DUFA Weimar Möller Edition

DUFA Weimar Möller Edition Review

The last time we reviewed a DUFA watch was the Van Der Rohe Chrono. It is a stunning and minimalist watch. However DUFA have launched another minimalist watch, the DUFA Weimar Möller Edition. There are five models in the Weimar Möller Edition and the model we will be reviewing is the DF-9026-02. Will it be better than the Van Der Rohe? Let’s find out!

DUFA Weimar Möller Edition

DUFA Weimar Möller Edition

The DUFA Weimar Möller Edition pays tribute to Heinrich Johannes Möller. He was a chief designer and developer at DUFA during the 1930s and he designed the Kienzle clock in the 1940s, a minimalist piece heavily influenced by Bauhaus designs.

Heinrich received numerous awards for his work which emphasised clear forms, narrow silhouettes, glass dials characterised by objectivity. For Möller clocks were no longer a piece of furniture or time-telling instrument, they were,
in fact, small works of art.

The DUFA Weimar Möller Edition is inspired by the Kienzle Style clock, a clean art-deco and Bauhaus inspired watch.

DUFA Weimar Möller Edition



Material : 316 L Stainless Steel Caseum
Colour: White
Case Shape : Round
Diameter (mm) : 38
Thickness (mm) : 9


Type : Japan Quartz 3 Hands
Origin : Japanese


Flat mineral crystal


Material : Genuine Leather Strap with Stainless Steel Tang Buckle
Colour: Black
Width (mm) : 18


Water Resistance : 3ATM

First impression

The watch is very minimalistic. The first feature which stands out are the light blue hands against the white background. There isn’t much which stands out and will grab your attention but the simplicity of the watch is what makes this watch really alluring.

DUFA Weimar Möller Edition Made in Germany


First lets talk about the hands. The minute and second hands are simple skinny baton shape but the hour hand’s design is from the Kienzle Style clock from the 1930’s. The halo top at the tip of the hand does add character to this clean looking dial The colour contrast between the light blue hands and the white background makes sure that the hands are at the centre of attention.

The index has also followed the minimalistic design. The index are simple grey batons followed by smaller black batons in between 5 minutes intervals. However, the grey batons are extended by longer black batons at the end. It gives an image of as if needles are pointing towards the centre.

DUFA Weimar Möller Edition Silver casing

The lens is a flat mineral crystal. Reflection and glare are very minimal and clarity of the dial is excellent. As with most DUFA watches, the lens you curve around the border and it is a nice feature.

The back-casing has been engraved with the DUFA’s logo and a couple of details about the watch. Again, the simple and clean design has been followed throughout the watch.

The crown is of a good size and does not stick out from the watch. It also also signed with the DUFA logo which is something we also look forward to seeing.

DUFA Weimar Möller Edition Casing


The case diameter on the DUFA Weimar Möller Edition is 38mm. It is small compare the previous DUFA watches we reviewed. The dial does not take much space on the wrist and sit comfortably with its 9mm thickness. We would have loved to see a bigger size case as the watch does get lost on the wrist.

However, the silver casing does make sure the watch still stands out. The silver casing has a shimmering finish and it will attract a couple of eyes.

The lugs also have a curve shape which helps to enhance comfort by making the watch sits comfortably on the wrist.

DUFA Weimar Möller Edition Blue hands


The movement powering the watch is a Japan Quartz 3 Hands. While we do not have the exact specification of the movement and caliber, what we know is the movement is a ‘meca quartz’. This type of movement has two mechanisms working in partnership to provide precise time accuracy.

Watches with meca quartz tend to be slimmer, hence the 9mm thickness of the watch and they also tend to be cheaper to maintain.

So far, the time accuracy of the watch has been great and spot on. However, the one issue we will probably have in the future is the continuous change of the battery. The two mechanism in the meca quartz use the same battery and we would expect the battery life will not be as long lasting compare to other quartz watches.

DUFA Weimar Möller Edition Dial


The strap is made from genuine leather and is soft. It will need breaking into for the first couple of week, however the strap does wrap well around the wrist and it supple. There are also enough holes to fit smaller wrist.

Another positive from the strap is that they have quick release pins, which is great to change straps easily.

DUFA Weimar Möller Edition Strap

Buy, Shortlist or Avoid?

First let’s discuss the price of the watch. The watch RRP is £185/ $235/ €215. The watch is very much affordable and compare to other minimalist watches in the market. Because of the Bauhaus design and the quality of the watch, we would say buy. However, if you do not like the plain white colour, we would encourage you to go for the DF-9026-04 model. It is the same watch, but with a ionic plating gold around the casing.

DUFA Watch Albers Automatic DF-9010-03

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