DUFA Watch Albers Automatic review

DUFA Watch Albers Automatic DF-9010-03 Review

We know that Germany are the masters in-car making but when it comes to watches, we have never thought they will also be a leader. We have never had a new brand before from Germany, but this is about to change today with DUFA watch. If you love quality craftsmanship with German engineering, then you will love the DUFA Watch Albers Automatic Power Reserve DF-9010-03.

DUFA Watch Albers Automatic review

Origin of DUFA Watch

DUFA watch, known as Deutsche Uhrenfabrik, was first started at the famed Etzold & Popitz watch and clock factory. Etzold & Popitz watch & clock factory produced some of the world’s best long case clock and along with mechanical musical boxes. However in 1926, Etzold & Popitz went bankrupt the factory was forced to shut its doors to the public.

DUFA Watch Albers Automatic review

But this was not the end for DUFA watch. The brand was revived in the 21 century, and evolved to a contemporary watch brand with Germany’s rich architectural and cultural landscape present in every watch.

Currently DUFA watch now has 15 watch collection with each more sublime than the next and their stunning collection is about to be joined with a new addition coming this August. Do keep an eye for their latest release. We have seen it and we had to pick our jaws off the floor because of its sheer beauty.

The price range for DUFA watches varies, from their cheapest model retailing at £330 to their highest priced timepiece at £570.

Unboxing of DUFA Watch Albers Automatic DF-9010-03

Review of DUFA Watch Albers Automatic DF-9010-03

The watch we are going to review is the; DUFA Watch Albers Automatic Power Reserve DF-9010-03. It is definitely quite a mouthful of a title or you can just call it DF-9010-03.

The  DUFA Watch Albers Automatic 9010 collection is a homeage to the most influential artist who helped define and cultivate an entire generation of post war artists in the United States, Joseph Albers (1888-1976). Joseph Albers is best remembered and lauded as an abstract painter and theorist on the power of colour in design. In many ways the Joseph’s abstract work can be seen in the DUFA Watch Albers Automatic DF-9010-03.

DUFA Watch Albers Automatic review

Specification of the DUFA Watch Albers Automatic DF-9010-03

MOVEMENT: Japan Automatic Multi-function with Power Reserve and Date
CASE: Stainless Steel
CASE COLOUR: Stainless Steel
BAND: Genuine Leather Strap
BUCKLE: Strap Buckle
BAND WIDTH (mm): 22-20

In terms of first impression, the watch is very minimalistic. The dial of the watch stands out and is quite large. In terms of looks, this is not a watch which screams at you, but the DF-9010-03 is definitely a classy watch.

The dial

The dial is 42mm and we have been reading other reviews saying that the 42mm is quite large. However we are going to disagree with that. The large dial attracts your eyes straight away and always the features such as the power reserve indicator to be seen. A small dial will hide this.

At the 12 O’clock hand you have the power reserve. It is a semi circular indicator with dots and 5 hour interval digits up to 40 hours, the number of hours for the power reserve. This is a very interesting feature. We have never seen one before and some may argue that it is not necessary, but we like it. It is aesthetically pleasing to look at and bring the dial to life. Without it you will just have a basic dial with the normal features. However we would say that the digits are a bit small to see and a slightly bigger one would be great.

DUFA Watch Albers Automatic review

At the 6 O’clock hand you have a 24hr sub dial. Here you have baton style index with only one number on display, 24hr, at the top. It is a simple feature and probably the most underrated, but it again add more to the dial and create something visually attractive.

On the 9 O’clock hand you have DUFA logo painted on, which is a little bit disappointing to be honest. We’d rather see an embossed logo, similar on the DUFA Aalto Regulator.

On the 3 O’clock hand you have a date window. It is large enough to see and does not take too much space.

The index of the watch has dots, in black, with only even numerals showing. The numerals have been polished and they are very shiny and stands out from the beige background. In terms of the colour, the beige background is something we would not go for and believe that black dial with the silver polished numerals would have been better.

DUFA Watch Albers Automatic review

The hands have been well cut and have a baton style design to match the minimalistic design of the watch. They are simple and easy to read and follow, while the polish finish given to them makes sure they stand out from the background.

The casing

The whole case is made from 316L stainless steel and has been given a polished finish. The casing has a concave like profile to it which in a helps to bring more attention to the dial. The back has an exhibition back case, which is a bit swollen. The back casing has branding engraving located on its side. There are also 4 screws to secure the back casing and this attention to detail, by using the screws, bring the German’s influence to light. The overall casing is smooth and slick.

The glass is clear to see with no reflection from any sides. The glass has a rounded profile to help mold with the casing and help to create slightly domed curvature around the edges.

The crown is push and pull, which is also signed with DUFA’s logo. The circumference has been given a teeth cut design and it is also quite large to suit the 42mm dial.

DUFA Watch Albers Automatic review

In terms of the lug width, it is around 22mm and this has been used to match and support the 42mm dial.

S how does the watch sits on the wrist? The watch sits pretty well on the wrist and the 12mm thickness is not an issue. We do see why the 42mm is an issue for some people but we like it. You can see the different features clearly. It does not get in the way of moving the wrist and fits very well.

DUFA Watch Albers Automatic review

The movement

The movement inside the DUFA Watch Albers Automatic is a Miyota 9132 with 26 jewels. The movement so far has been accurate and pretty much on point. You can expect an accuracy of +10 seconds/day. In terms of the rotor, the noise level is at its minimal and can be barely heard.

The strap

The strap is around 22mm in width and slender. They are made from genuine leather and it is very soft and supple. They do not have to be broken into which is great and it has quick release pins. It is very comfortable on the wrist and molds around the wrist.

The buckle of the watch is around pretty impressive. The DUFA badge has been added on the buckle which is a great feature.

In terms of colours, we have the beige colour flowing from the dial. it is slightly darker than the dial and has also been given a slightly glossy finish.

DUFA Watch Albers Automatic review

Any improvement

There are a couple of improvement which can be made. Please have different colour of this watch! A black colour dial, with black strap and silver index will be stunning.

Also a 40mm or 38mm dial should be created. We know we said the 42mm is great but we’d love to see how the small dial would look and also provide more options.


The RRP of the DUFA Watch Albers Automatic DF-9010-03 is €649/ £570/ $750. It is definitely an expensive watch and you can definitely get more well-known and established brand for that type of money. Also it a lot of money to pay for a Miyota automatic movement.

However, that being said, it is a DUFA watch. A stunning piece of craftmanship which is different from your norm. A simple, yet sophisticated watch with a stunning dial.

So this was our review of DUFA Watch Albers Automatic DF-9010-03 and we’d love to know what you think about the watch and its price? Do let us know in the comment below. Also do look out for our review of the latest DUFA watch coming soon!

DUFA Watch Albers Automatic DF-9010-03

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