Maven Field Watch review

Maven Watches Military Urban Scout Review.

We are great fans of Maven Watches and we have reviewed two of their watches in the past, the Storm Cloud and Leaking Dawn. They have launched a new model of their watches. It is a minimalistic take on the classic vintage field watch, the Maven Watches Military Urban Scout. The model we will be reviewing is the MUS-02 model.

Maven Watches Military New


Casing: 316L Stainless Steel, 40mm by 9mm
Dial: Navy Blue
Glass: Sapphire Crystal
Strap: Genuine Leather Strap, 20mm
Movement: Swiss Ronda Quartz 762 Movement, 2 Hands with Swiss Super-LumiNova

First Impression

It is a stunning watch. The blue dial will attract your eyes straight away and the minimalistic take on the index in also very alluring. The tan brown strap goes really well with the dial and also the casing. Overall, the Maven Watches Military Urban Scout MUS-02 is a very good looking watch.

Maven Watches Military


When it comes to Maven Watches’ casing, we just love their design. It is simple yet very captivating. The same applies to the MUS-02 model. First let’s discuss the size. It is 40mm by 9mm. The case sits well on the wrist and the curve lugs helps to push the case down. However, despite the lugs, the watch does not look big on the wrist nor does it overlaps the casing. 9mm in width suits the watch as it does not look too big on the wrist.

The glass used in Sapphire Crystal. The harden mineral glass provides an additional layer of protection. The glass is also scratch resistant. There are some glares depending on the angle of the watch, but legibility of the dial is fine.

Maven Field Watch Military Watch

The crown has been signed with Maven Watches logo and it is different to past models. The crown has teeth cut design and this is from the field watch.

The back casing is simple and has some information engraved at the back.

What we love the most about the casing is the colour and polish finish. The 316L stainless steel has been given a brushed polish finish and it looks very much like a top end watch.


Usually a classic military watch dial will be busy with different features, however, the Maven Watches Military MUS-02 has a minimalistic take on the design.

Let us first discuss the index. There are two index on the watch. The outer index focuses on the minute, with five minutes interval. The inner index is for the hour hand. The numbers on both index are legible but not too large enough they encompasses the dial.

There are a couple of features which gives the dial some character. There are arrows at each quarter intervals. The 12 o’clock has a red arrow compare to a white arrow. This feature is very subtle however it adds some colour and vibrancy to the watch and it catches your eyes.

Field Watch
Maven Field Watch Brown

A sword design has been used for the watch and they are of a decent size. The hands have been given a Swiss LumiNova finish and legibility during low light is decent. Another subtle feature is a little red marking at the end of the second hand.

The watch has a Sapphire Crystal as the lens and reflection on the dial is low. Overall, legibility is great and reflection is low.


We chose the MUS-02 model for review because of the strap. Usually, military field watches would use NATO strap, however we are not huge fans of it. We therefore went for the leather strap.

Maven watches’ straps are the best we’ve seen in the business. They are thick but very soft and malleable. The strap does fit very well around the wrist and the case is pushed down on the wrist.

The strap has been given extra holes. If you have a small wrist, then you have nothing to worry about.

Maven Field Watch


Inside you have a reliable movement, a Swiss Ronda 762. Given this is a quartz watch, the time accuracy is great, averaging +-3 seconds per week.

Buy, Shortlist or Avoid?

As always, let us discuss the price. The RRP is £157/ €181.95/ $215. To be honest, we really thought that the price of the watch would be a bit more expensive that it is. Given the features and the new take on a military field watch, we would say that the Maven Watches Military MUS-02 Brown watch is a must buy. It is definitely not your average military watch filled with various features, but it is a watch with the necessary features. There are different colours and straps available and we would definitely encourage you to visit Maven Watches.

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