/STERNGLAS Automatic 38mm Black Edition Review
STERNGLAS Automatic review

STERNGLAS Automatic 38mm Black Edition Review

We have only had one German watch brand at New Labels Only and that was the DUFA DF-9010-03, a solid German watch with a different and unique design. Now we have another German brand and it is STERNGLAS Zeitmesser. Today we will be reviewing the STERNGLAS Automatic 38mm Black Edition
STERNGLAS Automatic review

Sternglas Zeitmesser

Just before we get to the review of the STERNGLAS Automatic 38mm Black Edition, lets find out a bit more about the brand.

Sternglas Zeitmesser was founded by Dustin Fontaine in 2016. The aim was to build an affordable & durable timepiece with awesome product design for less than 300 €. They first launched on Kickstarter with the aim of raising 10,000 Euros with their first STERNGLAS Bauhaus Timepiece. They smashed their funding goal and raised a total of 16,000 Euros and the campaign was backed by 118 people worldwide.

After their extremely successful launch, Dustin Fontaine took to the internet to get some feedback from the growing Sternglas fan base and decided to expand the watch collection by introducing STERNGLAS Automatic collection, also in Bauhaus design.

“STERNGLAS is a product created for everyone, who wants to wear a beautiful watch. Nothing else.”

Dustin Fontaine


STERNGLAS Automatic review

STERNGLAS Automatic 38mm Black Edition Review

Before we start reviewing the Sternglas Automatic 38mm Black Edition, let’s find out a bit more about the specification of the watch.


6-fold bolted 38 mm stainless steel with a sapphire glass window


Durable and low maintenance Miyota 8215


Convex sapphire glass – Scratch-proof and shatterproof


Compatible with all our quick-change watch straps


11 mm


40 hours


65 g



Sternglas Automatic 38mm Black Edition Unboxing

First Impression

When we saw the small box, we thought that this is just going to be another simple and cheap watch, but boy were we wrong. When we opened the box, the first thing you see is an elegant, stylish and distinguished looking watch. It is not a watch which jumps at you in terms of look but it slowly captures your attention until your eyes are fixated toward the minimalistic dial.

STERNGLAS Automatic review


The dial is very simple and very alluring. Even though there is not much going on, the dial is still very mesmerizing. The index has simple long baton for the hours and for the minutes, the baton are smaller. Both are in a white colour and behind it, the background is black. This combination works very well and very legible. Under the 12 o’clock, you have the Sternglas Zeitmesser logo. This may not look special but it adds to the look of the watch.

STERNGLAS Automatic review

Both the hour and minute hand are sharp look and are quite thin. The second-hand however has the style of a baton. While it does go well together with the background and index, the hands are something illegible and gets lost with the index. A slightly thicker hands would be better.

The date window is at its usual place, the 3 o’clock, and it large enough to read but it not too large that it takes too much space on the dial and overpowers the simplicity of the dial.

Overall the dial reflects the definition of a Bauhaus styled watch. Simple and elegant.


The casing is 38mm in diameter and this suits this watch. We have gotten more used to bigger sized dial lately and going back to a 38mm does look a bit weird on the wrist. It does not take too much space on the wrist and the watch sits very well. The 11mm thickness of the watch is not an issue and will not get in the way at all.

One feature we like the most about the casing is the subtle dome on the sapphire crystal glass. It just makes it look a better. The whole case is also something really interesting. You have this stunning concave shape to the back casing, with no edges and corners. The concave back casing helps to lift and bring the dial more to the attention of the eye, which is quite clever.

STERNGLAS Automatic review

The back casing is also very interesting. It is open, to let us see the different mechanism and jewels in the watch. However one feature about which could be improved in the rotor. The rotor is quite big and does cover a lot of the open back casing. We’d rather go for a smaller customised rotor.  The back casing also has something we have not seen before. It has a 6-fold bolted, polished and engraved with Sternglas Zeitmesser branding. It is well crafted, neat and very shiny. It is also slightly elevated, again to make sure the dial is pushed at the forefront of the watch.

Following the same style as the back casing and the sapphire crystal glass, the lug are also curved to make sure the watch molds on your wrist and sits well.

STERNGLAS Automatic review


Inside the STERNGLAS Automatic 38mm black edition , you have a Miyota 8215 with 21 jewels. It is a reliable movement and till date, the movement has been fluid and flawless. However do expect an accuracy of -20 to +40 seconds per day, which is a bit too much.

The crown has been given a teeth cut design and blends well with the casing. It does not need much rotation to power the movement but if you want to maximise the 40 hour power reserve, you’ll need a bit more rotation.

STERNGLAS Automatic review


We love this strap! It is soft, thin and just wraps around the wrist very well. It does not need to be broken into and it is also light. You’ll barely feel it on the wrist and is very comfortable. One added bonus is that it has quick release pins, which we believe every watch must have.

Buy, Shortlist or Avoid

So what is our verdict of the STERNGLAS Automatic 38mm Black Edition? We’ll lets first discuss the price. The RRP of the watch is €349/ £310/ $406. It is a bit at the upper end of the price range and many people will agree. But we just love this watch. It is simple, comfortable, reliable, elegant and an everyday watch. Personally we’d say buy the watch, if you have the money, but it you don’t, you must shortlist this watch for a future purchase.

This was our review of the STERNGLAS Automatic 38mm Black Edition. Personally we love this watch, but we’d love to know your thoughts. Do let us know in the comment below.


STERNGLAS Automatic review


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