Marc & Sons watches

A Moment with Marc & Sons Watches Founder

We have interviewed a couple of founders of the latest and upcoming brands and we have learnt a lot. Our previous interview was with the founders of Phoibos Watches. Keeping with the theme of watches, this time we are going to interview the founder of Marc & Sons Watches. They are a gem in the diver watch community and have a growing reputation for their exclusive and fine watches.

Marc & Sons watches

Who is the founder of Marc & Sons watches?

My name is Marco Heimrich and I am the founder of the small watch brand MARC & SONS based in Germany, more precisely not far from Munich. I am a creative person with humor and wit. I would like to call myself a communicative person, which is essential in my position as a brand owner. Behind MARC & SONS, I stand with a small committed team of watchmakers, web designers and photographers. We regard ourselves as service-oriented individualists who create innovative everyday timepieces with their own unique design creations.

Marc & Sons watches

What started your watch-making passion and why did you create Marc & Sons watches?

Even as a small child, I found the mechanical pocket watch of my grandfather fascinating. My grandfather died of cancer when I was only one year old. So I never really got to know my grandfather. The pocket watch was the only thing left to me.

Why did I found MARC & SONS? This is a difficult question. My love for mechanical watches persisted from childhood. As a creative person, I wanted to create a harmonious interaction between the functionality of a watch as a measuring instrument and an independent design. My vision was to share this symmetry of design and function with other people. These people became the first customers.

What makes a Marc & Sons watches desirable?

You should rather ask our customers. We think that they can give you the best answer. We always try to provide our customers with a product that has an excellent price-performance ratio. We achieve this by using top-quality materials of the highest quality for our watches. All products go through a strict quality control here in Germany. Since we rely on direct sales with worldwide shipping and thus do without the enormously high advertising budget of a premium brand, we can offer very high quality at a fair and affordable price. Quality – Made in Germany. I think this makes a MARC & SONS watches desirable.

Marc & Sons watches

What has been your best day at Marc & Sons?

I do not want to commit myself to a single best day. For me, every day I can do something good together with my team and my clients is a good day.

What has been your worst day at Marc & Sons?

About two years ago, there was an offer from a friend who wanted to participate in MARC & SONS. and entered into a cooperation with me. Unfortunately, it soon turned out that he had bad intentions and was working very unfairly. All this cost a lot of time, money and a lot of nerves. I would call the personal disappointment with this behavior a “dark time” at MARC & SONS watches.

Marc & Sons watches

What has been the challenges in starting Marc & Sons watches?

If a small new brand wants to establish itself on the market, this is very difficult. One has the feeling of being a small fish in the shark tank. In addition, there are large investments, which of course involve risks. One can convince only by quality and service. We wanted to face this challenge from day one and offer our customers first-class quality at a fair price. The logistics, ranging from webshop, warehouse and shipping department is a challenge. The other challenge is to provide the customer with a rich service. This begins with telephone advice to special requests during the assembly of the watches. Managing everything together in the right relationship was and remains a great challenge for me and my team.

How you do find the inspiration and design for the watches?

We work very closely with our customers. This is very important for us and for our customers. Every little reference to design changes, special requests or criticism of our customers are taken seriously. In this way, we create a harmony of our own ideas and wishes of our customers. Together we create an ever bettering product.

Marc & Sons watches

What do you prefer, quartz or automatic?

This question probably occupies all watch fans in the world. For years there is the discussion about automatic vs. quartz. We definitely prefer mechanical models. A mechanical watch is alive. She’s like a baby to take care of. That makes the appeal for us. A watch with life.

What is the plan for the future for Marc & Sons watches?

MARC & SONS watches is optimistic about the future. We also want to go the way together with our customers in the future. Enthusiasm for a mechanical watch is unbroken by many people worldwide. We want to keep this enthusiasm alive by meeting the needs of our customers and creating new, innovative models and lasting value. Already in October, we are planning a new GMT model with SWISS ETA 2893 movement.

Marc & Sons watches

How many watches do you personally have?

I personally own three watches. Two watches are from our collection, which I wear daily and in turns. Add to that the old pocket watch of my grandfather.

So this was our interview with Marco Heimrich and we would like to say a big thank you to Marco, for taking time out of his busy life and answering our question. We have known Marc & Sons Watches for a little while but we are loving this brand and their watches are truly stunning. If you are thinking about your next watch purchase, do have a look at Marc & Sons watches.

We have the review and unboxing of Marc & Sons watches Diver Sport MSD-045-7S coming real soon. Do look out for it because you will love this watch!

Marc & Sons watches

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