Sternglas NOAS Automatik

Sternglas NOAS Automatik Review

When it comes to minimalistic and Bauhaus watches, you can definitely count on Sternglas. We have reviewed two of their model before, with the last review being the Topograph. The Sternglas NOAS Automatik is their latest model. They released it on Indiegogo and it has been backed by over 657 people and even more people have registered their interest directly. Let’s find out why their latest release is such a hit!

Sternglas NOAS Automatik

Sternglas NOAS Automatik

The model Naos is our interpretation of a classic dresswatch – and the star-shaped arrangement of the indices nevertheless something special. Like no other model, it embodies the basic principles of the Sternglas brand. Highest standard without much frills. Honest, factual and to the point.


There are currently seven model in the NOAS Automatik collection. The watch we will be reviewing is the white / silver / Premium darkbrown.



Material : Polished 316L Stainless Steel
Lens: Domed Sapphire Lens
Diameter (mm) : 38
Thickness (mm) : 10
Case back : Exhibition casing with custom rotor
Hands: Aluminium hands
Dial: Classic white tone


Type :MIYOTA 821A automatic, 21 Jewels
Origin : Japan


Material : Genuine Calf Leather
Buckle : Tang
Width (mm) : 20

Other Details

Water Resistance : 5ATM
Crown: Push/Pull
Weight: 53g

First Impression

It is a stunning watch. The white dial and the dark brown the strap make the watch stand out. The dial is simple yet simply stunning and your eyes will be drawn towards this elegant, stylish and distinguished looking watch. The watch does not scream out but its subtle took will capture attention.

We also want to mention the packaging on the watch. The minimalist theme has followed and the box looks like a mobile phone box. Everything on the box, from the logo to its colour, has been well placed. Attention to detail is spot on!

Sternglas NOAS Automatik


The casing is 38mm and the thickness is around 10mm. The casing does not take much space on the wrist and is a suitable size. The casing is not overpowering and sits well on the wrist. The lug are curved, which helps to force the case to sit on the wrist.

The glass is domed and this feature helps to lift the watch and brings the dial to attention. The reflection is at its minimal but at certain angles, visibility is slightly poor, but otherwise the dial is legible.

Sternglas NOAS Automatik

You have this stunning concave shape to the back casing, with no edges and corners. The convex back casing helps to lift and bring the dial more to the attention of the eye, which is quite clever.

The exhibition back casing is also interesting. It has a 6-fold bolted, polished and engraved with Sternglas Zeitmesser branding. It is well crafted, neat and very shiny. The rotor is quiet large and it is customised with Sterglas branding.

The crown has a teeth cut design and does not get in the way of the wrist.

Overall, the casing is very comfortable and sits well on the wrist. Can there by any improvement? Yes, if possible, we’d love a larger casing, maybe a 40mm.


As with most Sternglas watches, the dial is very simple and this is the same for the Sternglas NOAS Automatik. The classic white tone goes really well with the black index.

The index only have even numbers and Sternglas has decided to use double digits. It does look great and helps to fill some of the white space on the dial but again not overpowering this simplistic dial. Some slims bars have also been used to represent the numbers on the index and some of the bars are longer for each 5 minute interval. These small attention to details which brings the dial to life and makes it an elegant looking watch.

The hands are made of aluminium and its colour is bolder compare to the rest of the index. It stands out from the dial and reading the time is very easily.

The colour theme for this watch has been well thought of. Each colour goes well together and compliment each other. The dark brown strap, classic white tone dial and black index along with the hands all go great together.


The strap is very supple and does not need breaking into. The material used is calf genuine leather and it really wraps well around the wrist. The strap itself is not very heavy and light on the wrist. The width of the strap is around 20mm and suitable for to 38mm dial.

In terms of size, there are enough holes for smaller wrist but we believe there can be more. If you have wrist smaller than 17cm in circumference, the watch will be loose on your wrist. This is something Sternglas should look into.

The Sternglas NOAS Automatik does have quick release pins which is always great to see.

Sternglas NOAS Automatik


Inside you have a Miyota 8215A with 21 jewels. It is a reliable movement and the movement has been fluid and flawless.The power reserve is around 42 hours given the watch has been wound fully, this is approximately around 30 full rotation. Do expect an accuracy of -20 to +40 seconds per day. It not a large difference but you’d expect a greater time accuracy for this type of watch.

Sternglas NOAS Automatik

Buy, Shortlist or Avoid

So what is our verdict of the Sternglas NOAS Automatik? We’ll lets first discuss the price. The RRP of the watch is €303/ £272/ $342. It is a bit at the upper end of the price range and many people will agree. But we just love this watch. It is simple, comfortable, reliable, elegant and an everyday watch. In terms of style, this is a great dress watch but we’d wear this anywhere .Personally we’d say buy the watch. There are a couple of issues which needs to be sorted, such as the time accuracy but this is still a great purchase.

Do visit to see the different watches in the Noas Automatik model.


Sternglas Topograph


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