Spinnaker Bradner SP-5057-01 Review

Spinnaker Bradner SP-5057-01 Review

The Spinnaker watch collection is something we always wanted to review and feature. We waiting and today we have the opportunity to review of their newest series. The watch we are going to review today is the Spinnaker Bradner SP-5057-01. This is another diver watch but how does the Spinnaker Bradner SP-5057-01 compare to our previous diver watches?

Spinnaker Bradner SP-5057-01 Review

Story of the Spinnaker Bradner

The Spinnaker Bradner was named after the an American physicist and diving pioneer Hugh Bradner. He was recruited to work in the Manhattan Project, where we worked on creating the first Atomic bomb during World War II.

His passion for diving started when he met Naval frogmen, who had issues with diving in cold watches for long period of time. He solved the solution by using neoprene and this what today is known as the ‘wetsuit’. His solution and idea revolutionised the diving industry and helped countless of divers to achieve great depth in cold water for a prolonged amount of time.

The Spinnaker Bradner is an homage to the great man himself and every detail in this watch series reflects his ingenious solution.

We’ve got an exclusive hands on review of one of the Spinnaker Bradner and the whole collection will be made available n the 20th of July. Do sign up to get yours!

Spinnaker Bradner SP-5057-01 Review

SP 5057-01 Specification

  • Case: Stainless steel
  • Case Diameter: 42mm
  • Case Thickness: 14mm
  • Strap Width: 20mm
  • Bezel: Uni-directional Inner turning bezel with Super-LumiNova markers
  • Hands: Super-LumiNova hands
  • Crown: Screw down crown for time and date adjustments
  • Lens: Scratch resistant Sapphire crystal lens
  • Movement: Automatic NH35 24 Jewels
  • Water Resistance: 15ATM

Spinnaker Bradner Unboxing


First Impression

When we first saw the watch, we thought straight away that it did not follow the norm of the diver watches in the market. It looked signficantly different and also quite alluring with its red strap and black dial.

Straight away you will know that this watch is for people who want something different, a watch inspired by vintage diver watches with a modern look.

Spinnaker Bradner SP-5057-01 Review


The dial of the watch is very engaging. You have different indexes and features which brings the dial to life. The first feature you will cast your eyes upon with be the thick and quite upfront hands. They are quite bulky and their design are very brawny. The hour hand is especially noticeable with a rectangular design near its tip.

To keep the bold and bulky design, the squares and rectangles have been used as numerals. Each is very visible and again adds to the brawny look to the watch. To add more to the dial, an outer ring has been added with number, 5 minutes interval, in a dark silver colour. The overall combination of the black dial background, the yellow polygon index and the silver outer ring goes really well together. Each bring something else to the watch and the end result in something really good-looking as well and brawny.

Spinnaker Bradner SP-5057-01 Review

The date window is simple and large enough to read. It has also been given a rectangular surrounding to make sure in also stands out from the rest of the dial and is not drowned from the rest of the dial


The 42mm diameter dial is perfect for this watch. With so many features to fit in, the 42mm is perfect. It also sits very well on the wrist as the lugs are curved, so the casing molds on your wrist and sits very well. The 12mm is also not an issue and the casing is elevated from the back casing.

With a 17cm wrist in circumference, the watch did take quite a lot of space on the wrist but its presence was not overwhelming, but rather welcoming with the sight of the dial.

The back casing is open and the mechanism is open for you to see. There is also a custom-made rotor for the watch which has been given the Spinnaker logo. However it does not move as freely and just lag a little.

Spinnaker Bradner SP-5057-01 Review


The bezel is also great feature on this watch. The bezel is a Uni-directional Inner turning bezel and it has to be one of the best feature of this watch. The bezel is controlled by the second crown on the casing and the flow of the bezel is very soft. The bezel inner ring has quite large numbers to again keep up with the stocky and brawny look of the watch and it also has solid outward dots for a rigid look.

However for those who prefer a manual bezel, you miss the feel and sound of the bezel turning which is a draw back.

Spinnaker Bradner SP-5057-01 Review

Spinnaker Bradner SP-5057-01 Review


The strap is 20mm in width and suits the 42mm watch dial. The red colour of the strap really goes well with the black dial. The strap also has a soft velvet look and feel to it and it has also been given a unique coating to keep the strap waterproof. The water will just bounce off the strap when it comes into contact, which is really great see.

At the end of the strap you also have a couple of line stitching. It really looks great and adds more a handmade feel to the strap.

Spinnaker Bradner SP-5057-01 Review


The movement of the watch is a Seiko NH35 with 24 jewels. So far the movement has been great for this watch and the time accuracy is around +-5 seconds per day. However we’d rather the Spinnaker Bradner come with a Miyota 9015 which has a better VPH and also a better power reserve.

Spinnaker Bradner SP-5057-01 Review

Buy, Shortlist or Avoid it?

The RRP of the Spinnaker Bradner is $285/ £216/ €244. However if you use NWL20, you will receive a 20% discount. So should you buy it, shortlist it or avoid the Spinnaker Bradner 5057-01? We would say go and buy this watch. It is a great looking watch and the black dial and red strap is something you will not see on most watches. Also the inner unidirectional turning bezel is a great feature to have.

To get yours, do sign up and register your interest at https://www.spinnaker-watches.com/pages/sp-5057-sign-up and also to see the different model of the Spinnaker Bradner they have.

So this was our review of the Spinnaker Bradner 5057-01 and we hope you’ve enjoyed it. Do let us know what you think about the inner bezel and the watch overall?

Spinnaker Bradner SP-5057-01 Review

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