AVI-8 flyboy 1980 Centenary Watch

AVI-8 Flyboy 1980 Centenary Watch Review

If you have been following our AVI-8 watches reviews closely, you probably know that we have reviewed the 1920 Centenary watch and the 1960 Centenary watch. Both equally good watches, but for us, the 1920 Centenary watch is the best one so far. But we have a new contender and the last watch from AVI-8 to celebrate the RAF centenary anniversary. Today we are going to review the AVI-8 Flyboy 1980 Centenary Watch, the AV-4061-02.

AVI-8 flyboy 1980 Centenary Watch

AVI-8 Flyboy 1980 Centenary Watch

Lets find out about the background story behind the AVI-8 Flyboy 1980 Centenary watch.

The 1980s represented perhaps the arrival of an increasing level of computerization in the cockpit. Technology and an ever-increasing array of diagnostics meant more digitization and electronics married to the skill of the pilot of that era. New materials and new engineering concepts found their way into aircraft design.

Using the advancement in technology and also design, the AVI-8 Flyboy 1980 Centenary watch represent a piece of the new age in aviation while still having some subtle reminders of the beginning of the RAF.

AVI-8 flyboy 1980 Centenary Watch

Features of the AVI-8 Flyboy 1980 Centenary Watch

Case Material: Stainless Steel
Case Diameter (mm) : 43
Case Thickness (mm) : 18
Case Shape: Round
Case Colour: Stainless Steel

Bnd Material:Blue CODURA on top & Genuine Leather Lining Strap

Buckle: Tang Buckle
Band Width (mm) : 22

Movement: Japanese made Miyota 8218 Automatic movement with 21 Jewels and 42 hour power reserve

Weight: 80g

First Impression

We actually like the way the watch look. The blue colour of the watch really stands out and the design of the dial is very engaging. Comparing to the rest of the centenary watch, which we have reviewed, the dial on the 1980s is very exciting. There are a lot of features on the dial.  Also, the strap of the watch deserves a massive shout out. It is not your usual and typical strap.


There are a lot of features on the dial. On of the main feature is this blue cover from the 5 o’clock to 9 o’clock. It has a coarse texture to it and is very visible. It gives the watch a bolder look and in a way reflects the era of bolder fighter planes. You have the ‘AVI-8’ on the cover along with the text ‘centenary’ in blue.

To maintain the theme of being bold, the numerals are quite large, only for 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock. It does make the dial look a bit edgier. This is similar index and numerals used on the AVI-8 1960. You also have some numerals for the minutes. They are large enough and visible. To further help with the time telling, you have a detailed index with batons around the circumference of the dial. The interesting feature is that the baton are longer at each 5 minutes interval and are also in a light blue colour. Visually and aesthetically, it bring a vibrant look to the AVI-8 flyboy 1980 Centenary Watch. Also to make sure they mark the 5 minutes interval well, the silver baton has been added.

AVI-8 flyboy 1980 Centenary Watch

Another interesting feature is the second sub-dial. It is like a small pocket between the 4-5 o’clock position. It has a black background, with a white index around the edge along with black and blue used to mark the numbers. The colour contrast beautifully and makes the sub dial easy to read with so much going on. Looking at the second sub dial, many may think why did they cover half of it as it will make the sub-dial redundant? However there is a hidden feature. As the second-hand complete a half cycle, another second-hand takes over from the other end and finishes the other half cycle. Therefore, the full 1 minute cycle is visible on the second sub dial.

The date window is clear and visible but the interesting feature is that half of the other dates are slightly visible and are behind a translucent screen.

AVI-8 flyboy 1980 Centenary Watch

The hands have a sharp and plongeur like design to them. They also have been given a Super LumiNova coating and it is very bright. The only issue with the Super  LumiNova, this has not been added to the numerals and batons.

To finish off the dial, you have a decent sized date window. It is surprising where the found space for the date window, but it is clearly visible and legible.


The case diameter of the watch is 43mm, which is the same across all the AVI-8 Centenary watch. It does take a lot of space on the wrist, but you’d want it to. With a dial that gorgeous, you will not regret having any space left on your wrist. The thickness of the watch is around 18mm, which is the norm for the 43mm dial and also the automatic movement on the watch.

The lugs on the AVI-8 flyboy 1980 Centenary Watch are curved. It helps to make the watch sits very comfortably on the wrist and helps to move the case around the wrist.

AVI-8 flyboy 1980 Centenary Watch

The crown, similar to the 1960, has been given a teeth cut design and is solid. However, we would have loved to see a bit of colour on the crown. The colours of the RAF roundel would have been great on the crown.

The glass is made from Sapphire Crystal Glass and is flat. We do not mind the flat glass on the watch if it helps with reducing the amount of reflection on the watch. It is fair to say there is a tiny bit of reflection of the glass, but nothing too major to stress about.


This is the part we’ve been waiting for. We love the strap on the AVI-8 flyboy 1980 Centenary Watch. It is something we’ve never come across, and we are totally impressed. The upside of the strap is Cordura and we just love the feel of the strap. It is strong and just looks so great on the wrist as well. The strap also has genuine leather stitching on the other side and does not need much breaking into.

In terms of comfort, it is one of the best. The feel on the wrist is similar to the strap from the 1920 AVI-8 Centenary watch.

AVI-8 flyboy 1980 Centenary Watch


The movement inside is a Miyota 8218 Automatic movement with 21 Jewels and 42 hour power reserve. It is same movement been used across the Centenary collection. It is a reliable movement with a time accuracy of around  +-10 seconds daily.

AVI-8 flyboy 1980 Centenary Watch

Buy, Shortlist or Avoid?

From the review, you probably know what you feeling is towards the AVI-8 flyboy 1980 Centenary Watch. It is a must buy! It is the most high-priced across the AVI-8 Centenary Watches but it is worth it. The features on the dial and that Cordura strap is something you would want to have.

The price of the watch is £280, slightly more than the rest of the Centenary watches but worth it! Do use NEWLABELS20 for 20%

We hope you have enjoyed reading our review of the AVI-8 Flybooy 1980 Centenary Watch and do visit https://avi-8.co.uk/products/av-4061-02 to see the other designs of the 1980 Centenary watch.

AVI-8 flyboy 1980 Centenary Watch

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