A Moment with Nepto Watches Founder

It has certainly been a while since we did a post on ‘A Moment with’. The last post was our interview with Sternglas Watches. Now we are back and we have an interview with the founder of Nepto Watches. They are a very curious watch company to say the least and their designs are definitely out of the box. We will be reviewing a Nepto watch soon, do stay in tune!

Nepto Watches

Why did you create Nepto Watches?

One component of my life brought me to become a creator/designer/entrepreneur, my family. My grand-father opened a shop of tailor-made shoes in the 70’s. He was creating shoes from A to Z, selecting the best leather and skin, designing personalised shoes. My father was passionate by motorbike and opened his shop as well, “Motobel”. He was really good technically and also always cared about the design and the look of the motorbikes. The shape, the colours, the equilibrium in the design was always selected carefully. And I think that I naturally followed the family spirit as I always wanted to make product design and especially watches. It is a passion and I’ve always liked the fineness and the precision of watches as well as the many components which are part of it. You need knowledge in lots of different field and I really like that. That’s why I started Nepto watch.

Nepto watches

What’s up with the casing? Why not follow the norm? Where did the inspiration come from?

When I’ve started to make all the researches about watch design, one simple thing came to my mind: “why most of the watches (at an affordable price) are round or square?” Of course geometrical shape are easier to design and concept. They are also well balance for the human eyes. But I wanted to bring something different and to escape the monotony of classic shapes. I think it’s also the role of a designer to bring something new and to hear people say : “Whoa, that’s original, never saw that before!”

Nepto watches

For the collection Numero 1, the very first one from Nepto watch, I got the inspiration in Berlin while seeing the courtyard of the DZ bank, made by the architect Frank O’Gehry. I found the glass dome ending up with a shape really impressive and it inspired me. The shape of the Shield collection is a modern representation of the Paris coat of arms, accompanied by the famous motto: “Fluctuat Nec Mergitur”. It is important for me to show in both collections my Parisian roots and my new life in Berlin. Two founders, two collections, two shape, and two style : Duality is one of the keyword of Nepto.

Which watch is the best one from the Nepto collection and why?

As the designer and the developer of both collections, I don’t have a best one to be honest. But the Shield Blue Ocean maybe has a plus with its beautiful sun dial. That’s actually the reason why we selected it for the A’design competition.

What has been your best day at Nepto Watches?

When we received the first prototypes. It was a mix of stress and happiness at the same time.

Nepto watches

Are you a creator, inventor or entrepreneur?

I think I am more a creator and an entrepreneur. I would not say that I am an inventor because it would be really pretentious to tell that. Few people are true inventors.

What is the future plans for Nepto Watches?

We plan to bring two new dials and straps for the Shield collection in October. We are going to use a specific colour for one of them which is rarely used in the watch industry. We are really excited about it. In 2020, we will create an automatic collection which will be affordable.

Nepto watches

Apart from Nepto, which other watch brand do you follow?

I like Rado, Fob, MarchLab, H.Moser & Cie, Omega and Seiko, Movado, Dufa, Nixon, Lip. When it comes to the premium industry, I am more into the German than the Swiss ones.

What advice do you have for people wanting for start their own watch brand?

Well, it is always a challenge to start any kind of business. The first year is hard and you have to know all the sacrifices you will have to do for it. Up to that, the watch industry have a zero growth and lots of people have been asking me if I was sure about doing that. But I was, and I am. So as an entrepreneur perspective my advise is just go for it, never give up, be sure about yourself, follow your ideas and stay open about the critics in the same time. As a designer, creator view, you have to be original, to touch people, to bring emotion and reaction in what you are doing. The communication/marketing part of your business is essential but for me the design/quality of your product is even more essential.

Nepto watches

That was our interview with Vincente, the founder of Nepto Watches. We always love to ask the question: “What advice do you have for people wanting for start their own watch brand?” We always look forward to read their answers as it is always different and always very insightful.

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