Aggregate watches review. Masonic watches. Concrete Watches

Pacific Navy Aggregate Watches Review

You may recall when we first introduced our ‘A Moment With‘ segment, where we find out more about the latest brands and also get to know the stories of founders. Our first feature was with the founders of Aggregate watches and they have provided us some great insight on how they started Aggregate Watches and what make them tic. Now we are back with another post with the Pacific Navy Aggregate Watches review.

Aggregate watches review. Masonic watches. Concrete Watches

Pacific Navy Unboxing

Pacific Navy Aggregate Watches Review

Before we start our Pacific Navy Aggregate watches review, let’s find out about a the specification of the watch.


We won’t talk a lot about the packaging as we have done an unboxing video, where you can see it in it’s fully glory, it’s coming very soon. So let’s talk first impression. The watch did not jump at us when we opened the packaging. The watch had a subtle look to it and gave a cool vibe look.

Aggregate watches review. Masonic watches. Concrete Watches

The case

The casing has to be one of the most impressive case we’ve ever seen. The main reason is because the top is made out from concrete, yes real concrete. The idea of using concrete came to the founders while they were walking around the city streets and thought why not turn this dreary, grayness of concrete into something creative. They definitely turned that gray dull concrete into something amazing.

The casing is also combined with stainless steel at the bottom to a stunning look and also a fresh mix on watch casing. The 43mm is quite large but it is suitable, especially for the concrete feature. The thickness of the watch,13mm, is perfect as it complements the size of the casing as does not stick out too much.

Aggregate watches review. Masonic watches. Concrete Watches

The crown is at an unusual position and is located at 2 O’clock position. In terms of design, the watch has a jagged design to give the watch a rough look and that really goes well with the casing. It makes the watch look edgy.

The only disappointing issue would be that the crown is made from stainless steel rather than continuing the concrete look, however doing so may be quite hard.

The dial

The dial is also made out of concrete. It is simple and quite minimalistic. The hours are marked with a slightly darker grey bars while the minutes have been marked with grey dots. The interesting feature about the index is that it has a slightly concave shape. This makes looking at the time easy at all angles.

The hour and minute hands are both hollow at the top in a navy colour, with a solid silver base. They really go well with the masonic grey dial and are clear to see from afar. With the silver base, your quickly eyes are drawn to the hands and it is a really good thing they do not blend in with the dial.

One final unique feature concerning the dial is that it is not smooth. There are still little holes and little imperfection on the dial and this helps to keep the watch’s identity.

Aggregate watches review. Masonic watches. Concrete Watches

The strap

The strap is made from leather and it is very soft. The strap does not need to be broken into and molds around the wrist very easily. The strap also does not occupy a lot of space on the wrist as it is 20.5mm in width. The strap is also quite thin, which is great as it will not add to the 13mm case thickness. However the only issue with the strap is that it does not have quick release pins.

One feature which we do not talk a lot is the buckle, but we are definitely going to give a quick shout out on our Aggregate watches review. The buckle is not your rectangular shape and has a little bit missing on the side, which adds to the edgy look of the watch. Also the pin on the buckle is quite big, which is very interesting. But it does go well with the 43mm case size.

Aggregate Watches review

Aggregate watches review. Masonic watches. Concrete Watches

The movement

Inside you have a solid and reliable quartz movement, a Citizen Miyota 203A. The movement is powered by a SR626SW battery which will give you a life expectancy of around 5 years.

Will an automatic movement suit this watch? We think not. The main reason is because the automatic movement will add more to the weight of the watch and may increase the width of the watch.

Aggregate watches review. Masonic watches. Concrete Watches

Any improvement

There are a couple of improvement which could be made but not essential. Quick release pins would be great. Also we think using blue lumed hands would make the watch look great at night. A date window may be also to think about in the future.

Aggregate watches review. Masonic watches. Concrete Watches


The RRP of the watch is $190/ £140/ €159. We think this is a fair price and the at Aggregate watches are not exaggerating on the price at all. For what you are getting is a unique watch, with a unique design where you will never see on any other watches.

If you would like to find out more about the Pacific Navy, do visit Aggregate watches.

This was our Aggregate watches review on the Pacific Navy and we’d love to know if you would love a watch made from concrete. Do let us know in the comment below.

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