Hawker Harrier II AV 4056

AVI-8 Hawker Harrier II AV 4056 Review

AVI-8 Hawker Harrier II watches are always amazing. Their designs are unquestionable unique and we are always in awe. The last Hawker Harrier II we reviewed was the Matador Edition. The Matador was is our favourite watch from AVI-8 so far. Its design was very intricate yet alluring. However we think the Hawker Harrier II AV 4056 will give the Matador a run for its money.

Hawker Harrier II AV 4056

AVI-8 Hawker Harrier II AV 4056

The model we will be reviewing from the Hawker Harrier II model is the AV-4056-03. We have already talked about the story behind the Hawker Harrier II in previous reviews, so we will be going directly to the review.



Material : 316L Stainless steel case
Colour: Black
Case Shape : Round
Diameter (mm) : 43
Thickness (mm) : 12
Bezel: Fixed Bezel
Dial: Grey Dial With Applied Index
Back: Closed Stainless Steel


Type : Miyota FS80 retrograde quartz chronograph
Origin : Japanese


Mineral Lens


Material : Army Genuine Leather Nato Strap with Strap Buckle
Colour: Green
Width (mm) : 22


Water Resistance : 5ATM

First Impression

The dial will hit you straight in the face. There is so much going on and it is beautiful. The gold accent accent from the index, brushed stainless steel casing and green strap combine really well together.

From our first impression, we really like this watch. However it is yet to win us over. We still think the Matador has a greater level of details in its design and was a bit more intricate. However we still have a long way to go before the end of this review.

One detail we have to point of is that the AV-4056-03 was released back in October 2017.

Hawker Harrier II AV 4056


This has to be the first place to start. Let’s start with the index. On the outer index you have your classic tachymeter counter. The tachymeter has been given two colour accent. From 9 to 3, you have a gold colour and the other half has been given a black colour. Each colour accent contrast each other as the numerals on the index. On the gold accent, you have black numerals and the gold numerals on the black accent. The meter does stand out for sure. The fonts of the numerals are also bold and large. The inner index is simply. There are only two numbers, 0 and 6. The rest has hours have been given gold coloured rectangular bars.

On the right hand side of the watch, where the date window suppose to be, you have a day counter. The writing are in red, which has been well chosen as it contrast against the black background. It is also legible and the small arrow pointing to the day is also large enough.

Hawker Harrier II AV 4056

As we were talking about the date window, it has been moved near the 5 o’clock position. It not not very visible and it is empowered by the rest of the features on the dial. It is quite hard to read even with its yellow and black marking to tell us where it is. The issue with the date window is that it is not large enough. Its position is fine but just needs to be larger.

At the 6 o’clock position you have a second sub dial. It is the rotating type and it acts like the heart beat of the watch. Visibility is great and you can definitely notice it. Its black background and white writing makes sure it stands out. The red pointer also makes sure you cannot miss it.

Moving on clockwise, you get the chronograph minute hand. The index for it only goes up to 30 minutes. A gold and black colour accent has been used and contrasting black and gold colour has been used for the numerals. The sub dial hand is red, following the theme from the rest of the second sub dial and day counter.

Hawker Harrier II AV 4056

On feature which you may miss is that there is a design of a turbine. Looking closer at the dial you will see a turbine design around the circumference of the watch. It these small details which makes the Hawker Harrier II AV 4056 a stunning timepiece.

The minute and hour hands are similar to Plonguer hands. They are quiet large and does cover some of the features of the dial. However, if they were small, they would have gotten lost. Legibility is great and the colour choice, grey and gold, are also good. The second hand however is red with a long arrow pointer. Given the mixed colour of the tachymeter, the red colour really goes well.


The watch has a diameter of 43mm and a width of 12mm. It will take much space of your wrist but it is worth it with that dial. The width of the dial is not an issue and the watch sits well on the wrist. The lugs are slightly curved downwards which helps to push the watch down.

The casing has been given a polished finish and this is a wise choice. The watch already stands out due to its dial and size and you do not really need a shinny casing.

Hawker Harrier II AV 4056

The glass is made from sapphire coated mineral lens with anti reflective coating. Reflection is at its minimal and legibility of the whole dial is closer to perfect. However there are some instances when the sun hits the watch directly, legibility goes down slightly

The crown has been well designed and given a shinny finish with a red ‘ribbon’. The best feature of the crown is the grip. You can feel crown because of its finessed detailing. There are two pusher, a red and silver coloured anodised aluminium. The both work great and it will take some time to get used to the pusher.


The movement powering the watch is a Miyota FS80. Time accuracy is spot on as it is a quartz watch and you can expect 2 year battery life. However if you are using the minute sub-dial and tachymeter, do expect a battery life less than 2 years.

Hawker Harrier II AV 4056


We are not the biggest fan of the strap. It is comfortable and wraps around the wrist well. It also has enough holes for smaller wrist, however the Nato strap will not last long. It will start to fray if it is not cared for properly.

Buy, Shortlist or Avoid?

Let’s talk about the price first. The RRP of the watch is £245/ $306/ €272. The price for the watch is great and you will definitely be getting a superb watch with some excellent features. If you like watches which are in your face, this is the watch for you. There are a couple of improvement which can be made especially with the strap, but otherwise it is a watch stunning timepiece. No wonder why it has been given 5 stars rating from all its buyers!

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