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Sequent Watch SuperCharger Review

We have reviewed a lot of watches and we always wanted to review a smart watch. A smart watch without a square touch screen and one with a normal casing and dial. The closest we got was Electricianz DeZert. But we finally have our chance to review a real smart watch. The watch comes from Sequent Watch, the world first self-charging smart watch. The model we will be reviewing is SuperCharger HR 2.2.

Sequent Watch


Diameter : 42.10 mm

Height : 14.20 mm

Lug to lug : 45.50 mm

Strap width : 22.00 mm

Water resistance : 50 meters

Polished hands filled with SuperLuminova®

Sapphire glass

Polished Stainless steel case

SC 2.2 in-house movement

Self-charging mechatronic technology

Activity tracking (steps, distance, calories)

Heart rate monitoring

Sleep tracking

Blood oxygen level – SpO2

Workout mode· Maps with e-GPS (requires phone)

Sequent Oxygo app

Compatible iOS and Android

First Impression

The packaging was well made but nothing too out of the box. As it is a smart watch, you would expect the watch to be flashy or doing some light tricks once you open the box, but the Sequent Watch SuperCharger HR 2.2 looks like a normal watch. To be honest we were looking where for technology which turn the watch into a smart watch. Overall, the SuperCharger HR 2.2 looks really good. The polished stainless steel case really attracts the eye and the blue dial also goes well with the rest of the colour accents.

Sequent Watch

Sequent Watch Unboxing


The background on the Sequent Watch SuperCharger HR 2.2 is blue. It is not a solid blue colour, but it is translucent, where you can see the mechanism powering the watch. It is a great feature as you can see that the why this is a smart watch.

The index used in simple. Batons have been used for both the hour and minutes. Bigger and bolder batons have been used for the hour marking while smaller batons in a brighter blue colour has been used for the minutes. The hour batons have been given a polished finished and also given SuperLuminova.

While the index is the most important feature on any watch, in the case of the Sequent Watch, the sub-dial is the most important feature. The sub-dial is ranges from 0 to 160 on a HR indicator and has been given a white colour for the for the batons & numerals. The white colour has been well thought of, as it contrast well against the blue background and makes it legible.

Sequent Watch HR2.2

So what does the usage for the sub-dial? First, removing the horological jargon, the sub-dial is called the activity indicator. The activity indicator by default will show the steps goals you have achieved. For example, you have achieved 50% of your set steps goal, the activity indicator will point towards 6 o’clock. At midnight, the activity indicator will reset to 0 and start again with the step counts.

However, if you wish to see how much charge is left on the watch, first you will need to double click the crown and the activity indicator will show much how power reserve is left. If the power reserve is below 40%, the watch will automatically stop the Bluetooth and heart monitor recording to preserve battery and just count the steps. Below 20%, the watch will only focus on monitoring the time.

If you would like to monitor your heartbeat during a workout, the watch can also do it. By pressing and holding the crown for 2 seconds, and then followed by two quick click, the activity indicator will switch to monitoring your heartbeat. Now if you would like to monitor just a snapshot of your heartbeat, you will need to clickthat crown four times, and the activity indicator will show your snapshot heartbeat before returning to measuring your continuing heartbeat.

Now if you want to read our oxygen level, click the crown five times and the activity indicator will show your oxygen level on the HR scale.

We believe this might be it for all the features the sub-dial/ activity indicator does! It definitely does more than a simply uni directional bezel.


The casing 42mm by 14mm. It is on the larger side and we do not mind that at all. The size is perfect for the activity indicator.

Using the polished stainless steel is perfect. The shiny stainless steel goes extremely well with the blue dial and the strap. The crown is a prominent feature on only watch, but on the Sequent Watch it is more than just a crown. As discussed, it was various uses to it and it is very useful that the size is large.

HR2.2 Sequent

Sapphire crystal glass has been used and it is flat. It would have been ideal if the lens was slightly domed. This is more for the aesthetic feature and to make the watch look even bolder.

The back casing is open and you can see the heart of the Sequent Watch. For some reason, it looks like Iron Man’s heart reactor. A custom rotor has also been used which is a nice touch.


In order for you to track your activities from the activity indicator, the Sequent Watch Oxygo app needs to be downloaded.

The app will help you track your heart beat, oxygen level, sleep pattern and running logs. The app is easy to pair with the watch, as all you need to do is connect your phone Bluetooth to the watch by double tapping the crown. Once that is done, a blue light will flicker and then you will need to place the watch on the charging point.

The watch and the apps works well but there are some tiny flaws. When using the watch to log the running data, there was some instances where the GPS did not track the location. The heartbeat rate was also missing, which was a disappointment. However, we need to point out that this was not consistent.

The oxygen level measuring was recorded well but as we are not professionals at measuring oxygen level, we do not know what to make with the data. However, the heartbeat measurement was perfect.

Sequent Watch

Sleeping with the watch was not for us. It feels odd to sleep with a watch and was a bit uncomfortable. The size of the dial is not ideal to sleep with. The app does track your sleep pattern well, when you are in deep or light sleep.

While the technology is great, the only issue is that you need to constantly look at your phone to see the measurements and logs. In a way, it can be questioned, why not use your smartphone only to track all the necessary data?


Your traditional movement is not present. The Sequent Watch is powered by Sequent’s in-house autonomous and automatic caliber. It is made from 8 parts with a time accuracy of  ±0.3 seconds a day. . Once fully charged, the watch will have a stand by time of 12 months,

The rotor also helps to charge the watch, similar to an automatic watch, but the energy is harvested and stored.


Made from vegetable tanned Italian leather, it fits perfectly. The strap does not need breaking into and the supple and very comfortable around the wrist. It is not too thick which helps to casing sits on the wrist. There are enough holes, so if you have a small wrist, no need to worry.

Quick release pins are also added to the strap, so if you want more options, you do not have to worry about getting an expert to change the straps.

Buy, Shortlist or Avoid?

As always, let us begin with the price. The watch retails at 549 CHF. The watch’s price is similar to any Smart watches out in the market and is priced well. The HR 2.2 is a great watch and we believe you should shortlist the watch. The main reason is there is a lot of going back and forth with the crown. There are a lot of crown presses and light blinks to know which function is activated. Will a Smart watch with your usual square dial be better? Yes, if you only want the smart features and not a watch. But if you want both a watch with the smart features, then the Sequent Watch is perfect. While this is still new territory, given time and adjustments, this will make a fine watch in the future.

Sequent Logo

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