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Classy Automatic Skeleton Watches From Lobor Watches

Watches, watches and watches. We love watches at New Labels Only. The last post we did was on WoodWatches and we had some really good response for the watch. But this time we are going to back to Hong Kong. If you have read our previous posts, you know Hong Kong is one of our favourite places for the latest watch brands. We had the Maven Artisan, Maven Enduring and the No Monday Watch from Hong Kong. This time we introduce Lobor Watches, especially their automatic skeleton watches collection.

Lobor Classy Colleciton

Who is Lobor?

Lobor watches was founded by David LO. David has been a watch designer for years, crafting and designing for some of the world’s renowned brands but after having designed almost a hundred pieces of watches in his life and he finally created his own brand which is called LOBOR.

He believes everyone should have their own unique story behind their watch and that everyone should own a watch because time is valuable.

“For those who value time”

David LO

All of Lobor watches are made for any occasion. Whether you are going for a business meeting or just popping to the shop, Lobor watches are suitable for any occasion and you will see why as you read along.

Lobor Automatic skeleton watches Classy

The Lobor Collection

Lobor currently has 7 watch styles in the collection. Let’s find out a bit more about them.

Classy Collection

The Classy collection 8 different styles ranging from the latest Jaguar design to the Classy Saigon. The Classy collection has a quartz movement a classic look that never falls out of fashion, always in the trend with the most versatility. It’s bold and unique casing is like no other and is just superb.

There are different case colour and the straps are interchangeable to suit different occasion.

Lobor Automatic skeleton watches jaguar

Lobor Oxford Watches

Natty Collection

There are 6 watches in the Natty collection. The watches in the Natty collection are very simplistic and minimalistic.It has a slight concave casing to give its bold appearance.

Lobor Natty Collection

Lobor Watches

Planetarium Collection

The Planetarium collection is new to Lobor but is definitely one of the most desirable automatic skeleton watch in the market. There are currently 3 designs in the collection but we definitely think this collection is increase rapidly in the future because this collection is simply outstanding.

Planetarium Series is characterised by retro-futuristic design, vivid transparency and stunning skeletonized details drawing inspiration from traditional timepiece construction with a contemporary twist.

Lobor Automatic skeleton watches. Planetarium-Hockney-1

Premier Collection

The Premier Collection is definitely a bold collection of automatic skeleton watches and they are highly in demand from around the world.

The exquisite design of Premier Series watches is stylistic and suitable for all, which comprises of a strong interplay of female grace and powerful male vigor.

Lobor Automatic skeleton watches Gold

Lobor Automatic skeleton watches Premier

New York Collection

The New York Collection is a bit more classy and subtle in appearance. It is cultured, classy and radically elegant. The New York Series brings you the ultimate sophistication of a New Yorker and the secrets to an Empire State of Mind.

There are currently 8 watches in the New York collection and each one is alluring and effortlessly graceful and impeccably stylish.

Cellini Collection

The Cellini Collection is really classy and gives off a really sophisticated vibe. This is definitely a watch which we would love to have just because of its look and design.

The Cellini Collection is a contemporary classic which celebrates traditional craftsmanship and modernity in perpetual elegance. The attention to detail on this watch is just superb and marks the art of watchmaking and our fervour for perfection and originality.

Chellini Lobor Watches

cellini Lobor

Dynasty Collection

The Dynasty Collection is also new to Lobor. There are currently 6 automatic skeleton watches in the Dynasty Collection, each more stunning than the next. The clear casing allows wearer an unencumbered view of its filigreed and ornamented automatic movement and it is just stunning.


We have been really lucky to be given the Dynasty Charlemagne from the Dynasty Collection to review and do read along to find out what we think about it and do watch the unboxing video below.

Unboxing of the Dynasty Charlemagne

Is it one of the best Automatic Skeleton Watches?

So what do we think about the Dynasty Charlemagne? Is it one of the best automatic skeleton watches in the market or is it just another knock off?

Well, lets starts off with the packaging, it is very simple and nothing which really stands out. Do watch the unboxing to see what we mean. But do not let the packaging deceive you because what’s inside is something really special. When you open the box, the Dynasty Charlemagne really stands out and will definitely catch your eye.

Lobor Automatic Skeleton Watches

In terms of appearance the Dynasty Charlemagne has to be one of the best looking watches we’ve had. The gold jewels, rosegold casing and numerals along with the simple line pattern on the white dial work extremely well each to create something really exciting and compelling to look at.

Let’s get a bit more technical about the Dynasty Charlemagne. So we have Japan Miyota Automatic movement with 21 jewels, a hardened mineral crystal glass, a 316L stainless steel case, genuine Italian leather and water resistant up to 3ATM.

So how did it feel?

The watch is pretty light on the wrist and probably weight around 80g to 90g. The 41mm casing dial and 12mm width was prefect on the wrist and sat very well. However the strap was a bit hard and will take sometime to break into but that is definitely not an issue.

The movement was very smooth and did not lag. Being an automatic watch, movement is key but worked very well even with minimal movement. After 8 anticlockwise spins from the beginning, you do not have to worry about the watch stopping during the day.

When it comes to automatic watches, there is usually a ‘ticking’ sound from the movement. However from the Charlemagne, there was absolutely no sound.

Lobor Automatic Skeleton Watch Charlemagne Dynasty

Lobor Automatic Skeleton Watch Charlemagne Dynasty

Should you get one?

Based on today’s more blingy skeleton watches, with a cheap price tag but stop working when it’s hour hand does a revolution, the Charlemagne Dynasty is a watch to be desired and a must have. With a high quality craftsmanship and high quality movement with a solid 21 jewels to support the easy flowing movement of the watch, this is a must have.

Unisex by design, the model will suit any sex well depending on style and occasion.

Let’s talk about the price. Charlemagne cost HKD 1,638, which is around £146/ $210/ €168. This is definitely a steal as you are getting an impeccable watch, with looks that is irresistible and a movement without fault, so yes, you should definitely get one!

To find more about the Charlemagne Dynasty do follow the link; https://lobor.com/product/dynasty-charlemagne-watches/

We do hope that you have enjoyed reading about our latest brand and has provided you enough information about Lobor’s automatic skeleton watches and other collection..

Before we leave, we would love to know which of Lobor Watches is your favourite? Is it one of the automatic skeleton watches or the more minimalistic Natty Collection? Do let us know in the comment below!

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