Vincero Watches The Rouge Review

It is a new year and we have a new brand to review, Vincero Watches.

First lets get to know Vincero Watches a bit more. The brand is the brain child of three co-founders, Tim, Sean and Aaron. Started in 2010 in their apartment, the brand has grown astronomically over the years. They launched the first Vincero Watch on Kickstarter, and since then they have not looked back. They have grown their collection to eyewear and jewelry.

Our focus will be on The Rogue Collection from Vincero Watches. We will be reviewing the Black Sunray Blue model.

Vincero Watches Black


  • Case Diameter: 43mm
  • Case Thickness: 12.5mm
  • Strap Width: 26mm
  • Movement: Seiko Mecha-Quartz
  • Water Resistance: 10 ATM
  • Glass: Sapphire Crystal (Scratch Resistant)
  • Stainless Steel: 316L Surgical
  • Strap Material: Silicone

First Impression

The packaging was simple, but we were definitely interested of what was inside. The Blue dial grabbed our attention straight away. The watch itself is also bold and demanding. The colour scheme of the watch has been well thought of and it is a really good looking watch.

Vincero Watches Unboxing


The blue dial is the only place to start. It is not blue but it is Sunray blue. Depending on where the light is coming from, the dial will lighten up on one side and darken on the other, it is a simple yet great feature.

The outer index used is also simple with white batons, longer batons to make the minutes and small batons in-between. As this is a Chronograph watch, the smaller batons in-between will be really helpful. To bring a bolder look to the watch, a bolder baton has been used to make each five-minute interval. To ensure that the baton is not lost within the blue dial, a black border has been used around it, along with a white finish. The index overall is legible and has been well thought of.

Blue Dial Vincero Watches

There are three sub-dials in the Vincero Watches The Rogue. They are classic sub-dials and follow the colour theme of the watch. However we do not like the second counter sub-dial. This is mainly because of the bold batons used. The batons are a little too ‘big’ and does drag your attention away from the rest of the dial, but we are being very picky. One small feature which you may not notice straight away are the colour of the hands in the sub dial. The hand for the hour and minute sub-dial is black while white for the second sub dial.

The date window is large enough and the number is visible. However, a bolder colour should have been used to mark the dates. The layout of the dial is similar to Jack Turner Sports Chronograph, which we reviewed a while back.

To follow the baton theme, the hands’ design are baton. Similar five minute interval index, the batons have a black border with a white finish. The hands are not too large to take over the dial but not too skinny to get lost. They are legible and goes well with the rest of the watch. The second hand does not have any black border, but it is given a silver finish with a red tip. While you may question why the red tip, it makes reading the seconds better.

Overall, the dial has been really thought about. There are minute details which makes the dial what it is. Comparing previous Chronograph watches to Vincero’s, The Rogue is the best one!

Vincero watch Review


The size of the casing is your average for a chronograph watch. It is 43mm by 12.5mm, made from 316L stainless steel and fits the wrist well. The casing is not too that it overbears on the wrist and legibility is great.

The lug length is longer than usual but it is a great feature. The length along with its curvature helps to press the case on the wrist and it feels very comfortable.

With every chronograph watch, the chronometer bezel is piece de resistance. The bezel is fixed and the black colour goes well with the rest of the watch. The index on the bezel have been engraved and the colour is lighter compare to the bezel. Reading the value will take you some time and also get used to but the differing colour scheme really goes well altogether.

Casing Vincero Watches

The lens used on the The Rogue by Vincero Watches is sapphire crystal glass. The lens is scratch resistant and glare on the minimal.

The crowns are of a good size and have been given teeth cut design. The crown is easy to pull as it has a cut in-between for an easy pull.

The back casing is closed off and it has a marbling feature at the center. It really looks good and add to the aesthetic. We wonder if in the future, Vincero Watches may use a marble dial?


The heartbeat of the watch is a Seiko Mecha-Quartz. It is a reliable movement to support the dials and the date window. Given that this is a quartz watch, the time accuracy is good. The battery life on the watch is circa 2-3 years, subject to usage. . The watch is also water resistant up to 10ATM, which is actually very impressive for a chronograph watch. While the movement is good, but we believe a stronger movement would be better but it would lead to a price increase. Would an automatic movement be a good move, certainly yes!

Back-casing Vincero Watches Review


We have a silicone strap on the watch and it really goes well. The silicone strap is soft and very comfortable on the wrist. There are enough holes for the smaller wrist. Quick release pins have been added on the strap, so if you do not like the black silicone strap, you can easily change it. But we really like the black colour on the blue dial.

Buy, Shortlist or Avoid?

As it is tradition, we always talk about the price first. The RRP of The Rogue is £225/ $300/ €265. While it is not the most expensive chronograph watch we have reviewed, we believe the watch is reasonably priced. The watch has some strong features and the watch looks good. Yes, some issues are present but we believe the positive on the watch outweighs the negative. We will therefore recommend to Buy this watch.

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