Rose gold Swan and Edgar London

Swan and Edgar London Complexity Automatic Review

Today we will be reviewing a watch brand closer to home, Swan and Edgar London. The last time we reviewed a watch from the UK was Adexe watches. We are really excited to review this watch as the Swan and Edgar’s watch values and production methods have been the same for the past four generations. The model we will be reviewing is the Complexity Automatic, Rose.

Swan and Edgar London

First Impression

The packaging of the Swan and Edgar London watch was not the most eye catching. But once you open the square box, your attention is hooked. The dial of the watch is stunning. There is a lot going on and it is very eye catching. The feature which stood out the most to us was the moon phase function. The Rose gold against the white background makes the glisten and you just to want to put the watch on your wrist.


Let’s start with the show piece, the dial of the Swan and Edgar London, Complexity Automatic. There are two indexes on the dial and each is different to one another.

The first index is for the minute counter. It is in a plain black numerals and the numbers are large enough to read. There are also bars in between the 5 minute intervals. Even though the first index is not as aesthetic compare the to the second index, it is more for its functionality.

The second index is made from Roman numerals, in a rose gold colour. However, it is not one Roman numeral per hour, but it has two. The first numeral is reflected to create the second. It is a new design and it does help to add more character and also more vibrancy to the dial. The numeral is easy to read, given the reflection, and the rose gold does contrast well against the white background.

The watch does not have a traditional date window, but it is slightly more complex and detailed. One the right hand side, you have the date in a sub-dial. Within the sub-dial, you have quarters. This is to inform you which quarter of the year we are in. This is more or less a month counter. The numbers are in black and legible. The hand to tell the date is also of a decent size and is not hidden away from the dial. Similarly, on the left-hand side, you have a day counter. The letters are large to read and the same sized hand has been used.

Rose gold Swan and Edgar London

At the 12 o’clock position, you have a moon phase function. The function is a miniature recreation of the phases of the moon. It may not be relevant or highly used on a daily basis, but it adds a lot of aesthetic and beauty to the watch. The function is one of the standout feature and it is quite large on the dial. The rose gold around the moon-phase and the blue colour used, does go well together. According the movement of the moon, each moon the the function will pass the aperture every 29.5 days.

At the center of watch, you have an open heart movement. Seeing the rotation of the movement along with the different colour the screws and jewels adds more to the aesthetic and character of the Swan and Edgar London, Complexity Automatic.

To finish off, the dial has been given a patterned/engraved feature on the inner dial. This attention to detail and design helps to create a contrast against the plain white background and brings the features more prominent.


The case is 43mm by 15.5mm. It is a large case and will take much space on the wrist. However, given the features and details on the dial, a large dial does makes sense.

The lugs on the watch are curved and this helps to press the rather large width to the wrist. The case does sit well on the wrist and feels very comfortable. Despite the large case, moving the wrist is comfortable.

The lens used is mineral crystal and clarity is at its finest. There are however some glares and reflection given the position and angle the watch is facing, but it not a major issue. The lens is also slightly curved and domed around the edges which reading the index better.

Swan and Edgar London

The hand style used on the watch is Dauphine style. They are simple and elegant which suits the theme of the watch. The hands are all in rose gold which helps with legibility as they contrast well against the white background.

With an open back casing and a custom rotor, the back casing is not as dull as you may think. The rotor follow the same design and pattern from the inner dial.

To finish off the features on the casing, the crowns are single and of decent size. The crown used is a push and pull, with teeth cut design and the logo of Swan and Edgar London engraved.

Overall the casing the well design and is very classy. The rose gold nickel free & hypoallergenic IP plating does give a shinny and attentive look to the watch.


The strap is hand waxed tobacco Brown and made from leather. Comfort wise, the strap fits and wrap well around the wrist. The strap is soft and well padded for great comfort. There are enough holes for smaller wrists. The only downfall for the strap is that there are no quick release pins.

Limited Edition Swan and Edgar London


Inside the Swan and Edgar London Complexity, there is a hand assembled 210 Part 20 jewel movement powering it. We do not know the exact model and name of the movement however it is reliable and the time accuracy is close to perfection. You can expect a time accuracy of +/-10 seconds per day. Given a full rotation of the movement, you can expect a 42 hours power reserve.

Swan and Edgar London

Buy, Shortlist or Avoid?

As always, let’s start with the price. The RRP of the Swan and Edgar London Complexity is £190/ €214/ $250. The price is very much affordable and given the timepiece you are getting, this is a must buy! With all the features and design, the watch is not just aesthetically pleasing but also a great watch to possess. If you do not like the rose gold, there is also a steel version of the watch. To find more about the model, do visit Swan and Edgar London.



Material : 316L Stainless Steel
Diameter (mm) : 43
Thickness (mm) : 15.5
Case back : Exhibition
Outer Case Material: Nickel Free & Hypoallergenic IP Plating
Outer Case Colour: Rose


Type : Hand Assembled 210 Part 20 Jewel Movement
Material : Hand waxed Tobacco Brown Leather
Buckle : Tang with logo
Width (mm) : 22
Other Details
Water Resistance : 3ATM
Crown: Push Pull


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