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James McCabe Watches. Heritage Automatic Watch Review

We have reviewed many watches over the past year and most watches have had a modern look or twist to it. The closest we got to a traditional watch was the AVI-8 Flyboy, it was traditional in terms of it link to the Flyboys. However today we have a watch with it both traditional and keeping the traditional artisan watchmaking alive and that is James McCabe Watches.

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James McCabe Watches

James McCabe Watches is a celebration of the legacy of the world-renowned watch maker James McCabe. He was one of the finest craftsman of classic timepieces.

James McCabe born in 1748 in County Armagh in Ireland. He immigrated to London in 1775 where he established his own business in Bells Building, Fleet Street. 5 years after setting up his watch-making business, James was made an Honorary Freeman of the clockmaker Company and he continued his rise and was named Senior Warden in 1811. However shortly afterwards, John McCabe passed away and his business was passed down to his sons, Thomas, Robert and James Jr to manage the business.

The last ever timepiece made in this illustrious watch-making house was in 1879, when Robert McCabe officially closed the business down. Overall, the distinguished and highly acclaimed watch-making house produced  50,000 watches, 7,000 clocks and 500 marine chronometers in its 100 year history.

“James McCabe Watches celebrate the legacy of renowned watchmaker James McCabe for his contribution as a fine craftsman of Classic Time Instruments.”


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James McCabe Watches Heritage Unboxing

James McCabe Watches JM-1023-06 Review

So the watch we are going to review is the JM-1023-06 from the Heritage Automatic II 24H/ Second Subdial collection, quite a mouthful. So lets find out more about the specification of the watch.

  • MOVEMENT : Japan Automatic Multi-function with Small Second and 24 hours
  • CASE MATERIAL : Stainless Steel
  • CASE DIAMETER (mm) : 39.5
  • CASE THICKNESS (mm) : 12
  • CASE SHAPE : Round
  • CASE COLOR : Ionic Plating – Anti-gun
  • DIAL COLOR : Smoky-Brown
  • BAND : Genuine Leather Strap
  • BAND COLOR : Green
  • BUCKLE : Strap Buckle
  • BAND WIDTH (mm) : 20-18
  • WATCH WEIGHT (g) : 70
  • WARRANTY : 2 Years International

James McCabe Watches

We will not talk a lot about the packing of the watch as you have to see it yourself. It is truly well done and wooden box, in which the watch is stored, is stunning to say the least.

When we opened the box, the watch did not jump at us in terms of its look. The watch gave off a calm and collected look with its dark green strap and smoky brown dial. Inside the box was also a black watch roll, which is large enough to keep your James McCabe watch safe but also small enough to carry around freely.

The Dial

The dial really stands out from the rest of the watch. You have a smoky brown dial and this is contrasted with rose gold sub dial rings, hands and also index. This goes do well together and it attracts your eyes towards the hands and also makes them stand out from the rest of the dial. If you look closely, the centre of the dial is bit darker compare to the rest, this is the smoky effect on the dial, which is aesthetically pleasing.

The hands have a different design compare to your norm. You have a ring on the tip along with a pointy end and gives it a classy look and antique theme to the watch. This is followed with an outer ring on the dial wh.ich has a railroad watch marking.

The index is very simple with Roman numerals on the 12 and 6 O’clock hands, with the rest of the hour marking using pitched batons. Overall the index is simple and well constructed.

James McCabe Watches

The Case

The case size, 39.5mm, fits well around the wrist. The round casing is not too large that it get in the way of moving the wrist and is legible from far. The thickness of the strap, 12mm, is fine and does not stick out. The lugs are actually quite small and blends well with the casing and is covered with the strap. In terms of the case colour, it really goes well with the smoky brown dial and the green strap.

On the side of the case you have “JA.S McCabe” engraved on the side to add a bit more detail to the watch design and gives the watch a bold look.

The crown is flat, signed and very subtle. It is also jagged along its circumference.

James McCabe Watches

James McCabe Watches case

The Strap

The strap is genuine leather and is very supple and smooth. The strap does not have to be broken into which is great and also the texture of the strap has a suede like texture. It is a bit rough on touch but this just adds to the look of the watch. The strap also has quick release pins which is an added bonus and really pleasing to see. It just makes life easier when changing the straps.

However the buckle is a major let down. Personally, we’d go for a normal buckle to reflect the image of the James McCabe watches JM-1023-06, rather than a butterfly clasp.

James McCabe Watches

The Movement

From what we know the movement is a Japan Automatic Multi-function with Small Second and 24 hours. But from similar James McCabe watches, we are assuming this is a Japanese made Miyota self-winding automatic with 21 jewels. The movement of the watch is smooth and this also reflected on the second subdial. The watch also has a custom rotor added with the James McCabe Watches logo cut out and the same colour has been used to match the casing.

In terms of noise the watch is silent and the ticking noise is at its minimal.

James McCabe Watches

Any Improvement

A simple buckle would be suffice for this watch. Also a date window would have been a great addition to the watch. Rather than having a 24 hour subdial, that space would be had useful for a date window.


The RRP for the James McCabe JM-1023-06 is £280/ $390/ €320. The price is reasonable as you are getting a quality watch with a unique design and quality craftmanship. However there are improvements to be made in the watch and if these improvement are made, then this would validate the price fully.

We would love to know what you think about the James McCabe Watches JM-1023-06? Do let us know in the comment below.

James McCabe Watches logo

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