Atto Verticale Unboxing and review

Atto Verticale. Designed To Be Different!

We have had some stunning watches at New Labels Only. Some watches have left a lasting impression on us and some we have forgotten what they look like. But the watch we are going to introduce to you today have already left a lasting impression on us. The brand is called Atto Verticale and the watch we are going to be reviewing today is from their Tonneau collection.

Atto Verticale Unboxing and review

Atto Verticale

So let’s find out a bit more about Atto Verticale.

The watch brand was founded in 2016 by Tommaso Rodolfo Masera, a master graduate from Milan Polytechnic. Tommaso is a well-travelled man working on different projects in several countries, such as Italy, Brazil and China. While working in China, he set up Masera Design in Shenzhen.

Shenzhen, also know as Sham Chun, is a major city in Guangdong Province, played a major part in Tommaso’s career as this is where Atto Verticale was born. From there, Tommaso and Atto Verticale travelled around the world showcasing the watch’s unconventional design and Tomasso unique talent and skill. Till today, Atto Verticale watches has been exhibited in museums, fashion shows and design fairs from all around the world.

Tommaso has gone on to design 3 different watch collection for Atto Verticale, which includes; the Origin Series, Upper Series and the Tonneau Series, each uniquely designed.

Atto Verticale Unboxing and review

Tonneau Series

The watch we are going to be reviewing from the Tonneau series is the TO/01 model. Before we start our review, let’s find our more about the watch.


  • material: anodized aluminum with sand brush finishing
  • diameter: 42.00 mm
  • crown at 12 H
  • open screwed caseback with proof sapphire crystal
  • hollow luminous hands
  • 3ATM


  • hand wound baguette movement, 20 jewels.
  • exclusive winding system with clutch
  • functions: hours & minute
  • power reserve: 30 hours


  • case crystal: sapphire antiglare
  • caseback crystal: sapphire with matte finishing showing the silhouette of the movement


  • length: 240 mm
  • width: 22mm
  • material: canvas with colored leather lining & leather with colored lining


  • length: 240 mm
  • width: 22mm
  • material: canvas with colored leather lining & leather with colored lining

TO/01 Unboxing

First Impression

The watch is not the first thing which will catch your eyes. It is actually the packaging. If you have not watched the unboxing, you must! This is the best unboxing experience we’ve ever had and the attention to detail and design, is just amazing.

Now let’s talk about our first impression of the watch. We were just dumbstruck. The casing of the Atto Verticale TO/01 and the dial left us speechless. The casing and the dial design is something out of the ordinary and something which you do not see everyday.

Atto Verticale Unboxing and review


The casing of the watch is rectangular, with a black sand brush finish and a diameter of around 42mm and 32mm in width. It is definitely a large watch and it does take a lot of space of the wrist. But we do like it. It is more of a statement watch rather than functional and daily watch.

One feature we like about the casing is the slight curvature on the sapphire crystal glass. It just helps show bring the dial more to light and at the forefront of the watch. However that being said, we are not big fan of the side of the casing. It just does not flow with the rest of the watch. It looks and feels a bit tacky. This is because of the aluminium finish. We would love to see this watch in a shiny 316L stainless steel casing.

Atto Verticale Unboxing and review

The backcasing is not as open as the front. There is a silhouette look of the movement  at the back but it is covered with the strap.

The crown is placed at the 12 o’clock position and to be fair is suits the watch. We do not think placing the crown at its normal position would suit the watch at all.

Overall the casing is very light. As it is made from aluminium, this is expected. We are not a fan of light watches and we love to feel the full weight of the watch on the wrist. But if you love a light watch, this will suit you best.


The dial has to be the centre piece of this watch. The movement is open and visible straight away. We love the contrast between colours of the jewels, the grey holding piece and gold wheels. We love how the movement is designed in a specific way to form a vertical line with every piece in the right position which adds to the aesthetic of the watch.

The index of the watch is not very visible. They are simple black marking on the side of the watch but because of the curvature to the casing, the index is slightly hidden.

Atto Verticale Unboxing and review

The hands short, sharp and can be easily be distinguished between one another. The hands are also hollow in some parts and luminous. The issue we have with the hands is that they are sightly small. It does take a little bit of time to get used to the hands.

One major issue we have with the dial is that the background is empty. We believe that Tommaso may have used his creative skills and ideas to create a more artistic background to compliment the skeleton dial.


The movement we have inside the watch is a mechanical hand wound baguette movement, JQR-005, with 20 jewels. We have never came across such movement before and we are slightly impressed with it. You can expect a power reserve of 30 hours from the movement and the movement has been fluid and flawless so far.

However you can expect an accuracy of +- 45 seconds per day. This is quite wild and may not please a lot of people who like their time to the dot.

Atto Verticale Unboxing and review


The strap is made from genuine leather and it is in a black colour. In terms of looks, the strap goes well with the overall look of the watch. The strap does not need breaking into, which is great and it is very comfortable on the wrist. It is also quite wide, around 22mm and this fits the 42mm of the dial.

Atto Verticale Unboxing and review

There is no quick release pins, but the strap can be easily changed as the strap slides through the lugs. We are not sure about this feature as the case does move out of position every time you take off the watch, on the other hand, it can also be easily adjusted. It all depends on your tolerant level on continuously adjusting the strap.

The buckle is well crafted with an edgy and sharp look to it. It is also quite wide to fit the width of the strap.

Buy, Shortlist or Avoid

So what is our verdict on the Atto Verticale TO/01? First let’s talk about the price. The RRP is €294/ £264/ $340. It is on the upper end of the price range and some may argue that for that price, you can get well established branded watches.

Personally, we have shortlist this watch. The main reason is that this watch is a great statement watch, where the eyes of the world will be on your Atto Verticale. It is not a watch you can use for daily wear as it will lose its appeal.

So if you want to be different, look different and feel different, do check out Atto Verticale and their watch collection.

This was our review of Atto Verticale TO/01. We love the watch and we’d love to know what you think of its design? Do let us know in the comment below!

Atto Verticale Unboxing and review


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