Thomas Earnshaw Longcase ES-8011-09 Review

We have been out for a while but what a way to start our first 2020 review by reviewing a watch from Thomas Earnshaw. We have reviewed many watches from the bran. The last watch reviewed from the brand was the Longitude ES-8803. Now we will be reviewing the Longcase ES-8011-09.


ES-8011-09 Features


Material : 316L Stainless Steel
Lens:Sapphire with anti reflection coating
Diameter (mm) : 42
Thickness (mm) : 13
Case back : Exhibition


Type : TY2809
Origin : Chinese


Material : Leather
Buckle : Strap Buckle

Other Details

Water Resistance : 5ATM
Crown: Push and Pull

First Impression

The watch is green. It is not a bad thing, but this watch does stand out. The gold casing, green strap and also green outer index does go well together. It is a really nice looking dress watch for sure, but thinking about the colour, how often would you wear this watch?

Overall however, we are quite impressed by the design of the watch and the skeleton dial does look very much appealing.


The dial is stunning. It has to be the best looking dial we’ve ever seen. The focus on the heart beat of this watch. At the 12 o’clock position you have the second counter. We have come across this before on the Flinders ES-8080. You can that the movement of the second counter as a good distraction. It add life to the watch.

Moving on, let’s focus on the index of the ES-8011-09. On the outer index, you have the numerals. There are only the number 3 and 9. At the 12 o’clock position, you have the second counter, as we stated before, and on top of the counter you have the Thomas Earnshaw logo. It is beautifully crafted and well placed. It does not take too much space and looks great. At the 6 o’clock position, you have the again the Thomas Earnshaw branding. We are a little unsure about this. We think that the logo is enough. The rest of the numerals have been given arrows pointed towards the dial.


The watch then has a second index. It is simple and has little thin batons. They are all painted in a gold colour and it is really simple.

Moving towards the centre, you have the open exhibition and skeleton of the watch. The gold jewels and the blue screws really go well together. It lights up the watch and just create a stunning timepiece. The open exhibition shows the intricate design of the watch and the craftsmanship which has gone into making this watch.

The only issue with the ES-8011-09 are the hands. The hour hand has a spade like tip, while the minute and second hand have simple sharp design. They are all in gold and this is the issue. They do not contrast with the open exhibition and they get lost. It is quite hard to tell the time and for your eyes to adjust to find where the hands actually are. Maybe green hands would have helped solved this issue?


The casing is large enough for big wrist. The watch has a diameter of 42mm and a width of 13mm. The watch for sure will engulf all the space on your wrist, but that should not be an issue. You would want to show off this watch to the world.

The depth is not much of an issue and it does not stick out. The curved lugs helps to press the watch against the wrist and helps to shape it around the wrist.

An interesting feature about the ES-8011-09 is the watch the casing on the face is made. You have the illusion of it having three casing, and it a way it is. You can see the three ring gold rings around the dial. The casing design helps to push the dial towards the forefront of the watch and bring it to the focal point.


The reflection on the watch is at its minimal due to the anti reflective coating on the watch. However there are some glares depending on the angle of the dial is facing.

The crown has a round design with teeth cut around the circumference. It is quiet large and sometime does get in the way of the wrist. However, the crown can be easily pushed and pulled to adjust the time.

Finally, the back casing also has an exhibition casing. It is very similar to the front of the dial.


The strap is made from genuine leather and wraps around the wrist well. It is very comforting and it will fit smaller wrists easily. The strap does not need breaking into which is also an added bonus.


However we do have a couple of issues with the strap. It is too thin. Due to the size casing, the strap is a bit weak to support it. A thicker strap would have helped.

The buckle is simple and has been given the classic Thomas Earnshaw design.


The movement inside is a TY2809. This type of movement we have never come across. However it is solid and reliable movement. You can expect =/- 3 seconds a day, which is pretty impressive. You can also expect a power reserve of 36 hours depending o usage and how much you rotate the movement.


Buy, Shortlist or Avoid?

This is a pretty simple question to answer however let’s see if the price will change our mind. The ES-8011-09 retails for £295/ $390/ €350. The price is not too expensive and actually affordable. From what you are getting from the watch and the raveled design of the watch, this is a buy for sure.

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Thomas Earnshaw Flinders ES-8080

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