Spinnaker Hull Chronograph Review

The Hull series from Spinnaker watches is all about durable and solid diver watches. We have reviewed the Hull SP-5071-02 and it is a truly great watch. However Spinnaker watches has added to the Hull collection with the release of the Spinnaker Hull Chronograph. We are not sure what to expect from this new model, but let’s hope it will be good. The model we will be reviewing is the SP-5068-01.

Spinnaker Hull Chronograph Brown



Material : 316L Stainless Steel
Lens:Mineral Lens
Diameter (mm) : 42
Thickness (mm) : 15.6
Case back : Solid
Indexes: Applied Indexes with Swiss Super- LumiNova
Dial: Fumee Degraded Finish


Type : Meca Quartz Japanese Chronograph with Seiko VK64
Origin : Japan


Material : Hand- Stitched Waterproof Genuine Leather
Buckle : Tang
Width (mm) : 22

Other Details

Water Resistance : 10ATM
Crown: Screw down crown for time and date
Weight: 90g

First Impression

At first sight, it was weird to see the Spinnaker Hull Chronograph. We have never reviewed a Spinnaker watches from their chronograph range. It is a striking watch for sure. There is a lot going on with the dial and the dial is large. In terms of its looks, the crowns do attract your attention however we are still unsure about the look.

Spinnaker Hull Chronograph lens


This is the best place to start with the Spinnaker Hull Chronograph. The casing has a barrel design and is quite large. The diameter of the watch is 42mm and the width is 15.6mm. The casing does take a lot of space on your wrist and the width of the watch does make it stand out. However the curved lug does help to push the casing on the wrist.

The feature which stands out the most is the crowns. It is a bit weird to see the chronograph stop/start button. They do stick out from the casing and they are screw crowns. It is not best to have screw crown when the stop/start button as it is time consuming. Also the crowns when screwed out feels a bit flimsy and weak. They do not look and feel solid. A simple push crown would have sufficed.

Spinnaker Hull Chronograph Crown

The next feature is the lens. The lens is made from crystal mineral glass. Visibility and clarity is perfect, and the dial is legible from afar. The lens are domed. The only issue with the convex domed lens is that it makes the dial look far away. It also adds to the already considerable width.

Let’s move on to the bezel. You have the classic chronograph meter index. The index is in black and is contrast well against the shiny 316L marine grade stainless steel. However we feel that the bezel does not go well with the barrel casing. The edges do stick out and in a way ruins the look of the watch.


The dial is very interesting with the Spinnaker Hull Chronograph. The dial has two layers. The bottom layer is made from Swiss SuperLuminova luminous material and the second layer is the fumee degraded finishing. The bottom layers does help to provide great luminous lighting during low light visibility. The luminous lighting is around the index, the sub dials and also the hands.

There are three sub dials on the watch. You have a second, minute and hour sub dial. Each are large enough and visibility of the hands is great.

The index is very plain and simple. The numerals are large dots, with smaller dots to represent the minutes. The index is very much different from the Hull collection, where an Arabic index was used. The dots index has been well chosen as if numerals were used, this would have made the watch messy with the tachymeter on the bezel.

Spinnaker Hull Chronograph dial

The fumee degraded finishing of the dial goes well with the watch. It is a bit rough and represents the watch well, rough.

The date window is at the 12 o’clock position and it is different to your usual date window. The date widow is a dual aperture, where the two digits move independently to one another.

To finish off, the hands designed used are sharp, bold and large. They are very much noticeable and be read from long distance. The Swiss SuperLuminova goes well with the hands also. As there are different part of the watch with Swiss SuperLuminova, it may seems that the hands will be lost, however as the hands are larger than the rest, they are not lost with the rest of the lighting.


The movement used is a Meca Quartz Japanese Chronograph with Seiko VK64. The main function of the watch is controlled by the quartz movement while the chronograph is controlled by the mechanical module. The time accuracy is precise, less than +/- 20 seconds per month and the chronographs works wells also without any lags.

The life expectancy of the watch is expected to be around 3 years, subject to use.


The strap used is made from Hand- Stitched Waterproof Genuine Leather. The strap wraps well around the wrist and sits very comfortably. It will need sometime to break into but the strap feels and is durable.

We believe however a larger strap would have suited the watch better. As the watch is quite thick, a thicker strap would have gone really well.

Spinnaker Hull Chronograph Movement

Buy, Shortlist or Avoid

Let’s discuss the price first. The watch retails for $235/ £194/ €210. The price for the watch is fair. It is not overly priced and is very much affordable. However the question is if the watch is worth investing into? We would say to shortlist this watch and think hard. There are some great features to this watch and we love these features. However there are some features and aspect of this watch which lets it down. A stronger start/stop button for the chronograph and larger straps would definitely add to this watch.

If you would like to get yourself one, do sign up at: https://www.spinnaker-watches.com/pages/hull-chrono-sp-5068-sign-up-now and do use our code NWL20 for 20% off.

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