Affordable Woodwatch champagne gold

Affordable Wood Watches from WoodWatch

Wood watches is something we have introduced before with Original Grain, but that back in early 2017. Now we think you need a new wood watch brand. So we did our research and came across WoodWatch, yes it is the brand name. But we also made sure that the prices are not crazy high but are affordable wood watches.

Affordable Woodwatch from Woodwatch Ladies

Who are WoodWatch?

WoodWatch is a Dutch company which started back in 2013. They are the first Dutch brand to create affordable wood watches and currently have six types of watches in their collection, from the latest Grand Collection to the Originals. Each watch is delicately made using only the finest wood and only quality craftsmanship.

The type wood WoodWatch use differs depending on the collection. Some of the type of wood they use are; teak wood, natural koa wood, natural walnut wood,ebony wood and many more. Despite using 100% of these natural wood in all their watches, they have been able to keep the prices low and create a collection of affordable wood watches.

WoodWatch have their own women and men’s collection and the size of the dial ranges from 47mm to 32mm, so if you want a big bold watch or a small dial watch, WoodWatch has everything you need.

Affordable Woodwatch champagne gold

Affordable Woodwatch brown

The Collection

So let’s talk a bit more about WoodWatch collection.

The Grand Collection

The Grand Collection is the latest collection to join WoodWatch. This collection is exclusively for men. The collection originated by combining unique new handcrafted wood types with luxurious stainless steel dials and backplate and the watch has a multi function movement with two sub dials showing the month and week. The dial is quite large, 47mm, and has a Miyota 6P25 movement.

The Grand collection comes in two style, Champagne gold and Limited Edition. However due to popular demand, the Limited Edition has sold out.

The Champagne Gold is made of natural koa wood and has a light golden dial, while the Limited Edition has been made from two different types of wood with light golden details.

Woodwatch Grand Collection

The Minimal Collection

The Minimal collection comes in two style, the Brown Walnut and Black marble. One has a genuine marble dial while the other has a wooden dial with both dial 40mm.

The Brown Walnut has a minimalistic look combined with a thin, stainless steel, matte black finished casing with a natural walnut wood dial.

The Black Marble is also minimalistic with a matte finished black stainless steel casing, combined with a thin wooden ebony ring, and black marble backplate with matte grey finishing. The watch is complimented with a genuine black strap.

WoodWatch minimal men

Minimal for Her

The Minimal for Her collection was inspired by women from around the world. With four different designs to choose from, each design combines a colour and material which suits the different styles of today’s woman.

You have the Walnut and Marble, which has a combination of Roasted Pumpkin and Jade Black leather, unique wood and precious marble, and the Rosegold and Silver, which features rosegold and silver detailing combined with white marble that leaves its unique imprint on every watch.

The dial for each is 34mm with a Miyota GL20 movement.

Woodwatch MINIMAL Collection

Femme Collection

As you can see from the name, this collection is exclusively for women.

The Femme collection are all made from teak wood and comes in three different colour, Rosegold, Silver and Gold. The dial of the watch is 36mm and has a Swiss Ronda Movement.

WoodWood women watch


Similar to the Femme, the Core collection is for men. The watch comes in two sizes, a 45mm and 36mm, and has interchangeable strap.

However, for the Core collection, you can create your Core watch on the website. You can choose the size of the dial, the type of wood and the type of strap you like.

Woodwatch CORE Red Sandalwood watch

Originals Collection

The Originals Collection  was the first collection WoodWatch launched back in 2013. The Originals collection has three watches; The Oaklee, Wootch and the Lotus. The watches are available in different types of wood: Maple, green sandalwood, purple heart and teak.

The size of the watch range from 44mm to 32mm and a Miyota Movement inside.

WoodWatch Orignals

Environmentally Friendly

You are probably thinking that if everyone in the world buys a wood watch, what would happen to the trees? You are definitely not wrong to think about that. However WoodWatch supports a project called Trees for All, where they donate the number of trees needed to produce our watches in the Philippines.

Our Review of the Minimal Collection

We were very lucky to be given the Black Marble with Grey Nylon. We tried it for a week and put it to the test to see if it is a worthy watch.

Lets talk about the packaging. It is very simple and came in a cardboard box with the logo printed on the top. The watch was neatly wrapped in a piece of paper and to our surprise when you opened the wrapping paper bits of wood fell out of it. It was definitely a nice touch.

Affordable Wood Watch with Marble dial

The Black Marble is definitely a simple and minimalistic watch. The dial is 40mm and the strap width is around 1.8cm which is quite thin to be honest. The watch weight around 60-70 at most and inside you have a reliable Miyota GL20 movement. As it is a wood watch, the outer ring of the watch is made from 100% Ebony wood. The case is has a matte finished black stainless steel, a marble dial with matte grey finishing and an extremely durable and scratch resistant sapphire glass.

How does it feel?

This is the only second ever watch we have with a nato strap and we are not a fan of it. The strap fits very well around the wrist and it comfortable but we are not just a fan of it. However, the strap is changeable and we’d rather go for a genuine leather strap.

The watch sits very well on the wrist and the size and the watch is pretty thin, you will barely feel it on your wrist. The size of the dial is perfect for this watch and seeing the second and hour hand is very clear along with the grey Roman numerals markings.

We have to give a shout out for the excellent and unique marble dial. The grey finish on the marble dial is outstanding and brings a bit more style and boldness to the watch. This watch is not going to scream aloud, “look at me, I’m here!”, but this is a subtle looking watch, with a gorgeous marble dial, a simplistic design and a finished with high quality craftsmanship.

We tried different outfits and style with Black Marble to see which went best and we came to the conclusion that a casual outfit will suit this watch best. Personally, we’d go for a white shirt/ T-shirt with the watch just because the matte black finish of the case and black marble dial will make the watch stand out and the Grey Nylon strap will definitely attract the attention of people.

Affordable Wood Watch with Marble dial

The watch costs £129/ €149/ $184. This is definitely one of the most affordable wood watches in the market. This is because, if you look at the other wood watches being offered by other brands, you are very likely to pay a higher price or get a low quality wood watch for a low price.

Affordable Wood Watches

When you look at the price range at WoodWatch, they definitely offer affordable wood watches. The highest price they have is the Grand Limited Edition which retails at £252/ $359/ 299 and the cheapest one available is the Core Collection Maplewood retailing at  £91/109/ $129. Include in the price is also FREE Shipping!

We hope you have enjoyed the post and will consider WoodWatch when decided on your next watch. Do visit to find out more about their affordable wood watches.

Before we leave, we would love to know which is your favourite WoodWatch collection and why?

affordable wood watches logo

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