Wishdoit Watch Chrono GT

Wishdoit Watches GT Chrono Review

We are going to start this year’s first review with Wishdoit. We reviewed multiple of their watches last year, with The Pioneer being the latest. Now we are going to review Wishdoit Watches GT Chrono. There are 9 models available under this collection, and we are going to be looking at the Silvery version.

The design of this watch comes from the movie-Death Race. The back casing of the watch is engraved with a 2006 Ford Mustang GT V8 4.6L engine sports car.

Wishdoit Watches GT Chrono


Movement: Seiko VD53 Quartz Movement

Case material: PVD & 316L Stainless Steel Case

Glass quality: Top Glass Mineral Crystal and Caseback Glass Mineral Crystal

Dial diameter: 42 x 50mm

Case thickness: 14.9mm

Warranty: 60 months

Strap: Fluorine Rubber

Weight: 135g

Water resistance: 5 ATM

First Impression

The packaging has not changed from the past reviews and it is still of quality. When you open the box and see the dial, there is a lot going on. You have the sub dials, the numerals and also the background. Each playing their role to bring the watch to life. We are impressed by the intricacy of the dial, but we are more concerned about the chrono feature of the watch.



We are going to start with the chronograph. The Wishdoit Watches GT Chrono is not the conventional chrono watch, where the pusher dictate the second hand to measure the speed. The second sub dial does this role in this watch. When the pusher is clicked the second sub dial clicks into gear and this is how the tachymeter his measured. Given that there is a tachymeter index, it is not useful as you cannot use it. In addition, being avid watch collector and reviewer, the second sub dial does not also reset accurately to the 12 o’clock position. It is slightly off by 1 second (maybe a one off).

The aesthetic of the watch is great. The outer index has large numerals with luminous coating. They are also in a lighter silver colour which contrast well against the ‘ash’ silver background. The design used unique and we cannot understand what it is and at the center of the dial is like a ‘superman’ diamond shape.

Apart from numerals, small luminous coated triangle has been used to measure the hours and minutes.

The sub-dials are of a decent size and are legible. Each hand in the sub-dials are of different colour, which does add a bit more colour to an otherwise very silver and grey watch.

Arrow hands with luminous tips have used and they are decent in size. They do not cover the dial and are legible. A simple baton hand with a red tip has been used for the second hand.

The Wishdoit Watches GT Chrono has a window date. But it is overpowered with the features of the watch. It is located above the 5 o’clock numeral. It will take sometime for you to get used to on where the date window is.


Moving on to the casing, nothing has changed. The tonneau shape looks good and the size of 42 by 50mm with a width of 14.9mm, fits the watch perfectly. Comfort is great and the case wraps well around the wrist, given the slight curvature of the casing.

One feature which we are not overly impressed about is the pushers on the side. They are a bit soft. When you push these button, they are usually solid and give a ‘click’ sound.

Wishdoit Watches GT Chrono

The 316L Stainless steel feels solid and goes well with the ‘silvery’ theme of the watch. The star screws used add a bit more character and boldness to the watch. The large push and pull crown is there and we love it.

Glare is minimum with the mineral crystal glass used, and it allows you to see the features of the watch in clarity.

The 2006 Ford Mustang GT V8 4.6L engraved at the back of the watch is a great feature.


Powering the Wishdoit Watches GT Chrono is a solid and reputable Seiko VD53 Movement which will give a +/-20 seconds per month in normal temperatures. There is also a Sony SR920SW Battery which under normal usage will give a 3 year battery life.


The Fluorine rubber strap is a good choice. It goes well with the silver casing and the ‘silvery’ theme of the watch. They are comfortable, wrap around the wrist well and have enough holes for smaller wrist. The buckle has also been signed with Wishdoit’s logo.

Buy, Shortlist or Avoid?

The Wishdoit Watches GT Chrono has disappointed us. We came in with high expectation given the past watches. The change of the conventional used of a chronograph watch is not there and the alignment issue with the second sub dial needs to be addressed. The date window is a tad too small to read and it can be removed.

Given the £186, it is not the most expensive watch but we recommend to shortlist this watch. Go for other Wishdoit watch models if needed, as we think the GT Chrono needs some rethinking.

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