DUFA Watches Bayer Automatic 9016-22 Review

When it comes to reviewing DUFA Watches, we have always been impressed with the quality of the watches and also their minimalistic design. The last DUFA watches we reviewed was the Weimar Möller Edition. We absolutely loved that watch. Now we have another watch to review and it is the Bayer Automatic 9016-22. Let’s find out if this watch will fair any better.

Bayer Automatic 9016-22

Bayer Automatic 9016-22 Features


Material : 316L Stainless Steel
Lens:Sapphire with anti reflection coating
Diameter (mm) : 40
Thickness (mm) : 11
Case back : Exhibition


Type : Sellita SW200-1
Origin : Swiss


Material : Mesh
Buckle : Deployment Buckle

Other Details

Water Resistance : 3ATM
Crown: Push and Pull

First Impression

The first feature you will notice is the blue hands. The goes really well against the white background and does stand out. The watch despite its size does not look as big. Overall, the watch gives a quite yet luxurious look.

Bayer Automatic 9016-22


Let’s start with the blue hands. The style used for the hands are batons. They are all sharp and thin and really goes well with the white dial. The second hand and the minute hand are quiet similar and can be easily confused. However, if you get used to the dial, you will be able to easily notice the minute hand.

There are two indexes on the dial. The outer index has numerals with 5 minutes intervals and simple small batons in between. Legibility of the outer index is a little hard to read, however we believe its main purpose is just to add more character and feature to the dial.

The inner index is numerals with 2 hour intervals. The numerals are large and the font used has been well chosen. The numerals have also been given a brushed finish just to give it that little shimmering effect. One particular feature between the outer index and the inner index is like a ‘channel’. The numbers are then placed on top of these channels.If you pay close attention to the numerals, they look as if they are floating in between the channel. Another effect the channel gives to the watch is that it makes your eyes to focus at the centre of the dial.

Bayer Automatic 9016-22

The date window is placed above the 6 o’clock position. It is not the largest window and the large number ‘6’ does make it hard to read the date. Placing the date window at the 3 o’clock position would have been better, given that there is no numerals at that position.

To finish off with the Bayer Automatic 9016-22 dial, the logo is placed underneath the 12 o’clock position and this is a norm for DUFA watches.


The diameter of the dial is 40mm and the width is 11mm. You would think that a 40mm dial will look large on your wrist however it does not. The case does sit well on the wrist and it will not eat all the space on your wrist.

The lugs on the Bayer Automatic 9016-22 have been curved so it forces the casing to sit on your wrist and does not stick out. The lug to lug distance is 4mm and this is a decent distance given the 40mm diameter.

Bayer Automatic 9016-22

The crown is a push and pull. It has been engraved with the DUFA logo. The teeth cut design around the circumference makes it easy to adjust the time. The crown is also small. This suits the watch well as it does not take an attention from the dial and it is also a good fit for the dial.

The weight of the Bayer Automatic 9016-22 is 70g. Given the mesh strap and the stainless steel casing, you would expect the watch to be quiet heavy. We do like to feel the weight of the watch on our wrist and you will definitely feel it.


The strap is a detachable mesh strap with quick release pins. We love leather straps and we are still yet to be won over mesh straps.

The mesh strap is good and suits the overall theme and style of the watch. The strap does wrap around the wrist well and it is very comfortable to wear. You will get occasion where your arm hair will get trap in between the mesh and it can be painful.

There is a deployment buckle and this is easily adjustable to the size of any wrist. If you have a small wrist, you do not have to worry much.

DUFA Mesh Strap


A Sellita SW200-1, with 26 jewels, has been used to power the watch. We have come across this movement before. It is a reliable movement with a time accuracy of +7 sec/day.

We cannot fault the movement much and it is widely used in some of the best watches such as Baume & Mercier Classima collection.

Sellita SW200-1, with 26 jewels

Buy, Shortlist or Avoid?

Before answering this question, let’s discuss the price first. The RRP of the watch is €699/ £603/ $778. The Bayer Automatic 9016-22 is clearly not a cheap watch. The watch clearly has some great distinct features which makes it a very desirable watch. From the movement to the design, we cannot find any major flaws. However, the price is a sticking point. We therefore will say to shortlist this watch. If you have the money to get one, definitely go for it!

Do visit DUFA Watches to see the full Bayer Automatic 9016 Swiss collection.

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