Havaan tuvali watch review

A Moment With Havaan Tuvali Watches Founder

If you remember we did a review of our first diver watch, the Havaan Tuvali Bluefin. For us it was the perfect diver watch with an affordable price tag, a stunning design and with a water-resistant depth of 800M. Now we are back with Havaan Tuvali but instead of a watch review, we have our ‘A Moment With’ segment, where we interview the founder and find out the ins and outs of what it is like to start a microwatch brand.

Havaan Tuvali Watch review 2

Introduce yourself

My name is Eric Yeh and I’m the founder and owner of Havaan Tuvali Watch Co., Ltd. I’m also the designer of my watches, and I do the assembling and tuning of the watches myself. Since there’s only one person in my company, I basically have to do everything.

What started your watch passion?

As a kid, I was into anything mechanical, I always try to break things down and assemble them back. I wasn’t much into watches growing up until I bought an Aquanautic King Cuda watch, I bought it simply because it looked cool, but once I
have the watch, I started to dig deeper into watches and it ultimately leads to me starting my own brand.

havaan tuvali watch review

What makes a good wristwatch to you?

It has to tell time of course, but I think a good wristwatch needs to have its own personality and style. Take the Rolex Submariners for example, it pretty much sets the standard for dive watches, almost all watch lovers can recognize a Submariner, and Panerai as well, when you see a cushion case with a bridge crown guard, you can tell it’s a Panerai. That’s what I’m trying to create too, the design or style that in years to come, people can instantly recognize that it’s my brand.

How many watches do you have in your personal collection?

Right now, my collection is only my own brand of watches. Ever since I started my own brand, I sold all of my collections. Maybe the one I regretted selling the most is the vintage Breitling Navitimer and the Aquanautic watch which started my passion for watch. By the way, I didn’t sell the Aquanautic, it was actually stolen when my house got broken into a few years ago.

havaan tuvali Watch review

Who is your ideal customer?

My ideal customer is one that knows what he wants and not just following the trend. Customer who understands and appreciates a good design, and is not afraid to let me know the flaws my watches.

Where do you find inspiration for your work?

Like most men, I’m into cars. When I’m not working on watches, I’m always browsing the internet looking for parts that would make my Alfa Romeo go faster or look better. But when it comes to inspirations for my work, I don’t really limit myself; I can go to a navy museum one day or an art gallery the next, because you can never know when that light bulb moment will come.

How do you see Havaan Tuvali watch brand in future?

Hopefully still making watches, lol… I want Havaan Tuvali to be a premium micro brand, but still offering watches at an affordable price. I hope to add one new model each year, quantity will be kept no more than 300 for each model and in 5 years, to have a lineup of Pilot’s, Diver’s, and Race watch.

Havaan tuvali watch

Are there any new watches coming anytime soon at Havaan Tuvali?

Now that I’ve done a pilot watch and a dive watch, I’m planning my next project to be more of a dress watch, I have a few ideas in mind, but of course since I just release my dive watch, have to sell a few watches first so I can have the funds to
create my next project.

Is it hard to be a microbrand?

The answer is yes and no. Yes because I haven’t made a name of myself, I always have to compete with the bigger brand names when selling in my local market, and as a microbrand, you don’t get as much recognition. No because I can go wild as a microbrand, I can design and make the watch the way I want it to be. To have fun and make a watch me myself want to wear is the main reason I started my own brand, what the point of starting your own business if you can’t have fun and do
things the way you like.

Havaan tuvali watch review

Any advice to people who would like to start a microbrand watch?

Be unique, and be real passionate about watches. Create a watch that you can proudly wear everyday and don’t settle for less.

We hope you enjoyed reading the post and finding out the journey of starting a microwatch brand. Do let us know what you think in the comment below.

havaan tuvali

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