MARC & SONS Diver Watch MSD-045-7S

MARC & SONS Diver Watch MSD-045-7S Review

Diver watches is something we really like at New Labels Only. So far we’ve had two reviews of diver watches, The Bluefin from Havaan Tuvali and The Reefmaster from Phoibos Watches. Now we have found another great diver watch and we know you are going to love it! We have done an interview with the founder of Marc & Sons watches, where we found out more about the brand and also more about the founder, so this post will just be review of MARC & SONS Diver Watch MSD-045-7S.

MARC & SONS Diver Watch MSD-045-7S

MARC & SONS Diver Watch MSD-045-7S Features


  • Stainless Steel 316L
  • Sapphire crystal, antireflective
  • Bezel: ceramic black with Swiss Superluminova BGW9
  • Screwed stainless steel back with engraved logo
  • Pressure tested up to 30 ATM


Seiko (SII) NH35

  •  Automatic
  •  24 Jewels
  •  Hacking: yes
  •  Power Reserve: 41 hours


  • Hour, minute, central second, date
  • Screw down crown

Dial & Hands

  • Dial: blue-black color gradient
  • Luminous indexes
  • Luminous hands
  • Lume: Swiss Superluminova BGW9
  • Central second hand
  • Date

Bracelet & Clasp

  • Bracelet: stainless steel 22 mm
  • Clasp: Folding clasp with stainless steel safety clasp
  • Band length: 21 cm


  • Case: 42 x 50 mm
  • Diameter:  42 mm
  • Height: 15,4 mm
  • Width of bracelet 22 mm
  • Total weight: 224 g

MARC & SONS Diver Watch MSD-045-7S

Marc and Sons MSD-045-7S Unboxing

First Impression of the MARC & SONS Diver Watch MSD-045-7S

We have done a few unboxing over the past few years and we have seen some great packaging. However none of these packaging and unboxing experiences come close to the MARC & SONS Diver Watch MSD-045-7S’. Our unboxing video will be coming very soon and you’d want to see this. Words cannot describe the experience.

In terms of our first impression, this watch stands out. Straight from opening the box, the dial of the watch and the design of the casing will draw your eyes towards it. This watch oozes quality straight from the off.

MARC & SONS Diver Watch MSD-045-7S


The casing of the watch is 42mm. Having worn this size of casing before, this is not much of an issue for us. With a wrist circumference of 17cm, the casing does take much of the wrist space and this may be an issue for some people. However, if you are looking for overlook the 42mm, the casing sits very well on the wrist and you will not have to worry about legibility of the dial.

The thickness of the watch is 15.4mm. Again this is not an issue for us. Personally we like the thickness of the watch, it helps to balance the diameter of the casing and also it makes the watch noticeable on the wrist. If you are investing in this watch, you’d want people to see it and the thickness of the watch will do so.

To maintain the considerable size of the casing, the lug width is 22mm. This is a decent size for the MARC & SONS Diver Watch MSD-045-7S and again help to balance out the 42mm casing. However we do have a little issue with the size of the bracelet. We’ll come onto that later on.

The back casing has not much going on. it is quite simple with engraving of information about the watch and has also been given a teeth cut design around its circumference, to give it a sport look.

MARC & SONS Diver Watch MSD-045-7S


As for most watches, the dial has to be the main attraction and this is the same for the MARC & SONS Diver Watch MSD-045-7S.

You have a contrasting background colour on the dial. Near the 6 o’clock, you have a dark blue colour, while near the 12 o’clock, you have a lighter blue. It does make the dial look attractive and works well with the different colour combination with the rest of the watch.

The index has a lot going on. You have a baton marking around the circumference, with dots marking for some numbers, an arrow for 12 o’clock and a rectangle for 6 and 9 o’clock. Personally, we think this overcomplicated the dial and you just have too much on it.The use of the rectangles for the 6 and 9 o’clock, looks out-of-place and definitely does not suit the rest of the dial. They both also take quite a lot of space. We’d rather go for the dot marking for all of the numbers but we’d keep the arrow for the 12 o’clock.

MARC & SONS Diver Watch MSD-045-7S

All of the dots, rectangle and the arrow have been lumed with Superluminova BGW9. We are not a big fan of lumed dial because of them are rubbish and partly work. However the lumed used on the MARC & SONS Diver Watch MSD-045-7S lights up a bright blue in the dark and works brilliantly. Even when the light in the room has dimmed a little, the Superluminova BGW9 starts to work. Another thing we like about lumed is the colour. They did not go with the norm colour but chose a bright blue colour to add to the sporty look of the watch.

The date window, located at the 3 o’clock position, is simple, rectangular and easy to read.

There are two style of hands used. The minute hand is a simple baton, with a sharp finish and has also been lumed. The hour hand on the other hand has a round top with a pointy finish as well as being lumed. The same design has been used for the second-hand. They are all legible and should have no problem reading them.

MARC & SONS Diver Watch MSD-045-7S


The bezel of the watch is made from ceramic, with 120 clicks and has Swiss Superluminova BGW9. The bezel is great, well finished which adds to the over look of the watch and also works well. However we have to say that the bezel is a little too soft during the clicks. A little tougher click will definitely improve the bezel but it is not a must.


The movement inside is a Seiko NH35. So far, after wearing the watch for 1 week, the movement has been accurate with +-10 seconds difference at the end of the day. However we would rather have gone with a Miyota movement, probably a Miyota 9015. You’d expect a better VPH and also a better power reserve.

MARC & SONS Diver Watch MSD-045-7S


The strap is made from stainless steel and is very comfortable. However we have a little issue with the width of the strap. Because of the of 42mm dial, we’d rather go for a bigger width strap rather than the 22mm. To do so, the lug width will need to be increase but it will be worth it. It will help to provide a better balance with the overall look of the watch.


The MARC & SONS Diver Watch MSD-045-7S has a flat sapphire crystal glass with anti reflection coating. Reading the time is clear and there is no problem at all. However, we would love to see a version of this watch with a domed glass. As the watch is 15.4mm in thickness, a slight domed will not be an issue and will also make the watch look better.

We do however understand that some people may not like the fishbowl effect a domed glass will create.

MARC & SONS Diver Watch MSD-045-7S

Buy, shortlist or Avoid it?

So what is our final verdict on this watch? We will definitely say buy this watch. The reasons are pretty clear. It is great looking watch, with great features, a sporty look and most of all a great price. The RRP is €320/ £282/ $375With most diver watches grossly exaggerated in price or poorly made, Marc and Sons have made a diver watch affordable for everyone. There are some slight issues and some small improvement which can be made, other than that, it is a great watch.

Do visit Marc and Sons to see their full watch collection.

This was our review of MARC & SONS Diver Watch MSD-045-7S and we’d love to know what you think about the watch? Do let us know in the comment below.

Marc & Sons watches

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