Sternglas Marus Automatik Review

We love Sternglas Watches! We have been lucky enough to review two of their watches, the Noas and the Topograph. Since our last review, Sternglas have focused their watch designs and have introduced new models. One of the model is the Sternglas Marus, and this is what this review will be based on.

Sternglas Marus

Sternglas Marus Features

Handssilver (luminous luminova: green)
Diameter42 mm
Material316L stainless steel, brushed
Bezelceramics, rotating
Case height14 mm
Lug width20 mm
Lug-to-lug53.8 mm
Weight96 g (+ 26 g)
Water resistanceup to 20 ATM
Glassdomed sapphire glass, anti-reflective
Movement typemechanical automatic movement
CaliberMiyota 8215
Max. power reserve42 hours
Strap typeRubber 20 black
Material (strap)fluoro rubber
Length (strap)80 + 120 mm

First Impression

The packing from Sternglas is always premium and it is the same for the Marus. To be honest, when they introduced the Sternglas Marus, we were a bit skeptical. They are entering the diver’s market and there are loads of top quality watches to compete with. However, we were a bit star struck when we saw the watch. The design reflects one of a diving watch, with a rugged yet luxurious look and feel to it. It is fair to say that our first impression is really, really good!

Marus Automatik Unboxing


The dial follows Sternglas Bauhuas minimalistic design. The index is simply with dots being used to represent the minutes. The hours are represented with rectangular batons. The batons have been given a luminova touch. While we are not the greatest fans of luminovas because they are weak, it is very much visible on the Marus. You will have no issue during low visibility.

The size of the dial is a major talking point when it comes to diving watches. Usually, the bigger the dial, the better it is. The 42mm used on the Sternglas Marus is perfect. It is not too big that it will irritate the wrist or too small which will force you to squint.

The hand designed used are batons. They are bold enough to be seen from a good distance and they also have been given a luminova coating.

Sternglas Marus Dial

The date window is located at the 6 o’clock position. It may seem unusual, but we think it works well. The text used above the date window helps it to blend with the dial.

The colour theme, black and white, goes really well together on the dial. The black background helps the minute, hour and hands to stand out.

None of the features on the dial scream at you. They all work with each other to show off the Bauhaus principle and design.


First let us start with the size of the case. It is 42mm by 14mm. This the usual standard size for dive watches which we have reviewed in the past and it suits the watch. The casing fits the wrist well and sits comfortably. The lug width is 20mm and it is curved. This helps to push the case onto the wrist and it does not pop out.

The bezel has 120 clicks and it is a good bezel. The bezel moves easily and the clicks do give a good sound. There are numerals on the bezel and they have been engraved. The edge of the bezel has been given a rugged and rough cut design. Rather than your smooth and soft finish on the edge, the rugged design just gives that watch an extra oomph. One disappointing part of the bezel is that it does not have any luminous lighting. We believe it would have added a bit more to the watch and given it more character and a special feature.

With our previous Sternglas watches review, the back casing were always open, giving us a view of the magic and wizardry going on. However on the Sternglas Marus, the back casing is closed off. It has been given a land contour type design and we are definitely not disappointed.

Sternglas Dive watch

We love the screw in crown. It follows the same design from the bezel and emanates a strength and boldness. The feel of the cut design when rotating the crown is just perfection.

The colour of the casing goes really well with the rest of the colour theme. The white, black and brushed stainless steel are definitely a good combination. The brushed stainless steel makes sure the watch is not glistening or shinning massively, which we like.

Sternglas Backcase


Inside the Sternglas Marus, we have a Miyota 8215. We have come across this type of movement before in the Ballast watch review. It is a powerful movement. It has 21 jewels with a power reserve of 40 hours. The time accuracy is also spot on given its 21,600 BPH. Overall, we are looking at  -20 to +40 seconds per day.

Given that this is Sternglas watches first ever diver watch, this type of movement is a good choice for the first time. However, as the brand progresses and add more dive watch models, we definitely would recommend trying higher movement models.

Sternglas Buckle


The watch has a fluoro rubber strap, with a length of 120mm. We love rubber strap and we are in love with the fluoro strap. It is soft and very manageable. It molds around the wrist and is very comfortable. There are enough holes to fit the strap even if you have a small wrist. One feature about the strap is that is has lines going across it for extra grip for the wrist. It also have quick release pins if you wish to change the strap without any fuss.

Sternglas Rubber Strap

Buy, Shortlist or Avoid?

This is actually a tough question. We love the watch, it has some great features and it looks good. The price is on the steep end, £359/ $480/ €420. Our only issue is if the Marus is a good enough diver watch. It has an ATM of 20m, which is not a great depth. The movement is a good choice, but not the greatest. At first we were leaning towards shortlisting the watch, but the small and little features on the watch makes it a buy. It is a very good entry watch to the diver’s watch market, but we believe that Sternglas’ next diver watch will be even better.

Do visit Sternglas for more watches and model.

Sternglas Topograph

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