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August Berg Watches. Simple and Stunning!

We have another new brand to introduce to you and this time it is August Berg Watches. The brand was founded by  Anders Peter Juel Sauerberg and was designed by Danish designer Magnus Joergenson. As you probably have found out, the brand is some Denmark. We have had a couple of brand from Denmark, including Larsen Eriksen Watches. The idea of August Berg Watches was inspired by Anders’ son, Carl, and there is a lot more behind the brand which we will delve into later. The watch we wil be reviewing is the Serenity Greenhill Rose Gold | Rose Gold Mesh.

August Berg Watch Green Dial

“Time is the best gift you can give yourself and others.”


Dial ColorSunray Green
Case MaterialStainless Steel
Case Width32mm/40mm
Case Depth7mm
Strap MaterialStainless Steel Milanese Mesh
Strap ColourRose Gold
Water Resistance32mm(3 ATM) 40mm(5ATM)
MovementJapanese Quartz Movement
Glass TypeAnti Reflective, Single Domed Sapphire Crystal Glass

First Impression

We cannot find any fault in the packaging. It was perfect and simple. At first glance, the box the watch came in looked like a jewelry box. It had a carton cover with a wooden base. Inside you had the watch starring at you face. We also received an extra pair of strap. It was a Dark Green Perlon strap. It was a great first impression and the green dial will definitely catch you eye straight away.

August Berg Watch Mesh Strap


The dial on August Berg Serenity Grenhill is pretty big. The dial comes in 40mm or 32mm. We got the 40mm. We definitely like the size mainly because of the green dial. It is simply stunning. When the light reflects on the dial, the colour changes from a dark green to ‘sunray’ green.

There is not much else happening on the dial. We have August Berg’s logo located underneath the 12 o’clock position. It is not too intrusive and does not disrupt the minimalistic theme. The index used are also very minimalistic with batons. There are large rose gold batons for the 5 minutes interval and in-between we have plain white batons for the rest of numerals.

We are not sure if we are overthinking this feature, but the rose gold index batons do not touch the edge. We think this is because of the domed glass which creates the illusion of it touching the edge.

August Berg Watch case

Another feature on the index is the hour sub dial at the 6 o’clock position. The index of the sub dial is plain white simple. The hour is simple with a dauphine design. Half of the hour hand on the sub dial is rose gold and the other half is in sunray green. We are not sure why? Maybe it is for design purpose or maybe to blend the other half with the green background.

In contrast with the sub dial hand, the main hour and minute hand are basic batons. We are a little disappointed with the simple design. Would a Dauphine or Leaf hands would be more suitable?

Overall, the dial on the August Berg watch is great. Some may argue that a window date would do no harm, however we disagree. The watch looks better without the date window. Adding the date window would disrupt the colour theme and also move away from being minimalistic.


The dial is 40mm. We have gotten used to 40mm dial and we like it. The dial sits well on the wrist and is very comfortable. With the help of the curved lugs, it helps to push the watch on the wrist and it is sleek. Given that its a quartz watch, the width is small, 7mm, and does not cause any issue at all.

The crown’s design does stick out from the case. It has a diamond style design. Despite this, it does not get in the watch of the wrist nor does it look out of place.

August Berg Watch Strap

The glass is made from Sapphire crystal and the reflection is minimal. It has to be minimal given the effect the designer wants with the sunray green. The domed crystal glass is a great feature and helps to bring your focus and attention towards the dial. It also looks better rather than a simply flat glass.

The rose gold goes really well with the colour of the dial and it has to be said that the colour combination is perfect.

At the back of the case, there is not any special features. It has a couple of engraving about the details of the watch.


The watch which comes with the watch is the rose gold mesh. We are not the biggest fan of the mesh strap but it does look good. We would rather go for the Dark Green Perlon strap. It just looks better with the colour combination.

Comfort wise, both strap are great and easily adjustable for your specific wrist size. There is also the added feature of a quick release pins for easy interchange.

August Berg Watch strap mesh


We have not been given any specific model of the movement, except that it is Japanese. We think that inside is a Miyota 1L40. It is a reliable movement, with expected life expectancy of 2-3 years and a time accuracy of +/-10 seconds per day.

Giving Back

One major mission of August Berg is giving back. For every watch sold, August Berg is able to give a child in Asia and Africa 6 months of quality education and for every 20,000 watches sold, they will build a new school. Despite all the design and thoughts which have gone in making this watch, we believe that the Giving Back mission is the most important.

The brand also cares about the environment. The packaging is made from sustainable and reusable eco-conscious bamboo box.

Buy, Shortlist or Avoid?

As always let us discuss the price of the watch. The listed price for the Serenity Greenhill Rose Gold | Rose Gold Mesh is £229/ $320/ €264. It does look a expensive for a simple and minimalistic watch. However, we understand the reason behind the watch and the mission they are striving to achieve. Therefore, this is a must buy watch! You will have a stunning timepiece and you will also be helping people around the world.

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