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Kustom Watches. Customisable Watches Review

Trying to stand out in an overly saturated watch market is difficult. We have reviewed many watches and the only way companies stand out is by altering their design. But what about you decide how your watch looks like on a daily basis by customising it to your preference? Well there is a watch brand who is spearheading this innovation, Kustom Watches.

Kustom watches silver

Who is Kustom Watches?

Kustom watches was founded by 3 Italian entrepreneurs Their main goal was to design a fully customisable watch and break the rules of this traditional industry. It has taken the team two years to create and patent this concept.

The watches feature beautiful Italian design and premium components to complement whichever style you wish to go for. To build the watch, you have to choose each component; the bezel, dial, strap and case.

The official launch of the brand was in October 2019 and has received favourable reviews from major watch reviewers from around the world.

We have been lucky to have been given a watch to review. We did not choose any of the component of the watch and we have been very much surprised.

Kustom watches components



Material : 316L Stainless Steel
Lens:Sapphire with anti reflection coating
Diameter (mm) : 41
Thickness (mm) : 9
Case back : Closed


Type : Miyota 2035 Quartz
Origin : Japanese


Material : Genuine Leather
Buckle : Tang

Other Details

Water Resistance : 10ATM
Crown: Push and Pull

First Impression

It was a bit weird. Usually when we receive a watch, we open the packaging and we see the watch. However, Kustom Watches came in five boxes and it was not assemble. It was actually quite fun to see the different component by itself and then decide which look you will go for first. So it is a bit hard to say our first impression but do read our final impression.

Kustom watches packaging

Which look did we go for?

We received a silver casing, a black dial with silver outer casing, a silver bezel, a gold bezel and black leather strap.

We tried both look with the two different bezel and one we settled on was going all silver. The gold bezel made the watch look a bit odd and it did not flow with the rest of the components.

Was it easy to assemble?

It was slightly tricky at first but once you get the hang of it, it becomes easy. Our concern was that the bezel will come loose the everything will come apart. However we can assure you that the bezel is very much strong to hold the entire watch.


The dial looks very interesting. There is not a lot going on with the dial but minimalistic design helps to bring the dial to life.

The index are long thing white batons and there are rectangles at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock. The batons different in colours from white to grey. Each 5 minutes interval are in white while the rest in grey. The index is large enough and legible. The issue with the index is they are not luminous. It would have been a great feature to add the luminous feature. However, if they did, the cost would have increased.

The hands have been given a plonguer type design. The hour and minute hands are all in white while the second hand has just a white tip. The colour of the hands do contrast well with the black dial background and it helps to bring the hands to the forefront. The hands are large and can be easily distinguished between them. The second hand has been well designed. The white tip makes it look as if it is hovering over the index and dial. Again, the only disappointment is that the hands are not luminous.

Kustom watches side

There is no date window. There is enough space on the dial for one and it would have added a bit more character to the watch. Given that this is Kustom watches first try, maybe we can expect on in the future.

The crown is of a decent size. The design of the crown follows the on of the bezel with a teeth cut design. It is easily adjustable and does not get in the way of the wrist.


The casing diameter is 41mm and the width is 9mm. The watch does fit the wrist well and does not take too much space. The watch is quite thin. You’d expect the case to stand out from the wrist however the curved lugs helps to push the watch to the wrist.

The watch is comfortable on the wrist and does feel a bit light. The watch weighs around 110 grams. We do like our watches a bit heavy, however as it is a quartz watch, the movement makes the watch feels light.

The bezel is an interest feature. It is the feature which will stand out the most from the watch. The bezel was been given a brush finished at the top and the circumference has teeth cut design. The only issue we have is that we would love to see the cut teeth design a bit more.

Kustom watches

The crown is of a decent size. The design of the crown follows the on of the bezel with a teeth cut design. It is easily adjustable and does not get in the way of the wrist. The logo was also been engraved on the crown.


The movement is a simple Miyota 2035. It is widely used in the watch industry with entry watches. The movement is accurate as expected and the battery life is around 3 years.

In the future as the Kustom Watches brand progresses, we would love to see automatic movement on these watches.


The strap is made from genuine Italian leather. The width of the watch is around 18mm and suits the casing.

The strap wraps around the wrist well and is comfortable. It does not need break into. There are also enough holes for smaller wrist.

The quick release pins makes changing the straps very easy.

The buckle has also been engraved with ‘Kustom Watches’.

Kustom watches strap

Final Impression

We usually talk about the price in this section but this will depend on how many component you will buy. Our watch is worth €220/ £185/ $242.

Taking everything into consideration, we would recommend Kustom Watches. It is actually quite fun to assemble your own watch and see the end result. You also get to play around the different styles to see which one goes best with your outfit.

There are some issues that needs addressing but as they are a new brand, we expect that these issues with be resolved in the future.

Do visit https://kustomwatches.com/ to customise your own watch!

Kustom watches logo

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