Lilienthal Berlin Watches

A Moment With Lilienthal Berlin Watches Founder

When we started the ‘A Moment With’ section, we did not image that is will be such a great success and that we will actually be able to reach the founders of great upcoming brands. Since its start we have been able to interview many successful founders and they have provided us with some great insight on their brand and also provided us some advice. Our last interview was with founders of Nepto Watches. Now we have another interview with a founder of Lilienthal Berlin Watches.

Lilienthal Berlin Watches

Why did you create Lilienthal Berlin Watches?

The idea came after a long night out at the famous Tempelhofer Feld. Inspired by the endless possibilities of the city and the unique vibe that you don’t find anywhere else. So we came up with the vision of an authentic Berlin watch – that would transmit that Berlin feeling.  And we wanted to fill that gap between just lifestyle watches and luxury timepieces. We wanted to create something in between: a watch with a great urban design, sustainable production and German quality at an affordable price. And here we are today, with Lilienthal Berlin watches!

What makes Lilienthal Berlin special compare to other watches?

We produce quality watches Made in Germany with a modern and urban design that are sustainably produced in Germany. Great quality and design at a fair price.

Lilienthal Berlin Watches Ladies

Which watch is the best one from the Lilienthal Berlin  collection and why?

All of our watches are great. We focus on very few models to make the most of it. Every watch comes from a well thought-out design and then we make small adjustments in color or add little details. Our basic models are the L1, Urbania, Chronograph and Zeitgeist Automatik – and they all, are very outstanding in their categories.

What has been your best day at Lilienthal Berlin  Watches?

There were many great days. The day we held our very first own watch in hands. The day when we started with our first team members in our first office in Berlin. That one cold Tuesday in January 2017 when we won our first design award. And sometimes even a random Monday morning when I come to work, have a coffee in our office garden and see how Lilienthal Berlin develops over time.

Lilienthal Berlin Watches Black strap

Are you a creator, inventor or entrepreneur?

All of the above. With my two Co-Founders we “invented” Lilienthal Berlin – a new watch and brand from Berlin. We also started the company from scratch and set up a whole new team in Berlin with now nearly 20 employees – which makes me definitely an entrepreneur. And I’m a creator because I work close with our design and communications team and do the finalisations.

Lilienthal Berlin Watches Limited edition

What is the future plans for Lilienthal Berlin  Watches?

We’d like to continue growing and become more sustainable in our production process. We already use very efficient and sustainable techniques but also always looking for new materials.

Apart from Lilienthal Berlin, which other watch brand do you follow?

Not on a regularly basis but we always have an eye on what the competition does.

Lilienthal Berlin Watches Blue

What advice do you have for people wanting for start their own watch brand?

It’s very difficult nowadays because you get the feeling that there are already too many watch brands out there. You need to focus on how to differentiate from other brands and quality and sustainability are very important topics to focus on.

What are your views of new upcoming micro brands?

If micro brands come out with outstanding ideas and unique watches they all have their reasons. However, coming up with just another cheaply produced lifestyle watch with an – let´s say – familiar design might not be enough to establish on the market…

We hope have enjoyed our interview with the founder of Lilienhtal Berlin watches. One area which we loved is their aim is to make the watches sustainably. The founder could have said; to make more models or to focus on different sector of the watch market, but their goal is to help the environment.

Lilienthal Berlin Watches Logo

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