The Electricianz Watch

The Electricianz Watch – The DeZert Review

Our latest watch review comes from The Electricianz Watch. We have never featured them before but they have been around now for the past 3 years. The watch we will be reviewing is The Electricianz Watch- The DeZert. We are actually quiet excited to review this watch and we hope it will live up to our expectation.

The Electricianz Watch

The Electricianz Watch

The Electricianz Watch also know as ELZ, is a Swiss brand and they provide out of the box watches. All the watches have been designed to showcase the electrical nature. The founders of the brand Laurent Rufenacht (founder and CEO ) and Arnaud Duval is creative director have been in the watch market before. They created the SevenFriday watch brand. Laurent is also founder of the Studio Divine design agency in Switzerland.

The founders wanted to introduce a watch to the market which is “fierce, original, elegant and reliable” and also a watch which will appeal to “volt-lovers”, curious individuals drawn to a highly energetic, urban and positively creative life, with a pinch of self-derision.

There are currently 9 models available for purchase.

Features of The DeZert


Material : 316L Stainless Steel and bezel with gold plating
Lens: Hardened mineral K1 glass with anti-reflective treatment
Diameter (mm): 45
Dial: Black Sunray dial, grey housing, gold plating
Case back : Closed


Type : Exclusive Inhouse Electric module. Double-battery concept
Movement: Quartz


Material : Rough brown calfskin leather NATO, stainless steel gold plated loops & stitching
Buckle : Tang

Other Details

Water Resistance : 3ATM
Crown: Push and Pull

The Electricianz Watch

First Impression

Our first impression of the Electricianz Watch, DeZert, was; “This is definitely something out of the ordinary”. The packaging of the watch set the first impression. The packaging has electricity sign around it and it came in a can.

The first thing you will see if the hour dial. It is separated from the rest of the dial and clearly stands out from the rest. You also has two crowns. It is not a chronograph watch, so why have an extra crown? Press it and you’ll find out. The hour dial lights up straight away and you are lured in.

Overall, great first impression of the watch.


Your eyes are drawn straight to the dial. You see the mechanics inside the watch and it is pretty cool.

Let’s talk about the showpiece of the dial, the hour dial. It is located on the right hand side and is in a silver colour. The index are pretty simple with indented bars. Inside the hour dial, you have The Electricianz Watch logo at the 12 o’clock position and also at the 6 o’clock position. The dial is again open, so you are able to see the coil and part of the movement. In terms of aesthetic, it is stunning. But what about practicality?

This is where one of the issue lies. It is quiet difficult to read the time. The hands are the same colour to the dial and they do get lost. The hour hand is larger compare to the minute hand but it is still difficult to read the time. Also given the size of the hour dial, this does not make it any easier. If the hands were a darker colour, this would have made legibility better for sure.

The electric! This is what the watch is about. You have a crown dedicated for this. Once the crown is pressed, the 4 LED lights in the background lights the whole hour dial. Brightness is perfect. It is a great fun feature. From what we understand, there are two batteries inside the watch. One powers the quartz movement and the other powers the LED lights. There is no actually electricity, but it is definitely an eccentric feature.

The Electricianz Watch

The rest of the dial has other mechanical features. You have two metal bars coming from the left hand side of the dial. We are absolute sure what is their purpose, but from the look of it, they are probably connecting the batteries to the LED lights and movement respectively.

You also have a huge screw at the 9 o’clock position. It says ‘Turn only when LED Flashing’. When the LED battery is finished, turning the screw will transfer energy from the second battery to the LED lights.


The case diameter is 45mm and it is quiet large. The casing will take a lot of space on your wrist. It is also thick. The thickness is probably around 12mm. However, movement of the wrist is not affected and the watch sits well on the wrist. The curved lugs helps to press the watch against the wrist so it does not stick out.

The crowns have gold plating and are large. The main crown is pretty huge and has a screw like design. The crown for the LED light is smaller and has been engraved with the ELZ logo. Adjusting the time is easy.

The Electricianz Watch

One slight issue is that the casing is not stainless steel all around. Around the casing you have a warm grey nylon sheath. We are not sure why this has been used instead of the stainless. Personally, the stainless finish throughout would have made the watch look a better.

The glass is made from hardened mineral K1 glass with anti-reflective treatment. The glass is raised from the dial and this helps to bring our focus to the dial even more.


We usually know the type of movement in every watch we review, except for the Electricianz Watch – DeZert. We know it is a quartz movement and we are going to assume it is a high end quartz movement. Time accuracy is on point as it is a quartz movement.

In terms of the batteries used, they are 3V Lithium batteries. The battery is for the LED light is subject to usage. If you use the LED light around 10 times a day, the battery is expected to last 10 months. Not that long.


The strap is made from genuine leather. It is comfortable and wraps around the wrist well. There are enough holes for smaller wrists. However, we do not like it. We would rather have a thicker strap rather than the Nato style. However if you love a Nato strap which is also in leather, this would suit you well.

The Electricianz Watch

Buy, Shortlist or Avoid?

Before we answer, let’s discuss the price. The watch retails for $370/ £286/ €340. It is on the upper end of the price. We would say to shortlist the watch. The main attractive feature of the watch is the open mechanic design and the LED light, however we believe that the hands need to be better. If you would like a quirky and out of the box watch, this is definitely a no brainer.

The Electricianz Watch

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