Spinnaker Fleuss Automatic

Spinnaker Fleuss Automatic Stainless Steel Review

Spinnaker watches have recently launched their strap scheme. There are some really cool straps and will definitely change the look of your Spinnaker watch. One of their current model is getting a new look with a stainless steel strap and it is the Spinnaker Fleuss Automatic Stainless Steel. The stainless steel strap is new to Spinnaker and the model of the Fleuss we will be reviewing is the SP-5055-44.

Spinnaker Fleuss Automatic Stainless Steel

As with all Spinnaker watches, they are named after famous person in the diver community. The Fleuss is named after Henry Fleuss.

Henry Fleuss was a pioneering diving engineer and he invented the scuba in 1878. Henry also invented a vacuum pump and a steam car but the scuba is what made him great in the diving community. The scuba was an  invaluable piece of equipment for military operations during WWII and also helped to rescue trapped miners.

The Fleuss series of vintage timepieces are inspired by the work of Fleuss and the intrepid early divers who helped develop the mechanics of under sea discovery.

There are 4 model in the Spinnaker Fleuss Automatic bracelet and the watch we will be reviewing is the SP-5055-44.



Material : 316L Stainless Steel
Lens:Convex Sapphire Lens
Diameter (mm) : 43
Thickness (mm) : 12
Case back : Exhibition casing with custom rotor
Indexes: Applied Indexes with Swiss Super- LumiNova
Dial:Granite like matte finish dial


Type : Automatic Seiko NH35-TMI, 24 Jewels
Origin : Japan


Material : Stainless Steel
Buckle : Clasp
Width (mm) : 22

Other Details

Water Resistance : 15ATM
Crown: Screw down crown for time and date
Weight: 95g

First Impression

The Spinnaker Fleuss Automatic Stainless Steel is big and bold. It stands out for sure. Comparing to the last Spinnaker watch we reviewed, the Hull California, the Fleuss for sure is bolder. The stainless steel bracelet makes the watch look big but also catches your attention straight away. The black bezel and the matte dial really goes well with the stainless steel case.

Overall, our first impression of the Spinnaker Fleuss Automatic Stainless Steel is great. Let’s see if we will keep our impression at the end of the review.


This is the best place to start. The casing is 43mm by 13.25mm. Being 43mm, this watch will take much space on your wrist however it is worth it. The case sits well on the wrist and the thickness is not an issue. The watch does not stick out and the slight curvature of the lug helps the watch mold well around the wrist. With such casing, the dial is raised above the rest and focuses your attention to the dial.

With a stainless steel bracelet and case, the watch is pretty heavy. It is around 95g. The weight is very much noticeable but it is not too heavy that it becomes a burden. It is a weight that you are wearing a stunning timepiece on your wrist.

The glass is made from sapphire lens with anti reflective coating. The lens is also flat. In terms of reflection, it is minimal but there are some glare at times.

The bezel is has 120 clicks. The movement of the bezel is smooth and the teeth cut design around the circumference of the bezel gives you a good feel of it. The bezel also has hardened glass over the numerals and this helps to enlarge them and also gives a smooth and supple touch.

The crown is a screw down crown. It does not get in the way of the wrist and it easily rotated.


The dial on the Spinnaker Fleuss Automatic is simple. There isn’t too much details and it is suitable for the Fleuss. The three large numerals (12, 6, and 9) are very much visible. The index also have rectangular bars to represent the rest of the time and there are also small sharp lines to represent the seconds on the outer index.

The background has been given a matte finish. It is similar to the dial on the Hull California. Spinnaker calls it ‘Textured grey’. It does give the watch a bit more aesthetic look and little bit more interesting.

The date window is of a standard size and not much new from that perspective

The hands are sharp and thin. However the second hand has been given a more unique and distinct design. The second hand has a ‘spade’ like design.

The colour theme of the watch goes well together. You have the black dial and black bezel and then you have the Swiss Super luminova hands and index. They all combine to create a good looking watch.


The strap as we know is made from stainless steel and has a diver extension clasp. The width of the strap is 22mm and suits the 43mm dial well.

There are enough links in the watch for a large wrist and it will also suits smaller wrist also. You will need a link removal kit to help resize the link. It is not hard however you can easily scratch the bracelet.

The strap does wrap well around the wrist and the thickness of the strap is not an issue. Comfort wise, it is good and and the clasp is very safe and secure.


The movement is a Automatic Seiko NH35-TMI, 24 Jewels. We have seen this movement is many previous Spinnaker watches and reliability is good with a time accuracy of around -20/+40 seconds per day.

Buy, Shortlist or Avoid?

First let’s talk about the price. The watch price is $350/ £275/ €307. It is a reasonable price for the type and quality you are getting. The Spinnaker Fleuss Automatic is an imposing watch with little features. If you like these types of watches, then the Fleuss is a must buy for you.

We love the watch however we are undecided on the colour. We’d rather go for the ‘Textured Deep Blue’ dial. So we will shortlist the ‘Textured Grey’ but definitely buy the ‘Textured Deep Blue’.

Sign up your interest for the Spinnaker Fleuss Automatic at http://bit.ly/SP_Bracelet and do use our code NWL20 for 20% off.

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