance of making their Label and also their products known to the public. So we search New Labels from everywhere and share them with you.

What is the meaning of “New” to New Labels Only?

For us, “New” means a Label which is in the market already but is unknown to people and has a low market awareness. However if you do not agree our definition of ‘new’, do send us an email, so we can have a little chat!

What type of labels do we promote?

The type of labels we promote are in the Fashion, Watches, Beauty, Accessories, Food and other categories in the world!

If it’s new, We are promoting it.

Do we  review products?

Occasionally we try to review products. Do send us a quick email and to see if we are interest!

Thank you for stopping by!