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ZINVO Watch Review. A Weirdly Unique Watch Brand!

So this February we have just blogged about watches. We first started the month with Lobor Skeleton watches. Then we moved on to Bromwick, Big Ben inspired, watches and last week was the turn on AVI 1920 Centenary watch. So we thought why not end February with a weirdly unique watch brand? So we did our research and found ZINVO Watches. Not a lot of people may know about ZINVO watches, but this brand has causing quite a lot of stir in the watch community. A lot of people love it and some people are a little skeptical about ZINVO watches. So we got in contact with them and gladly gave us a watch to review. So if you don’t know anything about ZINVO watches or are just a little skeptical, we hope our ZINVO watch review will help make up your mind.

Zinvo Watch Review Blade

About ZINVO Watches

ZINVO Watches was founded back in 2013 in Geneva, Switzerland by a Swiss-American named Borys Khudomaka.

As a watch collector since a young age, he was not pleased with the watches available in the market, so he thought ‘why not create my own?’

Borys Khudomaka wanted to create a watch collection made specifically for a young, dynamic and style-conscious audience.

The first watch launched was the Blade watch and was an instant hit internationally. Since then, Borys Khudomaka and ZINVO Watches have gone on to release more watches, each more uniquely design than the next.

With the main motivation of constantly pushing forward with fresh models and collections, ZINVO Watches always make sure that they are always ahead of the pack and the growing watch market, with their on-trend wristwatches that deliver high-impact aesthetics coupled with reliable and premium-quality watch movements.

Zinvo Watch Review Gold

Zinvo Watch Review Gold

The Collection

ZINVO currently has two watch collection for men and two for women.

Blade Collection

The Blade collection is one the top seller watches at ZINVO. You will easily recognise them with their unique second counter. Instead of using the traditional dial, the Blade Collection, has ZINVO patent pending 1 second turbine. We will delve a little bit deeper about the Blade collection later when we do our ZINVO watch review of the Blade Phantom.

Zinvo Watch Review Silver

Chrono Collection

The Chrono collection is a little less exuberant than the Blade Collection, yet bold. With a Chronograph dial, a Turbine Subdial and a distinctive date window, the Chrono is a gentleman’s watch for sure.

Zinvo Watch Review Chrono

ZINVO Zealous

The ZINVO Zealous is a minimalistic watch, with a simple dial, a date window and a one of a kind lug. The Zealous is classy and classic women’s watch

Zinvo Watch Review Zealous


Similar to the Zealous, the Evoke ladies collection has a bit more oomph. With a simple dial, a quite large seconds subdial and evoking hands, you will not think twice about this watch.

Zinvo Watch Review Evoke

ZINVO Blade Phantom Unboxing

 ZINVO Watch Review

Before we do our Zinvo watch review of the Blade Phantom, lets find out a bit more about the specification and features of the watch.

Zinvo Watches Review Blade

CASE: Made from Stainless Steel with a Matte Black finish and the case size is 44mm X 12mm.

DIAL: You have the unique and patent pending 1-Second-Spin Turbine.

STRAP: The strap is genuine Italian leather and 24mm in width.

GLASS: The glass is made from Sapphire and has a scratch proof coating.

MOVEMENT: We have an Automatic 21 Jewels Miyota 8215 movement with 42H Power Reserve and a 21,600 VPH (six beats per second)

When we first opened the box, we were definitely intrigued by the watch. The design and the look of the watch is unusual and definitely breaks the norm of watch design. It did take sometime getting use to the look and understanding how the watch actually works, which was a first for us.

But in terms of the design and the looks, the watch is well unique. We know we have used the word unique a lot, but there is no other words to describe the look of the Blade Phantom. The Matte Black finish of the watch and ring design on the side of the case gives the watch a more robust and industrial kind of look to the watch.

Zinvo Watches Review Blade

The lugs of the watch of the watch is definitely noticeable and are quite large to be honest. They joined to the casing with screws. We have never seen that before but definitely goes well as part of the industrial look of the watch.

Now lets talk about the patent pending 1 second turbine. We have to say it looks absolutely great and very innovative. It does give the watch a more vibrant characteristic and will catch your eye straight away. But, the turbine goes get in the way of the date window, which is not really practical. We also have to say that the at closer inspection, you will see that the blades on the turbine are actually painted on a plastic disc. It would have been absolutely great if they blades were actually blades. It would probably increase the price of the watch and also the weight, but it would have been worth it.

The hands. The hour hand is black and  has a little arrow for you to know it’s actually the hour hand and the minute hand, also black, has a little red rectangle at its tip. The hands are really slender and it is actually takes a bit of time to know which hand is which and what time it is. Personally, we would have changed the colours of the hands, so they do not blend in with the black background.

The index of the watch has been really thought about and it does look awesome. The index have had holes drilled in to show the numbers rather than your traditional numbers. They are easy to read and distinguish between as the 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock have a larger diameter for the holes compare to the rest.

Zinvo Watches Review Blade

Similar to the index, the crown also has little holes drilled in and has been signed with ZINVO’s logo, which is always good to see.

Let’s talk about the movement. The movement we think is not the greatest. The 1 second turbine does falter and lag at times. Maybe this is due to the size of the turbine but a better movement would have been better. Also with only 21,600 VPH, it decent, but we think a 28,800 VPH would have suited this watch and supported a smooth flow of the 1 second turbine.

We can’t end of Zinvo watch review without talking about the strap. The strap is excellent. It is smooth and does not need to be broken into which is always a bonus.

So how does it fit on the wrist?

The watch sits pretty well on the wrist but it is definitely quite large in width. It will take sometime getting used. The watch does weigh a considerable amount around 110g, and you will definitely feel its presence. But it will not tire your hand or restrict any movement.

Who should buy this watch?

This watch is definitely aimed at and will definitely suit the younger watch audience. This watch is more for a casual look and outfit rather than smart. Let’s put it this way, you do not want to wear the ZINVO Blade Phantom when you are about to meet your partner’s parents for the first time, but you will want to wear this watch for your stag do! Hopefully that makes sense.

Any improvement?

Yes! We would definitely recommend getting a large date window and try a different colour for the turbine and it is getting lost with the black background.


The RRP of the Blade Phantom is $289. We think this is a fair price for what you are getting but we’d recommend waiting for ZINVO’s sales.

So that was our ZINVO watch review and we hope that you have enjoyed reading and finding out about both ZINVO as a brand and the Blade Phantom. If you were unsure about the ZINVO brand before we do hope that our ZINVO watch review has helped you make up your mind about the brand. Before we leave, we would love to know if the Blade Phantom is something you would purchase? Do let us know in the comment below.

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