Wishdoit Captain Kidd Review

We have a new brand to review! Wishdoit Watches, a brand born out of passion for diving. Started in 2012, the aim and vision of the brand is to create high quality watches with excellence reflected in every detail of the watches, from the precise movement to the carefully crafted design. The name Wishdoit may not be the most memorable name but there is a meaning behind it:

“We can still hold on to hope and confidence in the face of unknown adventures, Face it bravely, keep on fighting it and walk forward.”

The watch we will be reviewing from the brand is the Captain Kidd Rose-Gold.

Wishdoit Captain Kidd Front


Movement: Automatic Mechanical Movement with 21 Jewel Bearings

Case material: 316L Stainless steel

Glass quality: Mineral Crystal Glass

Dial diameter: 42.5mm

Case thickness: 15.7mm

Warranty: 24 months

Strap: Fluorine Rubber

Weight: 135g

Water resistance: 5 ATM

Wishdoit Captain Kidd Unboxing

First Impression

The Wishdoit Captain Kidd came well packaged with a quirky box and watch pouch. The first thing you see is the large and very intricate dial. There are lots of things happening, with the jewels, colours and fillers used. Yes, the watch is an homage to Richard Mille watches as it follows the same case and dial design, but is the Captain Kidd a good homage?

Rose Gold Wishdoit Captain Kidd


It is a fantastic dial. We do not know where to start the dial review from. The butterfly/cross features at the12 o’clock and 6 o’clock position is what makes the dial stand out. The pink jewel at the center adds more vibrancy and colour to the dial. The crosses are held with screws a which mimics the same screws used on the casing.

The rest of the dial is decorated with various pieces, all in a black colour. While it does fill the dial and adds more character to the Wishdoit Captain Kidd, if you look closer, you can see that the pieces are made with hardened plastic and gives a ‘cheap’ feeling.

The index is a mixture of batons and arrows. The arrows are in the 5 minute intervals and they have been given a luminous coating. There are numerals at the top of the arrows, which is a great feature as it breaks the vivid center dial. There are also two numerals located at the 3 and 9 position, with a rose gold outer finish.

Richard Mille Homage watch Wishdoit Captain Kidd

Three hands have been used for the watch, with the minute and hour hands given a simple and sharp design. Both hands are also luminous. The second hand is thing and in a rose gold finish. It does get lost with the design of the dial and is sometime hard to located where the second hand is. In terms of the minute and hour visibility, it is fine but will need to train your eyes. The white coating on the body does help.

Overall, the dial is perfect and a great homage. The mixture colours brings the watch to life and makes it a very desirable watch. The touches of gold, in the center and heart of the watch is a great addition and the choice of colour for the jewels powering the watch has been well thought of. We cannot fault the dial.


In terms of size, the Wishdoit Captain Kidd is pretty large. The casing is 42mm by 50mm and will definitely take a lot of space of the wrist. The design of the casing aids with the comfort of the casing on the wrist. The curved design allows the casing to be pushed down on the wrist and it sits very well. The casing is thick with 15.7mm. It may be an issue if you have a small wrist, the thickness of the casing may be an issue as it will stick out.

Made from 316L stainless steel, the watch is heavy with 115g in weight and the stainless steel gives a shiny finish. The Rose Gold casing has been joined together with screws, which are open. We like that feature, as it gives a rugged look to the watch and it is a bold move. The back casing is open, and you can see the custom rotor with a detailed and intricate design.

The glass is made from mineral glass. While glares and reflections are at a minimal, we would have loved to see sapphire glass used. This is because with such a highly prized dial, you would want to use sapphire due to its impact resistance and scratch proof properties.

The final piece to the casing is the large crown. Perfectly teeth cut design on the circumference and a swivel type design on top, the push pull crown is easy to navigate. It is also comfortable and does not get in the way of the wrist.


The strap on the Wishdoit Captain Kidd is Fluorine rubber. We have come across this strap before on the Nubeo Deep Blue watch. The strap is a dust magnet and needs to be continuously wiped, which can be annoying for some. In terms of comfort, the strap is great. It wraps well around the wrist and it is soft and supple. There are enough holes for smaller wrist.

The buckle has been signed with Wishdoit’s logo and it is large enough to suit the width of the strap.


We are not able to identify the exact model and series of the movement, all we know is that it is an Automatic Mechanical Movement with 21 Jewel Bearings. In terms of time accuracy, our measurement is around +5 to -3 seconds per day, and a power reserve of over 42 hours. We believe powering the watch is a Seiko Caliber movement, but we cannot confirm this. The time accuracy is decent and the power reserve is very good.

The custom rotor is a a great feature and the design is very impressive. The Wishdoit Captain Kidd does have an eye for detail both front and back.

Buy, Shortlist or Avoid?

As always, we want have to discuss the price before making the decision. The watch retails for $469/ £404/ €420. The design of the watch is fantastic, with intricate details on every corner and undeniably well made, however the price is on the higher end of the market. There are some features which needs to be addressed by the brand for example; the ATM level needs to be higher and the glass needs to be upgraded to Sapphire. The engraving of ‘Fashion Watch’ on the back casing needs to be removed as it brings the value of the watch down. Another recommendation will also be to use the logo of the watch at the front rather than the name. The name does not resonate luxury.

We would therefore shortlist this watch.

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