Roue Watch TPS 3

Roue Watch TPS 3 Review

We have reviewed a Roue watch before, the HDS One. We love that watch. It’s design, movement and functionality of that HDS One is perfect. Today we have another watch to review, the Roue Watch TPS 3. The watch is an homage to the Porsche 910, winner of the Nürburgring 1000-kilometer race in 1967. But will the Roue Watch TPS 3 be as good or even better than the HDS One?




  • Made of 316L polished stainless steel with brushed finishing and Black PVD 316L stainless steel (TPS1 BS)
  • Screw-back case with embossed 3D artwork
  • Water-resistant and 50 meters depth equivalent pressure-resistant (not suitable for swimming, see exact definitions in the FAQ session)
  • 40mm in diameter and 13.4mm in width


  • Triple layer dial construction
  • Tachymetre and pulsometer
  • Printed Swiss Super-Luminova®
  • Sub dials functions:
    • Left counts chronograph minutes
    • center displays seconds from time function
    • right indicates am/pm.


  • Japanese Seiko caliber VK63 chronograph hybrid meca-quartz movement


  • Double Dome K1 mineral glass with anti-reflective treatment inside and sapphire coating outside


  • 2 straps included:
    • genuine perforated Driver style leather
    • sports silicone
  • easy interchangeable bands system

First Impression

The first feature which will draw your eyes to is the dial. The three layer dial grabs your attention and keep you mesmerize. The different colour accent, grizzled blue with yellow specifics, also plays a key role in grabbing your attention and creates a very good looking watch. First impression is very good. We are loving the colours and the design. Let us delve deeper in our review.

Roue Watch TPS 3 Unboxing


Let us start with the triple layer dial. The first layer is for the pulsation and tachymeter measurement. From the 12 o’clock position to the 3 o’clock position, there is a pulsation counter. We have not come across a pulsation counter before, and the main use for the pulsation counter is measure the heart rate. This feature is mostly used by doctors and mostly seen on watches back in the 1920’s and 30’s. It is an interest feature and reflects the bold and fast pace characteristic of the 910 Porsche. The rest of the first layer, is the counter for the chronograph. To help separate the pulsation counter from the chronograph, two different colours have been used. A silver colour for the pulsation while a light blue for the tachymeter. Similarly, two different colours have been used for the numerals, while the pulsation numerals are in black, a yellow colour has been used for the tachymeter. The colour scheme has been well thought of when designing this watch and it really shows.

The second layer is an index for the time. This layer is elevated compare to the rest and it is very upfront. In a way, the index is like a border between the first and third layer. To measure the time, small batons have been used varying in size and colour, At each minute interval, a longer black baton is used and at each five minute interval, a red baton is used. The attention to detail in each layer is impeccable.

The final layer is at the centre of the Roue Watch TPS 3. Here the background colour changes to a dark blue and there are batons on the circumference to market the five minutes interval. Each baton have been given a Swiss Super-Luminova coating and it works well. The main feature for the third layer is for the three sub dials. You have the usual sub dial, second, minute and hour dial. Each sub dial has a silver background. However, going back to attention to detail, the hour and minute sub dial have a dark blue hand but the second sub dial, a yellow hand has been used. This is to resemble the fast pace of the watch and also to pay homage to the 910 Porsche. There are different little features which you may not pick out at first sight but if you pay attention to the dial, you will see different little features.

There are no large numerals and that was the correct choice. Using large numerals would have damaged the theme of the watch.

The hand style used is baton and they have been given the Swiss Super-Luminova coating. The colour of the hands are grey, contrasting against the blue background and allowing it to be read better. The second hand is sharper and in yellow. As you can see, yellow is everywhere in the Roue Watch TPS 3.


Let’s start with the size of the casing. We are looking at 40mm by 13.4mm. Despite being 40mm, the casing does look a bit small. Not sure why that it. In terms of the width, it is the perfect size and sits on the writst very well. This is supported with the curved lugs also.

The 316L polished stainless steel used for the casing is great. It makes the watch shines and also makes the dial more prominent. The crown used is a push and pull with a teeth cut design. The crown is easily adjusted and the pushers for the pulsation and tachymeter are also solid. There are no lags between the pushers and the second hand.

The lens is made from K1 mineral glass with anti-reflective and is domed. The reflection and glare from the lens is minimal and domed lens helps to suits the triple layer dial.

Finally, the back case is closed off however it has am embossed 3d design of the Porsche 911. The Porsche theme in the Roue Watch TPS 3 is everywhere and we love it.


Powering the Roue Watch TPS 3 is a Japanese Seiko caliber VK63 chronograph hybrid meca-quartz movement. Using the meca quartz movement is perfect, the accuracy of quartz with the crisp feel and performance of a mechanical chronograph is perfection. The Seiko VK63 is perhaps the most reliable and rugged meca-quartz mechanism available today and time accuracy is great.


Two straps are provided with the TPS 3. You get a grey silicone and a genuine perforated Driver style leather. The quick release pins makes it very easy to change the strap. Both straps wraps around the wrist and sit comfortably. There are enough holes, so if you have a small wrist, not to worry. But which strap do we like the most? It has to be the silicone strap. The colour goes well with the casing and also the dial.

Buy, Shortlist or Avoid?

The answer is simple. The Roue Watch TPS 3 is a must buy. Without even disclosing the price yet, this is a must buy. The homage to the Porsche 911 and the technical details to the watch is just amazing. The price is $305/ £250/ €290. There are also different colour theme for the TPS.

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