BOLDR Supply Co. Venture

BOLDR Supply Co. Venture Watch Review

It has been a while since we introduced a new watch brand. But today we introduce you BOLDR Supply Co. The watch we are going to be reviewing from the brand is the BOLDR Supply Co. Venture, a slim, stylish field watch. We have never had a field watch. So will the Venture be a hit or a a disaster?

BOLDR Supply Co. Venture

BOLDR Supply Co.

So who are BOLDR Supply Co.?

The company was founded by Travis, Leon and Isa in 2015. They are based in Malaysia and Singapore. They do not only make watches, but also design apparels and gear that is ready for adventures.

We have not had the chance to interview the founders yet but we do hope we will find out more about the brand and the motivation of creating the brand soon.

BOLDR vision is to live a life “without boundaries, where challenges are just the start of your next adventure.” This all sounds great but will the BOLDR Supply Co. Venture watch personify their vision?

BOLDR Supply Co. Venture

BOLDR Supply Co. Venture

The Venture is the latest watch to be added to their collection. The BOLDR Supply Co. Venture model we are going to be reviewing is the Jungle Green.



Material : Solid aerospace grade Titanium
Dial: Matte dial with printed indexes with Superlume
Diameter (mm) : 38
Thickness (mm) : 11
Case back : Push-pull with custom embossed BOLDR logo


Type : ETA 802.102 Swiss-Made Quartz Movement, Up to 36 months of battery life
Origin : Swiss


Flat sapphire crystal with Inner-side Anti-Reflective coating


Material : NATO Canvas strap with solid titanium buckle with etched logo
Buckle : Tang Buckle
Width (mm) : 20

Other Details

Water Resistance : 100m (330ft) / 10ATM
Crown : Push-pull with custom embossed BOLDR logo

First Impression

The BOLDR Supply Co. Venture is not a watch which will grab your attention straight away. The Venture has a subtle look and is not very imposing. That being said the jungle green colour does bring the watch to live. It really goes well with the colour of the casing. One interesting feature which will catch your eye is the position of the crown.

Overall, a quiet looking watch with some peculiar features.

BOLDR Supply Co. Venture


The dial itself is to an extent simple. You have two index. On the outer index, you have numerals from 1 to 12 and the inner index goes from 13-24. The outer index numerals are larger compare to the numbers in the inner index and very much legible. The numbers in the inner index are small but bold. To an extent, the inner index is not necessary but it does add more character and life to the dial.

The colour contrast of the dark charcoal background and the white colour used for the numerals goes really well. The contrast allow the time to be read easily without any issues.

As with most watches, the BOLDR Supply Co. logo is located under the 12 o’clock position. It is not too large that is takes over the dial but it is of a good size. You can see it clearly and again goes well with the background and numerals.

The hands used are of a syringe style. They are big and bold. The second hand has an orange accent at the tip. It does bring a bit of colour to the dial and allows you to know the different hands clearly.

The outer index along with all hands have been given a Swiss Superlume. They do work well in low light and legibility is fantastic.

BOLDR Supply Co. Venture


We have come across titanium case before with the Spinnaker Tesei Titanium. However with the Spinnaker the case width was huge. For the BOLDR Supply Co. Venture, the case width is 11mm and the case diameter is 38mm. In terms of space, the case will not take much space on your wrist and will allow your wrist to move freely. The case does sit well on the wrist and does not stick out.

The titanium casing itself is strong and rigid. Even though you might expect the watch to be heavy, it only weighs around 60-70g. The lug width is 20mm and this is suitable for the size of the case. The lugs also turn down and this helps to reduce the length from lug to lug which is approximately 45mm.

BOLDR Supply Co. Venture

The crown is located at the 4 o’clock position. It is out of the norm and we love it. The crown is around 5mm and because of its size and position, it does not poke the wrist.

The glass used is a flat Sapphire crystal. Reflection from the glass is at its minimal, given it has an anti reflective coating.

Finally the back casing has also been well designed. It has a large X filled with BOLDR Supply Co. favourite phrases to describe and inspire adventure.

BOLDR Supply Co. Venture


The movement is a ETA 802.102 Swiss-Made Quartz Movement. The movement itself is very reliable and the time accuracy is spot on. The battery is expected to last for 3 years and changing it is hassle free as the back casing can be opened easily.


We are not the greatest fan of nylon strap. The jungle green colour does go well with all the different component of the watch and it is easily changeable. Knowing this is a field watch, the nylon strap is useful as it can be easily cleaned up. The strap is comfortable and wraps around the wrist well. It also has enough holes for smaller wrists.

We would love to see this watch with a leather strap.

BOLDR Supply Co. Venture

Buy, Shortlist or Avoid?

Before we answer this, lets talk about the price of the BOLDR Supply Co. Venture. The RRP is £113/ $147/ €130. The watch is very much affordable and we will definitely recommend you to buy this watch. It is a small, tough and good looking watch. For the price you will be paying, you’ll be getting a watch, which we think is definitely worth more than the RRP.

There are also 4 different models to the watch. If you are not a fan of the jungle green strap, do visit to see the different straps.

BOLDR Supply Co. Venture

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