Maven Watches Noir

Maven Watches Noir 26mm Review

The simplicity and the design of this watch brand keeps us back. This time we are going to review Maven Watches Noir 26mm. If you missed our review of the Khaki P, where were you hiding? The Noir model are different from the rest of the Maven Watches series and we have high expectation from it.

Maven Watches Noir 26mm


MOVEMENTSwiss Quartz Movement. Swiss Ronda Quartz 762 Movement, 2 Hands.
CASE MATERIAL316L Stainless Steel
CASE SIZE (mm)26mm * 34mm
LENSSapphire Crystal Glass
BAND MATERIALItalian Leather Strap

First Impression

Love it. The Maven Watches Noir 26mm looks like a piece of a gold bar. The colour theme goes really well, the black and gold looks fantastic. The 34mm square casing with the 26mm dial inside looks very classy. So far we are looking the Noir.

Maven Watches Noir



The casing is the eye candy of the watch. The 34mm rectangular case fits well on the wrist. It may seem large, but it does not look large at all. It sits well on the wrist and also feel very comfortable. Despite its shape, you do not have to worry about the case getting in the way or being uncomfortable.

There are no outward lugs on the watch, however there is space for the strap to fit in and to make the watch sit on the wrist. There is an opening at each end of the case and it allows the strap to slot it and also allows the strap to rotate and therefore allows a perfect fit on the wrist.

Maven Watches Noir 26mm Gold

In terms of the glass, the Maven Watches Noir 26mm has a durable sapphire crystal glass. Glare and reflection are at its minimal and the black dial does also help with that.

We are slightly disappointed with the crown. It is a screw it crown, but a little hard to pull out and it is not signed. We have been used to having Maven Watches’ crown signed with their logo but it is not on this one.

Maven Watches Noir 26mm


Despite its square casing, the dial is a circle with a 26mm diameter. It is slightly small however given the large rectangular 34mm casing, it fits well. There is not a lot going on with the dial and it has followed Maven Watches’ minimalistic trend.

To fill the space on the outside of the dial, cuts of lines has been used to give an effective and brilliant finish. The lines are in an elevated layer compare to the dial and they only appear depending where the dial is facing light. Without any light, you will not know that the lines are there.

The dial itself is inside the elevated layer but lower compare to the cut lines. There is not much going on with the dial. Simple white batons have been used to mark the hours and minutes. The Maven Watches logo is at the 12 o’clock position. Otherwise, there is not much happening. We really like this minimalistic finish to the dial as it does not distract you from the casing and gives an elegant and classy look to the watch.

Maven Noir

The hands are in a gold finish. The design is back with square tips. The hands are legible from all angle and with the gold and back colour theme, you do not have to worry about not be able to read the time.


Inside the Maven Watches Noir 26mm is a Swiss Ronda Quartz 762 Movement. We have come across this movement multiple times and it is a solid and reliable workhorse movement. Expect a time accuracy of  +-3 seconds per week and a battery life expectancy of 2 years. The hands are accurate and matches the index perfectly at each time point.


You get a genuine Italian Leather Strap with the watch. Supple, comfortable and perfect are the adjectives I will use to describe the strap. It wraps around the wrist well, and there are enough holes for smaller wrist. You can see the grains on the leather, if you inspect it closely. The buckle has been signed with the logo.

Buy, Shortlist or Avoid?

Easy decision. Buy! The Maven Watches Noir 26mm is the perfect dress watch and you can use it for any occasion. In terms of the price, we are looking at £160/ €187/ $203, which supports our decision to buy this watch. The Noir 26mm is a minimalistic beauty. Elegant is every corner, the Noir 26mm will turn every eyes in the room.

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