Spinnaker Cahill New England

Spinnaker Cahill New England Review

Another day and another watch review! This time we bring you the review of Spinnaker watches’ latest release, the Spinnaker Cahill New England. We recently did the review of the Tesei Titanium and if you’ve missed it, you can always read it here. So is the Spinnaker Cahill New England going to be a hit or a stinker? Lets find out.

Spinnaker Cahill New England

Spinnaker Cahill New England

The Spinnaker Cahill New England is another addition to their already existing Cahill collection and if you are a Spinnaker watches fan, you probably know the story behind the name. If you are new to the brand, let’s find out the story behind the name ‘Cahill’.

The Cahill collection is a tribute to Scuba pioneer James Cahill. 
Cahill was the first man to scuba dive in New England waters and assisted
many state and local police departments, as well as the U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard and Air Force in early underwater investigations. He was also hired by the Navy to photograph the Texas Towers which was 100 miles 
off the Atlantic Coast and also placed in charged in the rescue mission when the Texas Tower 4 collapsed, 60m below sea level.

These are just some of the great work Cahill did and he passed away in 2008 at the age of 81. 

The Cahill collection from Spinnaker watches is a great homage and tribute to a Scuba legend.

Spinnaker Cahill New England Specs


Japan Automatic 3 Hands with Date


Case material: 316L Stainless Steel
Bezel: Undirectional Bezel with glass
Case diameter(mm): 43
Case thickness(mm): 16
Case colour: IP Gun


Dial colour: Green


Band: Genuine leather Strap
Band Colour: Green
Buckle: Strap Buckle
Band Width(mm): 22

Water Rating

Water Resistance: 20 ATM

Other Details

Weight(g): 200 

First Impression

There are three Spinnaker Cahill New England watches and the model we are going to review is the SP-5064-02.

At first look, the watch looked more of a military style watch compare to a diver watch. This was mainly because of the colour and dial.

When comparing to the rest of the Spinnaker watches we’ve reviewed, the Cahill is closely related to the Spence.  It is simple and the dial is not cluttered with features. 

Overall, good first impression but you can easily confuse it for a military watch.

Spinnaker Cahill New England


The case diameter is around 43mm and the thickness is 16mm. With an automatic movement inside it is no surprise about the width of the watch. It does look quite large on the wrist and the bezel does add to the size of the casing. If you have a small wrist, this watch will take over and it will quite odd. 

The case is made from 316L stainless steel and given a brush finish. One feature on the casing which is new to Spinnaker watches is the name engraved on the side. We’ve had seen it on previous watches and it does look great.

Spinnaker Cahill New England

Let’s talk about the bezel. Most bezel we’ve tested before are either too soft or too hard to rotate. The bezel on the Spinnaker Cahill New England is good with 120 clicks. The teeth cut design on the circumference ensures you have a strong grip when rotating. The design of the bezel also helps to add to the utilitarian aesthetic of the watch. To finish off, it is also made from glass!

The lens is made from sapphire crystal glass and it flat. The reflection is at its minimal but you will get some which is a bit annoying.

The crown has been signed and works perfectly. It is a good size and you will not have to fight with it to adjust the time. The crown also has a teeth cut design for good grip.

Spinnaker Cahill New England


As we said before, the dial is a bit light on features. First let’s talk about the colour, we are not the greatest fan of the green colour, but that’s our personal opinion. That being said, the colour contrast is well and the dial is legible for afar. 

In terms of the index, you have large numerals on the outer ring, which is great, and they are in a lighter colour so they stand out. You also have smaller numerals inside to help finish off a 24 hour index.

You also have batons around the index to mark the minutes but they are differentiated from the rest as they are on a  metal circular ring with luminous squares. Swiss super LumiNova has been used for the luminous squares and this has also been used on the bezel to mark the rectangular marking.

Spinnaker Cahill New England

The style used for the hand is called ‘Mercedes’, mainly because of the Mercedes logo on the hour hand. Size wise, the hands are big but nothing out the ordinary. Swiss super LumiNova has also been applied.

A date window has also been used. Good size and the colour of the date matches the large numerals on the dial but a rectangle has been used around it to help distinguish it from the rest.

To finish off, you have this plus sign at the centre of the dial. This feature, along with the green colour,  is what make this watch looks like a military watch rather than a diver. Some will love this, others may question it.  


The movement inside the watch is a Seiko NH35 with 24 jewels. It is quite a popular movement with Spinnaker watches as we had the same movement in the Spence. 

In terms of reliability, you can expect -20/+40 seconds per day, which is decent. In terms of power reserve, it is 42 hours.   

Spinnaker Cahill New England


The strap does need to be broken into as it is quite thick. In terms of comfort, it is great. You have the genuine leather padding, so it is soft on the wrist. 

The strap also has enough holes, so if you have a small wrist, the Spinnaker Cahill New England will fit you easily.

Buy, Shortlist or Avoid?

Before we answer this, lets about the price. The Spinnaker Cahill New England retails for $350/ £280/ €390. It is reasonable price and around the mid market price for a diver watch.

We think you should shortlist this watch and buy the SP-5064-03 model. It is the same watch but in brighter colour.

You can also use our promo code NWL20 for 20% off and do visit Spinnaker watches to see all the collection. 

Spinnaker Tesei Titanium

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