A Moment With Von Vogel Design Founder

We have not done an interview with a founder for a while. The last time we did an interview was with the founder of Jack Turner Watches. Finally we have another founder to share their wisdom and knowledge with us about starting a brand from scratch. The founder is Christian Vogel from Von Vogel Design.

Why did you create Von Vogel  Watches?

I have been a watch designer for the past 25 years and designed watches for many many different brands – and I have always felt a certain pride, when people have asked me about the watch I have been wearing, that I have designed myself – I wanted VON VOGEL customers to have the same experience, when wearing a VON VOGEL, that they have put thought and energy into.

I have also seen how a limited edition timepiece, get extra attention – CUSTOM MADE is the ultimate limited edition – it is yours with the features and details that you want. We also wanted to make CUSTOM MADE watches available for retailers, something you only see at really high end mono brand stores – with VON VOGEL InStoreDesignLab, any retailer can now offer fully customized timepiece in their stores.

Von Vogel Watches Process

What makes Von Vogel special compare to other watches?

That you can create your own look, put your own details, and that it is one of a kind, and that you can keep creating new looks – just buy a new case shape, and put it on your cylinder, then you have a complete you look, for a fraction of the cost of a new watch – now you can have many different looks, for different occasions, for a fraction of the cost.

CUSTOM MADE at fashion brand prices.

Von Vogel Watch in Orange

Which watch design is the best one you have seen designed by others and why?

Everyone have different taste, that is why we give our customers the options to create their own style. What I like is different from what you like, and it changes over time. By giving you the opportunity to create your own, you get what you want, and you can change dial design, case, material, leather strap to metal band -just by adding a new component.

What has been your best day at Von Vogel?

Every day, we get to talk watches all day. We are watch nerds here.

Are you a creator, inventor or entrepreneur?

All of the above, and more as we had to create a platform from scratch, that made it easy to create your own design, for both online customers and retailers. We had to approach an “old” industry in a complete new way – as this have not been done before with traditional retail stores in mind.

What is the future plans for Von Vogel?

Lots of interesting things are coming up – You have an option to download your design, with your name today – hopefully very soon you will be able to also download a movie of your design, highlighting all the features you have chosen for your design – this should make it more interesting to share your design with friends and family – at it gives better view of your creation. Of cause with your name as well. (see video attached)

Soon you will also be able to choose a sapphire crystal option for all designs.

End of the year we will come with a SMART module, this gives you the option to choose either QUARTZ, AUTOMATIC or SMART movements, that you can change around, for different occasions.

Custom Watch

Apart from Von Vogel, which other watch brand do you follow?

Well – right now, I look a lot at IWC, as they have just introduced the same concept as VON VOGEL, where you on a modular system can create your own timepiece, with different case shape, movement function, dial designs/colours and bracelets, only at a much higher price level. So that is very interesting and really proof of concept.

Von Vogel Custom Watch

What are your views of new upcoming micro brands?

I think it is great, I love to see new edgy things, that maybe traditional brands would not do – It is easier for a micro brand to explore a niche 100% and stay true to their concept.

What advice do you have for people wanting for start their own watch brand?

Do your own thing, create something new and interesting, that will be your identity.

This was our interview with Christian Vongel from Von Vogel Design. We definitely like the concept of designing your own watch which reflects your style and artistic vision. We will of course be reviewing our own design from the brand soon and will be giving a lucky reader to WIN a Von Vogel watch, which they have designed themselves, keep an eye out for more information. In the meantime, do check out the different watch designs people made from around the world at: https://www.vonvogel-design.com/gallery-page.html

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