Nubeo Watches Deep Blue Review

It is a brand new year and what is the best way to start by reviewing a watch from a new brand . Today we will be reviewing Nubeo Watches Deep Blue. Nubeo Watches takes its inspiration from the space and sea to create timepieces in tribute, in function and in design. Its design is very intricate and a truly unique exhibition of time.

Nubeo Watches Deep Blue


Movement: Automatic Skeleton With 3 Hands

Case: 316 Stainless Steel

Diameter Of Case: 50mm

Thickness Of Case:  16mm

Lens: Mineral Lens with Anti-reflective coating

Band: Silicon Strap

Water Resistance: 20 ATM

First Impression

The dial is simply amazing. When they meant that Nubeo Watches are ‘truly unique exhibition of time’, they were not lying. The skeleton dial is has been designed in a way that it does not only show the heart of the watch but it does not overpower the eyes with the jewels and rotors. It is an spectacular piece of living magic for the eyes to see. We clearly have been impressed by the Nubeo Watches Deep Blue. The closest watch we have reviewed with such an dial is Lobor Watches.

Deep Blue Nubeo Watch


This is the best place to start the review of the Nubeo Watches Deep Blue. There are two indexes on the watch. The outer index is basic with black dots all around the diameter of the index. The inner index is also has dots, but larger with luminova. Oblong shapes has been used at each quarter. The inner index gives the impression of a focus cursor and focuses the eyes to the centre of the dial. There are also numerals used. Under each luminova dots, numerals in a light blue colour has been used and it is slightly lost due to the open heart of the watch. It will take time to find them, but the large indexes will enable you to tell the time easily.

The main eye candy of the watch is the open skeleton. Each piece used to assemble the movement has been engraved and the intricacy is fascinating. At a closer inspection, the engraving look like waves, as to Nubeo’s sea inspired design. The choice of jewels has been well thought of, as the gold and blue colour theme complement the silver pieces.

Two features which will go amiss is white background used behind the outer index. This simple feature helps to break away from the skeleton dial and helps to read the time. The other feature is the black ’roundel/track’ used to place the luminova index. This has also been well though of as it brings out the inner index.

Oblong hands has been used for the hands, with luminova applied to both. The second hand has a blue tip to match the colour theme.

Overall, the dial has been well thought of and the design is immaculate. The choice of colour, from the jewels to the pieces complement each other and focuses the attention to the numerals and index where needed. The index used are large and reading the time will not be an issue.


The 316 stainless steel is on the large side. Being 50mm by 16mm, the Nubeo Watches Deep Blue takes a bit of space on the wrist. However, given its size, the watch is comfortable. It sits on the wrist well and despite having no curved lugs, the straps do make the case sits on the wrist.

The bezel is fixed on the watch, which is a slight disappointment. On the bezel, you have luminous dots to represent the numbers and it is a great feature.

The glass is made from mineral lens with AR coating. The glare is minimal on the watch and the flat lens allows all the feature on the dial to be seen from all angles.

Similar to the front, the back casing is also flat. The back casing is open to allow you to see the movement and custom rotor. The colour theme has been carried on the back and is just as stunning as the front. The engraving detailed in the front is also appears on the back.

The watch has a screw down crown, which has been signed, and to prevent the crown from touching the wrist, it has been given a protective cover.

The blue colour and the stainless steel casing do go well together and it is a very good looking bold watch.


After a close inspection, we believe that a Japanese TMI NH35 Automatic is powering this beast. The time accuracy is pretty standard for this type of movement. The time accuracy is  between -20 to +40 seconds per day under normal conditions. We have come across this movement in the Spinnaker Croft Mid-size. You can expect a power reserve of 41 hours, if the watch is wound effectively, circa 30 times.


The strap is made from silicone. To replicate stainless steel links, the strap has been split into a similar pattern and looks well with the dial. The strap is soft and has enough holes for smaller wrist. One small issue we have with silicone strap is that it can be a dust magnet. To finish off, the buckle has been signed with Nubeo Watches logo.

Buy, Shortlist or Avoid?

As always, we like to discuss the price of the watch. The Nubeo Watches Deep Blue retails for $679/£570/ €645. The Deep Blue is a fascinating watch for sure, with its intricate feature and design. We believe that the Deep Blue is a watch to be shortlisted. It is on the upper end of the pricing range which has swayed our decision. If it were more reasonably priced, it would have been a must buy.

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