A Moment With Dwiss Watches Founder

To carry on with our ‘A Moment With’ section, we have been honoured to interview many founders. Our previous interview was with the founder of Lilienthal Berlin watches. Today we have an interview with the founder of Dwiss watches, Rafael Simoes Miranda, an upcoming and very innovative watch company.

DWISS watches

Why did you create Dwiss Watches?

I created DWISS because after designing for other brands for years, I found that was something missing in the market, something that is really different in terms of look but didn’t cost you a fortune, and have the right approach to its clients. Since I had the right contacts in the market, in terms of production, I knew I could come up with something different that could be sold for a good price.

What makes Dwiss special compare to other watches?

The unique way of telling time, but maybe even more important, I have direct contact with the client. I’m the founder, the designer, and the only man working at DWISS, so you can be sure all clients will have direct contact with me.

Which watch is the best one from the Dwiss collection and why?

Easy to say, the Tourbillon, in terms of complication. But in terms of materials, the model Classique, that introduced Niobium (Nb1Zr) to produce watch cases, the models M2 with DWISS signature time display systems, but the one I appreciate the most is the model C2, with a niobium case and a mysterious time display.

DWISS watches

What has been your best day at  Dwiss Watches?

The best days are always when I have a new idea. Every day is great until I have a new idea up and it becomes the best day, so the best day until now was someday last month when I had the idea to create DWISS Club.

Are you a creator, inventor or entrepreneur?

70% inventor and creator and 30% entrepreneur.

DWISS watches

What is the future plans for Dwiss Watches?

Only time can tell, but maybe will be DWISS Club, stay tuned for the launch in October.

Apart from Dwiss, which other watch brand do you follow?

 Christophe Claret, HYT, MB&F, Urwerk, JLC and VC.

What advice do you have for people wanting for start their own watch brand?

Get to know the market before starting, like the says goes “it’s a marathon, not a sprint”, don’t go there trying to “revolutionise” the watch industry, because it’s most likely you’ll not.

DWISS watches

What are your views of new upcoming micro brands?

Just too many.

So this was our interview with the founder of DWISS. We hope you have enjoyed reading it and as always some great advice from the founder to future watch entrepreneurs. We will be reviewing one of DWISS watches soon, so do stay tuned in!

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